Benny Hinn's Response To Dateline NBC
by Sandy Simpson, 1/11/03

There is no need to go into the history of Benny Hinn because he has been around what seems like forever and has been investigated enough times so that most people know quite a bit about him.  An excellent resource on the history of Benny Hinn is available from Personal Freedom Outreach in a book called "The Confusing World Of Benny Hinn".  Hinn has been investigated by two major secular news shows, and by some Christian news media as well.

Most recently he was investigated by Dateline NBC in a show that aired December 27, 2002.  All of these shows showed evidence that Benny Hinn has been scaming people for their money with false healing claims that he cannot prove.  He was asked on all these shows to provide medical proof of the miracles he and his follower claim to be experiencing, but to date not one shred of definitive evidence has been provided by the ministry.  Hinn did provide evidence, but when it was investigated the claims turned out to be claims without medical justification.

Quite contrary to Hinn's claims, a number of people have died who Hinn proclaimed healed.  Hinn stated that he never states that people are healed but they are the ones saying they are healed, yet we have many video clips of him telling people they are healed.  He also uses the 700 Club "word of knowledge" scam of claiming God is telling him that "someone out there in TV land has a headache and that that headache is healed" then he tells people to hurry and call the show with their testimonies of healing.  He continued this practice on his rebuttal show of 12/29/02.  Of course out of the millions of viewers some unfortunate supporters of Benny call in and report that they feel their headache is gone.  No further evidence is ever presented, yet this little scam is presented as fact and followers of these scam artists actually believe this hearsay evidence.  When further investigated, however, this evidence never holds up medically.  Therefore Benny Hinn and others who use this device are using deception to gain followers and money.

On the Dateline NBC program we were treated to very similar information as in previous investigative shows on Hinn.  He was shown to be using false claims of miracles to gain followers and money.  Dateline showed that Hinn has not delivered on some promises of projects he raised money for, including an orphanage in Mexico and his $30 million dollar healing center in Las Colinas, TX.  This healing center was supposed to bring "a touch of Lourdes" to Las Colinas, TX with healing statues and all kinds of other pagan stuff.  They also talked about his new $3 million dollar "parsonage" that is 7200 square feet and has 7 bedrooms and a 10 car garage in a luxury gated community in Dana Point, CA. The only fact they got wrong is that Hinn's new mansion actually has a 5 car garage, but Hinn didn't refute this fact on his TBN show aired December 29, 2002 but instead joked that you couldn't fit 10 go-carts in his garage.  Why didn't he point out that Dateline got their facts wrong and he actually has a five car garage?  Because he is embarrassed about his huge house!  If you think about it Hinn even lied about this fact because go-carts are pretty small and, by my calculations, at least 20 go-carts would fit into a five car garage.  Dateline also questioned Hinn's integrity, citing a testimony from a former employee. Michael Cohen, a former member of Hinn's security detail, testified that Hinn made light of a $5. donation by an old lady.   He said: "Like one little grandmother one time came up and cried, I think she said, this is my last $5. And we got back in the Green Room and he (Hinn) said, 'Ha, I got her last $5, guys.'" There was also another report of corruption on Hinn's staff.  There were questions about Hinn's salary and his refusal to join the ECFA like so many other missions have done many years ago.  There were more reports of deaths as a result of people not seeking adequate medical attention because Hinn had pronounced them healed.

Please keep in mind that Dateline NBC is a secular news agency, and a very liberal one at that.  Their agenda in exposing Hinn comes from a disdain for Christianity, and especially televangelists.  I do not agree with their ideology, but I'm glad that at least someone is investigating Hinn.  Shame on Christendom for not taking on this responsibility themselves, but instead standing by cowering in the corner watching the hundreds of Third Wave charlatans take over Christian television proclaiming they are anointed ones of God!  We have allowed heretics like Hinn to basically overwhelm and take over mission work, bookstores, the radio and airwaves, churches, and the hearts and minds of an entire generation with their Gnostic and New Age ideas and practices.  So though I don't agree with the agenda of Dateline NBC, nonetheless they have raised, yet again, valid issues that call for repentance from Benny Hinn and those like him engaged in these practices.  But as you will see, Benny Hinn sees absolutely no need to repent.

Benny Hinn chose to answer the allegations of Dateline NBC on the Praise The Lord TBN program on December 29, 2002.  You can read that entire transcript on our Deception In The Church web site.  I want to answer many of the theological assertions he made, since Dateline NBC was incapable of doing that, and since many of the secular aspects of Hinn's ministry have already been dealt with.  But I must point out the Hinn denied most of the allegations of Dateline.  However, it is clear that Hinn was not moving ahead with the Mexico orphanage till Dateline came down and filmed. Then all of a sudden Hinn jumped into action and quickly laid out some foundations and brought in some kids for a photo op.  Hinn also now claims that he intends to build the $30. million dollar healing center, but that God (Who told him to build it originally) now wants him to wait.  He claims that everyone who donated to that project has been contacted and only one person wanted their money back.  This remains to be proven, but knowing the adoring nature of Hinn's fans it is not unbelievable to imagine that they don't care where their donations are being used.  Dateline also pointed out that Hinn often stays in hotel rooms exceeding $1000. per night (he stayed in the Kahala Mandarin Hotel here in Oahu in the Presidential Suite for $3700. per night), uses a charter jet to fly all over the world, and is upgrading his lifestyle from a $650,000 home to a $3. million dollar one in a luxury area in California.  So it is very true that Hinn's followers don't care how he spends their money.

But what we want to focus on are Hinn's statements on his TBN response to Dateline, as well as others who are his employees and supporters.  We have documentation and footnotes on everything that we will talk about in this article, and especially in our video called "Spirit Of Truth Or Spirit Of Error - Benny Hinn Part 1". Let's look at a small fraction of the issues Hinn raised in his response to the Dateline NBC program in his two and a half hour program on TBN.  Benny and his follower's statements on 12/29/02 are in indented italics.


The whole purpose of Hinn's TBN show was to prove that he is the one telling the truth.  Let's see if that holds true.

