Benny Hinn "Praise The Lord" TBN 12/29/02
Response to Dateline NBC, aired 12/27/02

This entire transcript of this program is offered for refernce purposes because so many of Hinn's followers accuse us of taking what he has said out of context.  Even more often they accuse us of completely fabricating Hinn quotes, from messages, books, video and audio tapes.  Why we would waste valuable time making quotes up against Hinn when He is far more inventive is beyond me.  We simply quote Hinn and compare what he is saying to the Bible. After reading this transcript, please check out our commentary in the article called "Benny Hinn's Response To Dateline NBC" by Sandy Simpson, 1/11/03.

Hinn: we've put that one to rest, and the people said (Audience: Amen).  You want to say, Deana please?

Deana: I want to just tell you that I was is, days before Christmas, I was in the orphanage.  And we had a beautiful party with, eh, nine children. And one of the girls got a doll for first time in her life

Hinn: Now may I ask why only nine so far?

Man:  We just were increasing the staff as we go along, we're making sure that we have enough staff for each child and we were wanted to stop because we're ready to move into the new orphanage, the permanent complex, in a few months, so we wanted to make sure that everything's ready and as soon as that happens we're gonna increase up 50 children for 2003

Hinn: And then?

Man: and then the next year we're gonna go to 100 so we want to make sure that we grow the staff as we grow the children, as we bring in the children.

Hinn: Please, go ahead.

Deana:  We had a wonderful party, the children had dolls, they never had a doll in their life, they never had little cars, they were so amazed, they cried, it was really beautiful to see what Pastor Benny's doing with his

Hinn: What our partners are doing.

Deana: the partners are doing with your money, you know children are having a new life, they say they can't believe it's true they have a bed.  All of them didn't know what a pillow was.  I was impressed.  They didn't know the blankets, you know, they didn't know what a blanket was.

Deana: They slept in the floor.  They didn't know what's the socks were because they didn't have shoes.

Hinn: Not even socks. Wow.

Deana: So I'm telling it's a real blessing to be there and I hope one day you go because a real, real blessing.

Hinn: Now, ladies and gentlemen, not only Mexico but around the world.  My wife just came back from the Philippines feeding thousands of kids, being with our orphans in Manila. Why don't they mention that?  And Jessica my girl and my wife both just came back from the Philippines, let me show you what they did.  We need to let the world know the truth.  I am tired of people believing other things.  The truth must be told.  And the people said (Amen).  Amen, alright?  Watch this, world.  (Snickering in background)

Video: (Music - Suzanne and daughter handing out Christmas presents to street kids.)  And we just want to say again, partners, from our house to yours, Merry Merry Christmas and a happy new year.  And again Deana and sister Bev Summeral thank you so much from Jessica and I and from our family and I will say to these kids what I say to my kids every years angels around you, the peace of the Lord within you, and sweet visions and dreams for this house.  Amen.  God bless you.  Thank you again.  Thank you partners for making in impossible (it possible?) God bless you. (Music)  Child: Thank you. (Applause)

Hinn: To God be the praise.  Amen.  Now, again, thank you Paul and Jan Crouch for letting us do this to show the world the facts.  Thank God for TBN and the people said (Amen).  And if you were not watching earlier keep this wonderful network strong.  Had there not been a TBN how could we answer the world?  Had there not been a TBN some would still believe that we lie, that we don't mean what we say.  But because there is a TBN we have the chance of coming and telling the truth.  The facts.  (Applause)  Now you may have a question, by the way, on why I did not go on that program.  Very simple.  The Lord said "Don't".  I obey.  If God says no, it's no.  He knows better than me.  James, how many kids a day.

James: 20,000 children are fed and clothed and taken care of on a daily basis by Benny Hinn ministries.