TOPIC - Speaking The Truth

Hinn: We're here to tell the truth. Simply tell the truth because the scripture says ďspeak the truth in love.Ē (TBN, "Praise The Lord", 12/29/02)

Hinn: Now, look in my eyes right here. Give me a close shot will you and look at these eyes. I have never lied to you. Never. I never will. Iíd rather die than lie to Godís people. Thatís the truth. (applause). I fear god too much. I fear God too much to hurt His precious name.  (TBN, "Praise The Lord", 12/29/02)

Steve Brock, a long time companion of Hinn, said this:

Amen. And it's all to His glory and honor, what we're doing tonight is lifting up the truth and when people know the truth they'll be set free.  (TBN, "Praise The Lord", 12/29/02)

Steve Brock:  I have a good name, and if I didn't believe in this man I wouldn't be standing here, and any critic out there that has any opinion contrare to what we are telling you tonight, you better pray through, my friend, because the truth is being brought forth.  (TBN, "Praise The Lord", 12/29/02)


Not only does Hinn regularly lie, teach false doctrines, make false prophesies, but he even lied on the program.  He said this:

And now, saints, I don't want to dwell on this (the Dateline program) all night because in just a few moments I'm gonna have a healing service. (Yelling)   (TBN, "Praise The Lord", 12/29/02)
Hinn had a healing service, such as it was, but he also continued to harp on his excuses throughout the entire program to the very end.  But beyond this, Hinn has consistently lied in the past without repentance.  Let me remind you of just a few of his false prophecies.  He prophesied that Castro would be dead in the 1990's, that all homosexuals would be wiped off the earth no later than 1995, and that Jesus Christ was going to show up bodily in his crusades in 2000.  He has taught many false doctrines such as Jesus Christ having to be born again in hell, that Christians are little gods, and that the Holy Spirit is a force transferable by the human will.

TOPIC - Weakened In Faith

Hinn: I do not want to see one believer weakened in the faith. Not one saint out there should be weakened. We need to strengthen the church.  (TBN, "Praise The Lord", 12/29/02)

Hinn has not strengthened the Church, but rather divided it.  His followers are made up of people from all types of churches who are now following him and calling him "Pastor Hinn".  He teaches all types of false doctrines, makes false prophecies, promotes false anointings, makes false healing claims, raises money off the poor and then spends it on his own luxuries, etc.  The Bible says that those with the servant grace gifts of leadership are to bring the body of Christ to unity in and maturity in the Faith, not divide.

Ephesians 4:11-15  And he gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers; For the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ: Till we all come in the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the fulness of Christ: That we henceforth be no more children, tossed to and fro, and carried about with every wind of doctrine, by the sleight of men, and cunning craftiness, whereby they lie in wait to deceive; But speaking the truth in love, may grow up into him in all things, which is the head, even Christ:

TOPIC - Hinn Promises

Hinn: and let me, one more time, come on look at my eyes right here, both eyes. If I tell you Iím going to do something, I will do it. I fear God too much to fail Him. I love Him with all my being and His name must be protected at all costs. (applause).  (TBN, "Praise The Lord", 12/29/02)

Hinn has not delivered on a number of promises, including his new healing center, the finishing of the orphanage in Mexico, etc.  It is clear from the video that Hinn quickly started laying out foundations and brought in 9 kids for a photo op to the orphanage in Mexico so that he could say he was doing something when he had not done much of anything for a long time.  But for a ministry that brings in anywhere from $100 to $150 million per year, what they are laying out for mission work and feeding children is a paltry sum.  Most of their money is spent on administration, salaries, houses for staff, travel and accommodations for Hinn, Hinn's books and materials, crusades and the bulk goes to purchasing air time for their TV programs.

TOPIC - Witnesses

Hinn: Because Jesus said "In the mouth of two or three" the Scripture says "In the mouth of two or three witnesses let every word be established."  (TBN, "Praise The Lord", 12/29/02)

What about the hundreds of biblical Christians who disagree with Hinn?  Are they not witnesses against him?  What about the secular news agencies who found him to be a scam artist?  Are they not valid witnesses?


There are a lot of talk about integrity and truth.  Let's look at that subject a moment.

TOPIC - Hinn Integrity

David and Sheryl Palmiquist are long time employees of the Hinn organization.

David Palmquist: We have a standard that we must obey and thatís the Lordís standard.  (TBN, "Praise The Lord", 12/29/02)

Hinn has no integrity as he is a false teacher, a false prophet, a scam artist, the leader of the biggest cult in the history of the Church.  He's also a rich man who continues to spend money on $3700. per night hotel rooms, as he did this last week here in Oahu again (1/10/03).

TOPIC - Steve Brock Integrity

Steve Brock:  I've been a minister for 38 years, longer than he has been a minister.  I've been preaching the gospel, glory to God, but I've been, I've preached the gospel all over the world and I have been ordained in the Church of God, Cleveland, TN for a number of years, and my integrity speaks for itself Ö (TBN, "Praise The Lord", 12/29/02)

We have a lot of video showing Brock doing totally undignified things on-stage, speaking in tongues without interpretation for long period of times at crusades, falling on the floor almost every crusade for Benny and shaking, acting drunk.  Is this integrity?

TOPIC - Conservative Hinn

Sheryl Palmquist: And even though we've encouraged you saying "It's not an emotional appeal, they love to see it" you've always erred on the side of conservative to never give the wrong impression.  (TBN, "Praise The Lord", 12/29/02)

Have you ever seen the videos of Hinn blowing on himself then falling down claiming it was a breath of the Holy Spirit?  Hinn once said:

"when we breathe out we breathe ourselves out and when we breathe in we breathe in the Spirit". (E-Mail, Ed Tarkowski, Fri, 11 Jul 1997 02:09:43 -0600)
Then why are he and others falling down if they are breathing themselves out? What about Hinn waving his coat at whole groups of people for them to fall down?  Is that being conservative?  It is not being conservative, nor does it display self-control.

TOPIC - Onstage/Offstage

Steve Brock:  I know this man on the stage, I know the man off the stage and I can truthfully tell you he is a man of integrity  (TBN, "Praise The Lord", 12/29/02)

This is the same man who makes egotistical remarks about taking old ladies last five dollars.  This is the same man who we have a video of passing a hooka to Brock and his other employees, including the one who died of heroin addiction.


Hinn constantly reinforces the main false arguments that allow him to continue to do what he does without opposition.

TOPIC - Gamelielís Advice

Hinn: But look what His word declares, and this is so powerful: Acts 5:38-39 ďAnd now I say unto you refrain from these men and let them alone, for if this council or if this work be of men, it will come to naught. But if it be of God, ye cannot overthrow it.Ē If it be of God, you cannot defeat it.Ē Lest happily ye be found even to fight against God.Ē When God Almighty calls an individual, anoints that individual, no force on earth can stop that man. No force in hell can stop that man or ministry. Itís a frightening thing- hear what Iím saying to you Ė Itís a frightening thing to be judged by God Almighty  (TBN, "Praise The Lord", 12/29/02)
Dateline showed one of Hinn's followers, a woman by the name of Carlotta Moore, an ordained minister of a Pentecostal church. She said:
The Lord told me that He put me at your feet to be my Gamaliel. (TBN, "Praise The Lord", 12/29/02)
Remember that Paul, when He was called by Christ, was no longer a follower of Gamaliel.


This is one of the false arguments that Third Wave teachers drum into their followers. Gamaliel was a great Pharisee and teacher, but he was definitely not a Christian nor a friend to them. His advice freed the Apostles, but it was actually worldly wisdom and bad advice.  Mormons, Moons and others are considered cults today because Christians of the past compared their teachings to the Word of God and found those teachings to be heretical.  They then obeyed the commands of the Lord to reject heretics and pronounced them not a part of the body of Christ.  If they had followed Gamelielís advice, there would not be any cults of Christianity today because the Mormons and Moonies have prospered and it looks like they are receiving blessings.  But remember that Solomon said in Ecclesiates:

Ecclesiastes 7:15  All things have I seen in the days of my vanity: there is a just man that perisheth in his righteousness, and there is a wicked man that prolongeth his life in his wickedness.

Prosperity is no measure of godliness.

TOPIC - "Mistakes"

Oral Roberts did a video segment for Hinn that he played on the program.

Oral Roberts: Bennyís ministry to me is characterized by  the anointing of the Holy spirit. Benny doesnít come up claiming something. Like me, he knows he cannot heal. Man doesnít heal, God heals. Man is an instrument and sometimes weíre better, sometimes were not at our best because we make mistakes, we have shortcomings and all of that. But of course, god doesnít have anybody perfect to call.  (TBN, "Praise The Lord", 12/29/02)

Oral Roberts: They know Benny Hinn is a mortal man. Benny Hinn is going to make mistakes just like I make, just like everybody else makes, and none of us are perfect.  (TBN, "Praise The Lord", 12/29/02)


Nobody is saying Hinn has to be perfect, we are just saying he has to be orthodox. The word "mistake" is primarily a verb, (take-mistake) and has nothing whatsoever to do with the word "sin" which is primarily a noun.  The word "mistake" is only found a few times in a few translations of the Bible, but in most it is not found at all.  The word sin is found up to 900+ times.  The condition and problem of men is sin.  When men lie and teach heresy without repentance, they are not making mistakes, they are sinning against Almighty God.

TOPIC - Man Of God

Hinn:  When any individual attacks a man of God, that man cannot be following the Spirit of God.  (TBN, "Praise The Lord", 12/29/02)

Hinn is teaching his followers to believe that there is to be no questioning of people like him who claim to be God's anointed.  Any questioning of people like Hinn is to be viewed as an attack on a holy man of God.  I have hundreds of emails from Hinn supporters that use this very argument.  But Paul didn't do this.  He commended the Bereans for making sure that what he taught was in line with the Scriptures.

Acts 17:11  Now the Bereans were of more noble character than the Thessalonians, for they received the message with great eagerness and examined the Scriptures every day to see if what Paul said was true.

Those who cannot stand the test of the Scriptures hide behind the "attacking a man of God" defense instead of repenting when they are teaching heresy.


As usual Hinn messed up Biblical interpretation.

TOPIC - Power Destroys Hell

Hinn: The devil hates the healing ministry because whenever the power of God is displayed, that power destroys the power of Hell.  (TBN, "Praise The Lord", 12/29/02)

Then the devil must love Benny Hinn's crusades because people are not really being healed there, just hoping they are without any real evidence. Yes, once in a great while someone might possibly be healed by the Lord even while at a Hinn crusade, but quite apart from anything Benny Hinn does or does not do.  But frankly since Hinn has not been able to produce clear evidence of any healings, everyone is still waiting for that as they have been for many years.  The problem with Hinn's statement is that the Bible says that Jesus Christ already destroyed the power of the devil on the cross.

Hebrews 2:14  Forasmuch then as the children are partakers of flesh and blood, he also himself likewise took part of the same; that through death he might destroy him that had the power of death, that is, the devil;

Those who have been crucified with Christ also share in His victory over the power of the enemy. Just to be clear, When Oral or Hinn refer to "the power of Hell", they are referring to the power of the devil who they think is the master of hell.  God will not destroy the power of hell because it is His place of eternal punishment for the devil and his angels, who are not there yet.

TOPIC - New Teachings

Steve Brock: Pastor, I've got to tell you, 38 years you've taught me things I didn't even know.  (TBN, "Praise The Lord", 12/29/02)

Oh, you mean teachings like:

God has 9 parts (tri-theistic). (Benny Hinn, Benny Hinn broadcast, recorded 10/13/90)

Poverty comes from Hell. Prosperity comes from Heaven. Adam had complete dominion over the earth and all it contains. A. Adam could fly like a bird. B. Adam could swim underwater and breathe like a fish. Adam went to the moon. Adam walked on water. Adam was a super being, He was the first superman that lived. Adam had dominion over the sun, moon & stars.Christians do not have Christ in their hearts. Sow a big seed, when you confess it, you are activating the supernatural forces of God. (Benny Hinn, Praise-a-thon (TBN), recorded November 1990)

We also have him on video teachings that what killed the Egyptians in the Red Sea was falling blocks of ice from the walls of water that God caused to pile up.  "It's in the Word", Benny claimed.  The word for ice is not even found in Exodus.

TOPIC - Jesus Was Never Saved

Hinn:  And the Holy Spirit one day showed me so mightily.  I'll tell you what is greater.  Jesus could not do one thing.  He who stilled the storm, He who raised the dead, there was one thing He could not do.  He could not stand and say, "Once I was lost and now I'm found."  The Son of God could not testify and say "Once I was a sinner, now I'm saved."  (TBN, "Praise The Lord", 12/29/02)

Well, which is it, Benny?  Was Jesus Christ born again or not?  We have audio tape of Hinn teaching that Jesus Christ was born again in hell:

"He [Jesus] who is righteous by choice said, 'The only way I can stop sin is by Me becoming it. I can't just stop it by letting it touch Me; I and it must become one.' Hear this! He who is the nature of God became the nature of Satan where He became sin!" (Benny Hinn, TBN, 12/1/90).

Christ 'became one with the nature of Satan' and was 'born again' in hell; [Adapted and/or excerpted by permission from the 2/94 The Berean Call (P.O. Box 7019, Bend, OR 97708, and from a 1992 Media Spotlight Special Report (P.O. Box 290, Redmond, WA 98073).]


Of course everyone knows that Benny Hinn renounced Word-Faith theology on the 700 Club with Pat Robertson and on James Robison's show some years back.  Since that time he has continued to teach Word-Faith doctrines, and regularly has Word-Faith teachers of all kinds on his TV show.

TOPIC - Jesus Says Nothing In Hinn's Vision

In a moment we will get into some of the prophecies made on the program.  This idea came out of a vision by Hinn.

Hinn: But Jesus did nothing, He said nothing.  Jesus did not, the Lord did not even bother to say to him "Move out of the way".  The Lord was walking with the crowd behind him and this man was walking in front of him as though he is the Lord.  Come here John.  In my dream appears this man right here.  I said "John, get him out of there."  (TBN, "Praise The Lord", 12/29/02)

Hinn:  I believe John removing that man out of the way, and when you took him out the wonderful thing that I knew by the Spirit in my dream that Jesus was dependent on us to do the job.  (TBN, "Praise The Lord", 12/29/02)


This is straight Word-Faith doctrines that God is powerless in His creation and needs Christians to do His work for Him.  It looks like Hinn is describing a Muslim leader, though he is unnamed.  Why would Jesus Christ remain silent in the face of false religion?  Sop Benny calls his bodyguard, who stands about six foot five to take this leader out of heaven.  How did this Muslim get to heaven in the first place?