Hinn: Thank you Jim. (Applause) Now I want to address something very important to me.  My daddy before he died took out of his pocket a dollar and then he said to me "Give me one out of your pocket."  I didn't know what he was doing.  And he held one dollar in his hand which was his dollar from his pocket and he held the dollar from me in the other hand.  He said "Benny, don't even forget this is heavy money, this is light." He said "My dollar is light.  Yours is heavy because it's God's. Never forget" he said, " the money you receive in your ministry is God's.  It's heavy.  He made me cry. My staff will tell you, all of them will tell you what I'm like.  Everyone of them that have known me for years.  But NBC decided to mention this.  They talked to a former follower, as they call them.  These individuals, may I add, were never full time staff, those two individuals they spoke to were not full time staff.  One of them was an usher for a season, one was a volunteer. But they showed one gentleman saying that I rejoiced over five dollars that I got the some little lady's five dollars.  The facts ladies and gentlemen, the facts tonight.  There was another man in that room named John Wilson.  Johnny come up here.  I want you to hear the facts.  Why didn't they talk to John?  What did I say, John, that night?

John: Well, pastor, this was a few years back when we were still in Orlando and as you were exiting off the stage there was many people who are in front of the altar there who always hand you things, either a Bible or hand you something, and a little, there are a specific woman who handed you something that day.  Small amount of money, I can't remember if is was a dollar or five dollars, very small amount of money.

John: Handed it to you and mentioned something bout this is the last amount that she has.  You took it on back to the room.  Course there were several of us back there, myself and a few other gentlemen, and you looked at and you said "Gentlemen, this is faith.  This lady gave her last dollar or five dollars or whatever it was.  This is the type of faith that moves God."  And that's exactly what was said.  So as you see pastor it was twisted slightly as what you said. (Laughter)

Hinn: It was, don't go yet, it was twisted all the way. I was moved by a lady's donation, just like Jesus was.  But they twisted it, they twisted it. Thank God for witnesses.  Thank God for the truth. Yes, we came prepared.  We have to.  They tell the world.  It's our time now to tell the world.  Because this ministry cares about what you give much, we care much. Sheryl Palmquist would you come up and Jim Sunerlu (sp.) would you come up and David Palmquist would you come up please.  All three of you.  You guys have worked with me very closely.  Ladies and gentlemen I have such precious saints that work with me and you know, yeah, I can tell you these things myself but it's so nice to hear somebody else say it. Because Jesus said "In the mouth of two or three" the Scripture says "In the mouth of two or three witnesses let every word be established." Sheryl, people know you as you play the organ, Jim you lead the choirs, David you work with the partners.   Steve Hill come up here please, where is Steve, come back up here.  Uh, tell our wonderful partners what you said to me a few days ago when you often will say to me, and many of you will say, why don't you talk more about this and this.  Go ahead Sheryl.

Sheryl:  Well, each time that we tape "This is your day" programs, Pastor Jim and I are there to play music that will fit whatever the program theme will be or whatever music Pastor would choose for that section of the program.  And often in between programs, we've said, "Pastor, the things that happen around the world at the orphanages and through the mission's outreaches, the partners talk to us and say we love seeing those, please ask Pastor to show more of them."  And we've encouraged you on many occasions when we've been between programs and you've always said I'll show some of those but I will bring them as a report and not as an emotional appeal.

Sheryl: And even though we've encouraged you saying "It's not an emotional appeal, they love to see it" you've always erred on the side of conservative to never give the wrong impression.

Hinn: Is that right?

Jim: Pastor, that is absolutely right.  We have, we have come in there and said you need to show what's happening on the orphanages.  I mean, you read some of these stories of these kids that come back, Pastor, it brings tears to your eyes.  And I mean by the hundreds of reports of these kids who were out, had nothing to eat, sleep, shoes, clothes and by the hundreds their thank Pastor Benny.  And now their in big groups singing songs and rejoicing in the Lord and taking him (Him?) from the pit of hell, presenting him someday to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Hinn: Now, ladies and gentlemen, I heard a wonderful report.  Uh, Johnny come back here a second.  I was talking to John Wilson who informed me yesterday that we had some phone calls after the program aired on Friday.  Would you tell us what you heard, sir?

John: Yes, sir, uh one of my assistants happened to be up the ministry dropped of a few things after the program, of course we had several calls and mah, all of them em were very positive just sending there blessings to Pastor, wanting him to know how much they appreciated him, letting him know they were behind him, of course.

John: But one specific one called in and said as he was watching Dateline and as they were showing the crusades there, uh, he had a severe back problem and, forgive me I can't remember exactly if was a disk problem or whatever it was but it was a back problem, and uh God had touched him and healed him while watching Dateline  (Laughter & Applause) only

Hinn: So uh, what you're saying to me, what you're saying to me is that God used NBC?