TOPIC - Guaranteed Healing

Hinn:  Let's finish, let's end this beautiful night talking about Him, loving Him now.  And He's gonna heal you tonight.  (TBN, "Praise The Lord", 12/29/02)

Hinn always talks in terms of guaranteed healing.  He has also stated in the past, when people have investigated his miracle claims and found them to be false, that he never states that anyone is healed.  But he does this over and over again almost every show.  Another lie.


The Word-Faith "little gods" idea is still alive and well at Hinn meetings and in the minds of his supporters.

TOPIC - Like God Speaking

Oral Roberts: And I listen to his ministry. The first I knew, the tears were rolling down my cheeks and I felt the anointing, the divine presence of God that separates you from yourself and fills you with the glory so that when you speak its like God speaking and when you act its like God acting. And you just feel the glory of His presence.  (TBN, "Praise The Lord", 12/29/02)

Sounds like there is little difference between God and Benny Hinn to Oral.  In fact, Benny has claimed to be a little god, a little messiah, and even the "I Am".

Christians are little messiahs. Christians are little gods. (Benny Hinn, Praise-a-thon (TBN), recorded November 1990)

"Though we are not Almighty God Himself, nevertheless, we are now divine" (Benny Hinn, 12/1/90, TBN)

"Christians are "Little Messiah's and "little gods" on the earth. Thus [Encouraging the audience]...say "I am a God-man....This spirit-man within me is a God-man..." say "I'm born of heaven-a God-man. I'm a God man. I am a sample of Jesus. I'm a super being. Say it! Say it! Who's a super being? "I walk in the realm of the supernatural." Say it!...You want to prosper? Money will be falling on you from left, right and centre. God will begin to prosper you, for money always follows righteousness....Say after me, "everything I ever want is in me already." (Benny Hinn, TBN,1990)

"I am a 'little messiah' walking the earth" (Benny Hinn, Praise-a-Thon" on TBN, November 6, 1990).

"Are you ready for some real revelation are god" (Benny Hinn, "Our Position In Christ", tape #AO31190-1)

"Don't tell me you have Jesus. You ARE everything He was, and everything He is and shall be." (Benny Hinn,TBN)

TOPIC - God In You
Steve Brock: And I've come to a greater realization of the power of God in my life.  Hallelujah, because of you, and because, because of the "God" in you.  (TBN, "Praise The Lord", 12/29/02)

This is a window into their theology.  As I have already quoted, Hinn believes he is identical with the "I AM", that he is exactly the same as Jesus Christ on earth. This is why Jesus Christ is shown to have no power on earth right now unless Hinn speaks from Hinn's vision that we will cover in a moment.  This is classic Word-Faith New Thought theology.

TOPIC - Direct Audible Contact From God

Hinn:  Yes Lord, I will do that (acting like he is hearing God audibly).  (TBN, "Praise The Lord", 12/29/02)

Hinn: I am hearing it from the Lord right this minute as I'm standing here, I'm hearing from the Holy Spirit that a change is coming, a mighty change Ö yes, Lord, thank you Ö  yes, Lord, thank you Ö I'm just hearing the Lord telling me when.  I'm telling you ...  (TBN, "Praise The Lord", 12/29/02)


Every so called prophet of the New Apostolic Reformation I have seen now also claims to be in direct contact with God, hearing His audible voice.  It becomes very evident that what they are hearing is their own imaginations.  The Bible says:

Jeremiah 14:14  Then the LORD said to me, "The prophets are prophesying lies in my name. I have not sent them or appointed them or spoken to them. They are prophesying to you false visions, divinations, idolatries and the delusions of their own minds.

I am personally getting very tired of people who cannot teach the Bible correctly or obey the Lord claiming to be direct mouthpieces for the Lord Himself.  Shame on them!


The logical outgrowth of teaching we are little gods is idolatry.

TOPIC - Thanking Carlotta

Carlotta Moore was a Hinn supporter who was interviewed by Dateline NBC.

Hinn: I want to say a big thank you to this woman of God Carletta Moore (audience applauds).  (TBN, "Praise The Lord", 12/29/02)

Carlotta is shown sitting in front of her TV, on Dateline, stretching her hands out in worship, not toward the heavens but toward Benny Hinn on TV. This is something you will see in many Third Wave churches today, because people are trying to get some of the "anointing" from the leaders instead of lifting their hands to the Lord in worship.  You could see many in the crowd at the TBN studios also doing this.


Hinn continually comes down hard on critics, and now the rhetoric is becoming increasingly threatening.

TOPIC - Opposing Individuals Destroyed

Hinn:  In the Scriptures we find something most remarkable.  That God Almighty used the enemies of Israel to correct Israel.  And then he destroyed those same enemies that came against His people.  He used the Assyrians and the Babylonians to correct His own people.  But then he turned and destroyed those same individuals.  (TBN, "Praise The Lord", 12/29/02)

Aside from the fact that Hinn is trying to make another point about those who object to him and his antics and how they are all going to die, he is wrong again on his interpretation of Scripture.  Though it is true that eventually the nations that took Israel captive as a punishment from God for Israel's disobedience were successively captured and destroyed, individuals like Nebuchanezzar, Darius and Cyrus lived to a ripe old age.

TOPIC - Critics Destroyed

Hinn went on to say:  I'm saying this for a reason, listen to what I'm telling you.  That's what's coming, that's all I'll say.  (TBN, "Praise The Lord", 12/29/02)

Again Hinn is trying to make a connection between the way God dealt with the nations who opposed Israel in the Old Testament, and some kind of New Testament application to his situation and his critics.  The obvious message here is that anyone who questions Benny Hinn is going to die.  The problem is that Benny Hinn is not being corrected.  He continues in his unrepentance and outright rebellion against the truths of the Word of God.


Dateline NBC dealt mainly with money matters.  Let's see how Hinn answered Dateline.

TOPIC - Hinn Salary

Hinn: Everybody always asks  me ĎHow much money do you make?Ē Can we  please, first of all, talk about how my salary is established.  (TBN, "Praise The Lord", 12/29/02)
Jim Guinn is the CPA who does the books for the Hinn organization.
Jim Guinn: The board with out you (Hinn) voting makes a determination as to what is a reasonable salary for the duties you perform for the church.  (TBN, "Praise The Lord", 12/29/02)

A lot was said about Hinn's board establishing his salary, but again nothing was mentioned about a ballpark amount.  His organization continues to refuse to join the ECFA, the Christian watchdog organization with strict guidelines on ministry fundraising., as opposed to the IRS who simply asks for a report on their form 901 for 501 (c) (3) non-profit corporations.  For his new mansion in CA Hinn formed another non-profit corporation and sits as its president, but he declared that the house is a parsonage for Benny Hinn Ministries.  On Dateline the president of ECFA could not think of any other pastor who has a parsonage even remotely as expensive, including Billy Graham and Pat Robertson.

TOPIC - Emotional Appeals

Sheryl Palmquist:  Well, each time that we tape "This is your day" programs, Pastor Jim and I are there to play music that will fit whatever the program theme will be or whatever music Pastor would choose for that section of the program.  And often in between programs, we've said, "Pastor, the things that happen around the world at the orphanages and through the mission's outreaches, the partners talk to us and say we love seeing those, please ask Pastor to show more of them."  And we've encouraged you on many occasions when we've been between programs and you've always said I'll show some of those but I will bring them as a report and not as an emotional appeal.  (TBN, "Praise The Lord", 12/29/02)

The tapes they show of starving children and orphans are used as a direct emotional appeal, and especially for people to give more money.  These tapes are also used to try to legitimize a ministry that is much more about making money and its leadership living well than it was ever about charity.

TOPIC - No Book Royalties

Steve Brock:  And you don't make royalty, you don't make money off the royalties of the books in the, in the Ö (TBN, "Praise The Lord", 12/29/02)

This was a direct lie.

Over the years, Mr. Hinn has made contradictory statements about his wealth. At times, he has said he barely scrapes by, living on royalties from books he has written. At others, he has acknowledged earning at least $500,000 a year. (Dallas Morning News, What happened to Hinn's promised healing center?--Evangelist raised funds but never built project; use of money defended, by Steve Mcgonigle, 6/23/02)

Hinn has not publicly acknowledged his salary, but told CNN in 1997 that his yearly income including book royalties was somewhere between $500,000 and $1 million a year. (Associated Press, Amid questions, Hinn returns to Dallas for crusade, by Matt Curry, Associated Press Write, 6/28/02)


In a further effort to provide proof that Hinn is a "holy man of God" a number of prophesies were brought forth, first by others including John Paul Jackson, one of the original Kansas City Prophets, who was on the program, and culminating in prophesies by Hinn himself.

TOPIC - Complete Obedience

Hinn read a prophesy by a lady he called "Judy".  In that prophecy she claims God told her: You (Benny) have served Me faithfully and have obeyed My voice completely.  (TBN, "Praise The Lord", 12/29/02)

No one is completely obedient to the Lord.  We still have the old man, the old self along with the new man, the new self as believers.  We must still confess our sins and repent (turn) from them.  David was a great man of God, called the friend of God, but he also sinned some great sins.  The difference is that David repented of them, as opposed to Saul.  This prophecy is obviously not from God, but its source is one of deception.  Also, Hinn may be hearing voices, but they are not the voice of God, nor is he living in obedience to the Scriptures.

TOPIC - No Details

Hinn:  Now I'm not going to give you every detail because we don't tell everything on television Ö (TBN, "Praise The Lord", 12/29/02)

That's the understatement of the decade!  But when prophets in biblical times prophesied, they gave detailed information so that they could be tested, and it always came to pass.  Daniel was told that there was more to the story, but he did not understand it because it was to be sealed till the time of the end.

Daniel 12:4  But you, Daniel, close up and seal the words of the scroll until the time of the end. Many will go here and there to increase knowledge."

Benny Hinn, on the other hand, would not reveal detailed information because his prophesies almost always fail, and also because he is the Gnostic anointed holy man of God who has secret revelation knowledge that the rest of us can't handle.

TOPIC - God Not On Throne

Hinn had a big vision.  Let's look at a few of the things in the vision that prove it was not of God.

Hinn:  And I'm preaching to a great crowd that I saw.  I saw an angel of the Lord in that dream.  Now, I won't say any more about that because I don't feel at liberty what that angel was doing, not on television.  I'll share that maybe later on some other programs if God permits me.  But now as I'm done preaching I walk into what looked like the temple of God.  I'm in the throne room.  I see God's throne, I see the seats of the elders, but its empty.  God was not in there.  (TBN, "Praise The Lord", 12/29/02)

Is God ever not on His throne?  Is He ever on a vacation?

Psalms 47:8  God reigns over the nations; God is seated on his holy throne.

Revelation 7:10  And they cried out in a loud voice: "Salvation belongs to our God, who sits on the throne, and to the Lamb."

This illustrates one way to test prophecies; are they biblical?  If not they can be immediately discounted.

TOPIC - God Present Again

Hinn:  And I began to sing the song in the presence of Jehovah in my dream I'm singing this song in the presence of Jehovah.  (TBN, "Praise The Lord", 12/29/02)

So when Hinn begins to sing, God shows up again?  Have you ever heard Hinn sing?  Enough said!

TOPIC - Down Or Up Hill?

Hinn:  suddenly I saw these nations coming right there towards me, I'm walking up the hill their coming down the hill.  (TBN, "Praise The Lord", 12/29/02)

Hinn:  Now the Lord appeared in my dream walking up the hill in front and a crowd behind him.  (TBN, "Praise The Lord", 12/29/02)


First the nations are coming down the hill and then the nations are going up the hill.  Which was it because they can't go both ways at the same time.

TOPIC - Native Garb

Hinn:  Nations, groups of individuals dressed in their, in their, what do you call the, the, native garbs, native costumes and I recognized them by their clothing.  (TBN, "Praise The Lord", 12/29/02)

From what we could tell from this alleged dream, it takes place in heaven.  If that is the case, the people will not be wearing native costumes but white robes.

Revelation 7:9  After this I looked and there before me was a great multitude that no one could count, from every nation, tribe, people and language, standing before the throne and in front of the Lamb. They were wearing white robes and were holding palm branches in their hands.

TOPIC - Vision Ė General

In Hinn's alleged "vision" Hinn was on top of the hill with Jesus and the crowd walking up to him.  (TBN, "Praise The Lord", 12/29/02)

Hinn is putting himself in a position over Jesus Christ and the nations.  First God is not on His throne then Benny is the pied piper for Jesus and the nations. What next?

TOPIC - Muslims Salvation

Hinn:  We know what that religion is gentlemen.  God almighty is about to bring millions of people into his kingdom from that religion, millions.  And God is going to use this ministry to effect many lives.  (TBN, "Praise The Lord", 12/29/02)

Kenneth Copeland made a prophecy or prediction in 12/2/01 that close to one billion Muslims would be saved in a few months.  (Kenneth Copeland, Word of Life Christian Center, Honolulu HI, Dedication Celebration Service, Evening, Dec. 2, 2001) Giving Copeland the benefit of the doubt, that prophecy became a false one on 3/3/02.  Now notice that Hinn is trying to redeem this false prophecy, which he obviously still believes.  We'll look at the March 3rd. prophesy in a moment, but keep it in mind.

TOPIC - Peace, Peace

Hinn:  I will tell you this, Satan is ready to unleash horror and terror on this earth as never before.  But I heard the Lord say, literally I heard Him speak those words, He said, "Dark days are ahead for the world, and bright days for my people." (Applause)  I was prophesying it.  "Those who know me and those who walk with me will know light and beauty, says the Lord."  God began to speak these words.  (TBN, "Praise The Lord", 12/29/02)

Hinn is making the same false prophesies that the false prophets were making in Jeremiah's day.  He is saying that everyone else will be in turmoil and trials, but Christians will be walking in light and beauty.

Jeremiah 8:11  They dress the wound of my people as though it were not serious. "Peace, peace," they say, when there is no peace.

I have news for you--if the prophets, Christ, the Apostles, and the early Christians didn't get the easy way out, then you can also expect some suffering and trials.  We are to count it a joy to suffer for the Lord, and often that is they way God tests and builds our faith.

TOPIC - March 3rd Prophecy

Hinn: March 3rd.  I just heard March 3rd in my ears.  What's March 3rd?  What day is that?  We don't know.  I don't know what March 3rd what day it would be?  I'm not sure what I would be, I don't know what crusade or service or maybe I'm not anywhere. But I'm hearing the Lord say that to me.  (TBN, "Praise The Lord", 12/29/02)

Remember when I told you earlier about Kenneth Copeland's failed prophesy about the Muslims?  It elapsed on March 3, 2002.  Coincidence?  I think hardly.  But in any case, Hinn is obviously talking about something that has to do with the Muslims and we will be watching that date, and will display the newspaper in our video with no earth shattering events when that time elapses into yet another false prophesy.


Hinn continues to promote all kinds of anointings that are unbiblical, even heretical.

TOPIC - Kids/Anointing/Hinn

Don George is a board member for Benny Hinn Ministries.  He said: Kids that came from across the state of Texas to sit under your ministry and to believe God for a fresh and mighty anointing of the Holy Ghost of god upon their lives.  (TBN, "Praise The Lord", 12/29/02)

How does a Christian receive the anointing?  Not by traveling to where Benny is for a touch.  You receive the baptism of the Spirit when you are born again and subsequent fillings of the Spirit by His sovereign will.

TOPIC - Holy Spirit Shown

Steve Brock: You made me understand the Holy Spirit like I've never understood Him before.  (TBN, "Praise The Lord", 12/29/02)

Benny Hinn purports to transfer a spirit that causes people to writhe on the floor, shake, scream, be drunk, make false prophesies, give false testimonies.  Is this the Holy Spirit?

TOPIC - No Forcing

Hinn:  Ö we have to use wisdom.  But I was preaching about the Holy Spirit.  I was saying these words "The Holy Spirit is a person, He will not force Himself on you, so you must go to Him and then He'll come to you."  I'm preaching this in my dream.  (TBN, "Praise The Lord", 12/29/02)

In video tapes of Hinn's crusades we can often see him surprising people with "slain in the spirit".  That is forcing the Holy Spirit on people, that is if the force Benny uses is the Holy Spirit, which I do not believe it is.  Hinn says here that the Holy Spirit is a person, but in practice he treats the Holy Spirit like a force, a power that can be transferred at will.  Hinn has also taught:

" . . . the anointing is dependent upon my words. God will not move unless I say it. Why? because He has made us coworkers with Him. He set things up that way." (Benny Hinn, The Anointing. Nashville: Thomas Nelson. 1992. 82.)
In fact, Hinn reinforced this teaching in his dream we covered where Jesus stood by and said nothing and let Benny take care of the situation.

TOPIC - Slain In The Spirit

Steve Brock: It's an explosion.  The presence of God is here.
Hinn: Let me just tell you something, as I'm talking to you I feel numbness on my body.
Steve Brock:  As I'm talking to you I can hardly stand up.
Hinn: Then receive it, my brother.  Receive it, ve ve vech Ö (slays Steve in the "spirit")  (TBN, "Praise The Lord", 12/29/02)

Hinn's message to his supporters was made very clear.  He pulled out all his tricks on this show, including prophecy, direct speaking for God, healing, word of knowledge, a few Bible verses, an invitation without the gospel being explained, and the old tried and true slain in the spirit.  Brock goes down for Benny in pretty much every meeting, so why would this be some kind of proof for anyone?  Also, this is the transferable anointing, which is unbiblical. Numbness?  When did the Apostles get numbness in healing people or in the few times during Pentecost they laid hands on people and the Holy Spirit baptized them?

TOPIC - Greater Anointing

Judy: I am now by your side protecting you, refining you, and moving you on to a greater anointing and authority on the earth.  (TBN, "Praise The Lord", 12/29/02)
John Paul Jackson, one of the original Kansas City (false) Prophets, was on the program and also gave a prophecy later with the same theme:
Well he's preparing your (Hinn's) ministry, and he's preparing you to receive an anointing like you haven't walked in before  (TBN, "Praise The Lord", 12/29/02)

There is no such thing as levels of the Holy Spirit.  The Spirit indwells all who truly believe.  The Holy Spirit fills people for acts of service, bestowing grace gifts, and He molds them ethically into the image of Christ.   Hinn keeps coming up with greater anointings, double and now triple anointings, as we will see in a moment, that are not in line with the teaching of the Word of God.  We all share in the anointing of the King of Kings, the Anointed One.  I have news for Hinn's followers--Benny Hinn is not the Anointed One.  Jesus Christ is the Anointed of God, and we share in His anointing, His Spirit. We are all anointed and all have grace gifts to carry out the will of God.  No man is greater than another, because God is no respecter of persons, neither should we be.  But Benny wants people to be respecters of him

TOPIC - Spirit/Anointing Same

Hinn: Ö never take the Spirit from me, never remove your anointing from me.  (TBN, "Praise The Lord", 12/29/02)

Hinn: Lord triple the anointing next year, triple the anointing next year. I have news for you, heís going to answer that prayer. I donít know whatís going to happen but I know what Iím praying. Youíll see it, youíre gonna see ití. Remember what he said to me years ago, the more they attack you the more Iíll anoint you, and now heís told me to pray 3 times the anointing 3 times the anointing. Thatís what Iím believing forÖ.  (TBN, "Praise The Lord", 12/29/02)


First Hinn claims the anointing and the Spirit are the same thing.  Then he claims God is going to give him a triple anointing next year.  I know Hinn has taught in the past that the Holy Spirit is three persons, just as are the Son and the Father, but this multiplying anointing thing is getting ridiculous.  There is only one anointing from the One Anointed One, that is Jesus Christ.  This shows that the anointing, to people like Hinn and Third Wavers the world over, is not really about the person of the Holy Spirit, but about a force they can throw around rooms, feel as numbness in their limbs, press into people's foreheads, use to curse their enemies, and any other host of unbiblical uses.  The anointing of the Third Wave is not about the Holy Spirit, but about the spirit of this world.

Ephesians 2:2  Wherein in time past ye walked according to the course of this world, according to the prince of the power of the air, the spirit that now worketh in the children of disobedience:

1 Corinthians 2:12  Now we have received, not the spirit of the world, but the spirit which is of God; that we might know the things that are freely given to us of God.


There are those who claim that once in a blue moon Benny Hinn actually hits on part of the gospel message.  I must tell you that I have viewed a lot of Hinn shows and haven't heard that myself.  But what I have seen is Hinn using part of the Gospel message as a calling card for people to come forward, get slain in the spirit, and fleeced of their money.

TOPIC - Sinners Prayer

Hinn: Will you accept Him tonight?  Will you say yes to Jesus tonight. Alright, repeat this prayer after me.  All of you repeat it out loud.  (TBN, "Praise The Lord", 12/29/02)

It is laudable that Hinn has people pray a sinner's prayer except for three problems.  First, Hinn did not present the gospel message at all so people haven't had time to understand the facts of the gospel and don't really know what they are accepting.  Second, Hinn has the entire audience at TBN pray this prayer even though earlier he called them all "saints".  So either he is just doing this for a show to try to prove that he is biblical, or he is a Semi-Pelegian who believes that people have to be born again over and over.  I suspect it is a little of both.  Third, Hinn uses a little bit of the gospel to lure people into his following, then he ruins it with false teachings, false prophesies, and false anointings.  The Bible says:

Luke 8:5  "A farmer went out to sow his seed. As he was scattering the seed, some fell along the path; it was trampled on, and the birds of the air ate it up.

The seed can be scattered and then the birds eat it up.  Birds are almost universally a picture of evil spirits in the Bible.  The Great Commission doesn't only call us to proclaim the gospel, which Hinn rarely if ever does, but it also calls us to disciple all nations.  Hinn is discipling the nations into apostasy.

TOPIC - Greatest Miracle

Hinn: This is an night of power here tonight.  Get to the phones, quickly. Call and talk to the wonderful people, they'll talk to you and just say I've just prayer with Benny Hinn, I've just become a Christian, I've just come to Christ, I am one of His now, I'm born again.  It's the greatest miracle, the greatest.  (TBN, "Praise The Lord", 12/29/02)

Hinn:   The anointing is more precious, is more priceless than anything this world can offer you.  (TBN, "Praise The Lord", 12/29/02)


This illustrates the last point I made.  Hinn claims that salvation is the greatest miracle, but the "anointing", healings, stories, prophecies, and all the other trappings of the Third Wave always end up taking center stage.  The gospel and salvation is given hardly any time at all.  Why?  Because it does not draw the crowds and does not tickle people's ears. 2 Timothy 4:3  For the time will come when men will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear.


Another tactic Hinn used to bolster his support base was to try to show himself as a miracle worker.

TOPIC - Miracles Predicted

Hinn:  Because in just a moment I am going to minister and I believe the Lord, I believe the Lord is going to do some amazing things tonight.  (TBN, "Praise The Lord", 12/29/02)

There were no miracles that night, no proof of anything presented.  Just the same standard lying signs and wonders, false prophecies, etc.

TOPIC - Healing Proof

Hinn: A muscle condition has been healed, I give you the praise.  Just now lift your hands and call upon His precious name, dear Jesus, dear Jesus, dear Jesus, dear Jesus.  Sinuses have just been healed, I give you the praise.  A neck injury has been healed, I give you the praise.  In the audience God is touching people right now right here, the Lord is touching many of you in this very audience right here in this studio, I give you praise Jesus.  In your homes, many of you are being healed.  Someone's shoulders have just been released from pain, someone with a shoulder problem has just been healed, I give you the praise Jesus...  (TBN, "Praise The Lord", 12/29/02)

But where are the proofs of these miracles Benny has seen in his mind?  They are alleged "word of knowledge" miracles proclaimed by Hinn then verified by hearsay reports that have been called in to the show.  But notice that no real proof is ever given.

TOPIC - New Hair

David Palmquist:  Pastor, an 11 year old put her hands on the TV and she said her sinuses cleared up right now.  Uh, a guy losing his hair, he feels God healed Him and he's claiming God has healed him Ö (TBN, "Praise The Lord", 12/29/02)

New hair?  Is balding a disease?  Well, it can be in some cases, but where is the proof?  There is none, nor will Rogaine go out of business any time soon.  God can certainly grow hair, but to use unsubstantiated stories to try to prove a biblical divine miracle is deception, and something real believers would never do.


Steve Brock:  He felt God's touch of healing from AIDS.  He felt a warmth go all over his body and believed he was healed. (Applause)  (TBN, "Praise The Lord", 12/29/02)

This is one that really angers me.  Hinn has been warned over and over again to stop telling people they are healed of AIDS, or using unsubstantiated testimonies.  The problem is if people think they are healed of AIDS by Hinn and go out and sleep with other people, Hinn is basically at least an accessory to murder, as he is in many other types of cases already documented.  That Hinn would be allowed to continue this practice on nationwide television is beyond me.

TOPIC - RHB Daughter

Hinn:  I talked to Rodney Howard-Browne a few days ago.  His 16 year old girl died Christmas day. 16 years of age.  I called him. I said, I'm feeling your pain my brother.  He said, we preach it, now we have to live it. We're preaching this gospel.  His little girl in his arms dying.  She said "Dad, I can't breathe. What will happen to me if I can't breathe?"  He said "You'll be with the Lord, honey. You'll be with Jesus, baby."  We preach it, we love it.  (TBN, "Praise The Lord", 12/29/02)

This story is very sad, especially since two men who claim to have the greatest anointing ever in the world were not able to heal their own family or friends.  I have another article that details just how many faith healers have not been able to heal themselves, their families, their friends, but instead went to medical doctors when they were sick or injured. It also tells about how many died and some even said they would raise from the dead.  I believe they were waiting by the grave of Browne's daughter praying for her to be raised also.  It didn't happen, and I don't believe God will let it happen with false teachers.  But we must remember that the False Prophet may raise the Antichrist from an apparent wound to the head.  But there is not biblical proof that this is an example of dead raising, and it may be a lying wonder in any case.  But these dead raising stories by Third Wave teachers are not true and to date there is no solid evidence that any of them have been involved in any true dead raising.  I believe God has done that, but not through them.


It is interesting how false teachers often preach judgment to themselves.

TOPIC - Mythical Fruit

Hinn: The world did what they wanted to do.  The news media, that's what they do for a living.  They don't understand us.  But ladies and gentlemen, those that know the voice of the Spirit, those that know God, those that love Jesus can tell if we are telling the truth or not, its just that simple.  You can tell, see by the fruit ye shall know them.  That's what the Scripture says.  (TBN, "Praise The Lord", 12/29/02)

Can you tell?  If so then you are likely a true child of God.  Those who follow Hinn are wretched, pitiful, poor blind and naked spiritually.  They are being taken in by a con artist and they don't even know it. Does Hinn display the fruit of kindness in his remarks about little old ladies and their last $5. dollars?  Does he show the fruit of peace and self-control in his crusades?  Does he show the fruit of faithfulness to God's written Word?

TOPIC - Preaching Judgment

Hinn:  Because the Holy Ghost clearly said to us in His Word what kind of people we ought to be.  But when someone goes contrary to God's Word, God will deal with them.  (TBN, "Praise The Lord", 12/29/02)

Hinn: God says, He will destroy not only the sinners, not only man and beast, not only idols, but those who on one hand I'm a Christian but on the other hand live like devils.  (TBN, "Praise The Lord", 12/29/02)


Hinn has gone contrary to the Word of God about as often as someone who calls themselves a Christian can go, including recognized cultists.  Hinn has also been living a double life, on one hand pretending to be the most anointed man who ever lived, and on the other living a party lifestyle with his friends.  Hinn is preaching judgment to himself when he says these things.  But then I have found that false teachers often do this.  I think it is God's way to warn those who have a love of the truth.

TOPIC - Forgiveness

Hinn:  I have to forgive, I'm a Christian. I'm a Christian.  (TBN, "Praise The Lord", 12/29/02)
"If you have attacked me, your children will pay for it."  (Benny Hinn, TBN "Heresy Hunters" October 23 1992) "There's a groups here in California that thinks they are the judgment seat of Christ.  Dear God in heaven, I wish I just could just ... they call it a ministry, my foot.  You know I've looked for one verse in the Bible, I just can't seem to find it. One verse that said, "If you don't like 'em, kill 'em."  I really wish I could find it." (Benny Hinn on "heretic hunters", TBN)
TOPIC - Necromancy
Hinn:  Today, in America, millions of people are tuning in to listen to a man or other individuals who talk to the dead.  That's witchcraft.  My friend, God will not allow that to go on for too much longer.  (TBN, "Praise The Lord", 12/29/02)

Hinn: .  Ladies and gentlemen, hear me, I'm talking to you.  If you touch that remote and tune in to listen to those talking about the dead you are not a Christian, you do not know the Holy Ghost.  (TBN, "Praise The Lord", 12/29/02)


How can Hinn be so blind to himself.  He is obviously referring to mediums on TV, but Benny also talks to the dead in his visions including both past dead like Elijah, and more recent dead like Kathryn Kuhlman.  He also goes to Kuhlman and McPherson's graves to get more of the "anointing".  I guess true believers are fairly warned not to tune in Benny Hinn.

TOPIC - Curse Not

Hinn:  And I pray for these men that came against us, I pray you'll touch their hearts, I pray you'll show them your love, I pray that you'll change their hearts.  For you said to us "Bless and curse not."  You said to us to love our enemies.  Yes, it's hard. But when your spirit is in us its easy.  (TBN, "Praise The Lord", 12/29/02)

We show a long stream of curses against anyone who "attacks" Benny Hinn on our video expose.  One minute he tries to sound orthodox, then the next moment he is cursing those who expose him,.  He also teaches his followers to curse "heretic hunters" and I can prove that with hundreds of emails calling me every name in the book, cursing me with real curse words, threatening to kill me, calling me devil and Satan, you name it.

TOPIC - Love Your Neighbor

Hinn:  No more.  Love ye one another is the greatest command, great command.  Not only do we love Him, but we love each other equally.  Love the Lord they God with all Thine hearts, and love your neighbor as yourself.  (TBN, "Praise The Lord", 12/29/02)

Hinn said this:

"You see, frankly, that's the way I think about it.  I'm sorry, I'm not exactly the normal kind of guy, you know, I'm from Israel. Sometimes I wish God would give me a Holy Ghost machine gun, I'd blow your head off." (Benny Hinn talking about "heresy hunters, TBN)
Actually Hinn is of Arab decent.

TOPIC - Living Well

Hinn:  Many today Christianity is just a little comfortable place, don't tell me about hell, don't tell me about Satan, don't tell about trials, don't tell me about tribulation, just tell me how I can succeed.  Tell me how to make money.  Tell me how to live well.  (TBN, "Praise The Lord", 12/29/02)

Talk about hypocrisy!  This from a man who is building a $3. million dollar luxury home, stays in $3700. per night presidential suites at hotels around the world, flies to his gigs in a charter jet, etc

TOPIC - Benny Not His

Hinn:  But what does the Bible teach?  What does He say?  If you will not carry your cross, if you will not carry your cross and follow me, you are not mine.  If you will not forsake all and follow me, you're not mine.  (TBN, "Praise The Lord", 12/29/02)

Hinn is not forsaking everything he owns to follow Christ, therefore he will be judged by his own criteria.


After all the programs and interviews done with Hinn warning people that he is a scam artist and a heretic, Hinn remains unrepentant.  He doesn't even bother to say he is sorry anymore.

TOPIC - We Must Repent

Hinn: It's not our job, we just pray for em.  And I'll tell you this, if individuals will ever simply say "I'm sorry, Benny, I'm sorry" I will forgive like that. (Snaps fingers)  (TBN, "Praise The Lord", 12/29/02)

After all the things Benny has been exposed as doing by both the secular and Christian media, it is shocking to see that he not only no longer feels a need to repent, but asks them to tell him they are sorry.  Repentance is necessary for salvation, and those who do not repent cannot be saved.

Acts 3:19  Repent, then, and turn to God, so that your sins may be wiped out, that times of refreshing may come from the Lord, Romans 2:5  But because of your stubbornness and your unrepentant heart, you are storing up wrath against yourself for the day of Godís wrath, when his righteous judgment will be revealed.

These are strange times we are living in.  In any other age people like Benny Hinn would have been written off years ago as utter heretics and wolves in sheep's clothing.  I'm afraid that the lack of discernment we see today in the churches is a testimony to our disobedience to the Lord.  This last generation, if that is what we are, must stop thinking we are rich spiritually because we are wretched, pitiful, poor, blind and naked.  We are lukewarm.  We need to repent of our evil ways, of our allowing men like Benny Hinn to be spokesmen for Christendom without opposition, and making the secular news do our job or apologetics for us.  What a dreadful situation it is to see that a time has come where those whose minds are still in darkness seem to have more light than those who say they are children of the Light.

Rev. 3:18-22  I counsel you to buy from me gold refined in the fire, so you can become rich; and white clothes to wear, so you can cover your shameful nakedness; and salve to put on your eyes, so you can see. Those whom I love I rebuke and discipline. So be earnest, and repent. Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with him, and he with me. To him who overcomes, I will give the right to sit with me on my throne, just as I overcame and sat down with my Father on his throne. He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches."

It is my earnest prayer, and I stand in need of repentance just as much as the next man, that we will all be overcomers.  We must overcome by our faith and by the word of our testimony.  So be true.  Be faithful.  Be unleavened.  Be an overcomer.


TBN, "Praise The Lord", 12/29/02

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