John: That's exactly what we are saying, and the, and the, and what happened was the gentleman or the individual taking the phone call happened to, got up and said, you won't believe what happened.  Of course my assistant was standing this, so far away.  The man said he was just watching Dateline, had a sever back problem watching Pastor on Dateline, and he got healed of a back problem.  Another partner, now I should say that, I correct that, not a partner, another individual who was not a partner had never been a partner with the ministry, had never been associated with the ministry, saw Dateline was actually got a little agitated of the way they were treating you, and called and gave a donation to the ministry to help you, a substantial donation, to help the ministry.  And he had never given a donation to the ministry before.

Hinn: See, I said to the Lord, I said "Lord, you're about to do this.  I said "When they air their program, talk to your people please."  And He did.  Brock come here, come here, have something to say?

Brock: There is not doubt in my mind, pastor, the Lord just dropped it in my spirit, what was meant for harm God has turned around for good.  (Applause)

Hinn: You bet sir.

Brock: Amen. And it's all to His glory and honor, what we're doing tonight is lifting up the truth and when people know the truth they'll be set free.

Hinn: And now, saints, I don't want to dwell on this all night because in just a few moments I'm gonna have a healing service. (Yelling) Let's have a healing service, Halleluah.  Yes sir.

David Palmquist: Pastor Benny, I'm so privileged, for Sheryl and I, I want you to know I've been with you for 15 years, it was 1987 in March, worked for many years in the church and many years here, and I'm so privileged to work for God through this ministry and this man.  I know your prayer life, I know your love for God, and I have never yet seen in my lifetime anyone who loves God any more than Pastor Benny Hinn.

David:  I just want to say to you as your friend, it's a privilege Pastor.

Brock:  I have to say this from the bottom of my heart, I've been a minister for 38 years, longer than he has been a minister.  I've been preaching the gospel, glory to God, but I've been, I've preached the gospel all over the world and I have been ordained in the Church of God, Cleveland, TN for a number of years, and my integrity speaks for itself I have a good name, and if I didn't believe in this man I wouldn't be standing here, and any critic out there that has any opinion contrare to what we are telling you tonight, you better pray through, my friend, because the truth is being brought forth. I know this man on the stage, I know the man off the stage And I can truthfully tell you he is a man of integrity that as Dr. Oral Roberts said so gloriously a few moments ago, anointed of the Holy Spirit of God.  Pastor, I've got to tell you, 38 years you've taught me things I didn't even know. You made me understand the Holy Spirit like I've never understood Him before. And I've come to a greater realization of the power of God in my life.  Hallelujah, because of you, and because, because of the "God" in you. And I'm not the only one.  But there are millions of people around the world that, today, honor the Holy Spirit because you honor him.  And honor His name because you honor His name, and testify to people all over the world that the power of God to heal is real, and the power of God to save is real.  And I'm excited beyond words because, my dear God, we getting' a victory tonight, brother.  Hallelujah. (Applause)

Hinn: I do want to say one thing before I minister, I do want to say one thing before I minister that was brought up and I had forgot to mention it.  I do not have a ten car garage.  You'd have to put go carts in there, go carts to make em fit.

Brock:  And you don't make royalty, you don't make money off the royalties of the books in the, in the

Hinn:  (Interrupting) Steven, my dear friend, you heard earlier what Jim said.  The board decides my salary.  They go to an outside company that says here what you should pay this guy.  Now, Steven, we've said enough about this. Now I just want you all to know something, the devil tonight is sorry he ever touched me. (Applause) He is sorry he ever bothered. And I want you, can we stand right here.  Come on SueSue and John Paul (Jackson).  Because in just a moment I am going to minister and I believe the Lord, I believe the Lord is going to do some amazing things tonight. The world did what they wanted to do.  The news media, that's what they do for a living.  They don't understand us.  But ladies and gentlemen, those that know the voice of the Spirit, those that know God, those that love Jesus can tell if we are telling the truth or not, its just that simple.  You can tell, see by the fruit ye shall know them.  That's what the Scripture says. When any individual attacks a man of God, that man cannot be following the Spirit of God. Because the Holy Ghost clearly said to us in His Word what kind of people we ought to be.  But when someone goes contrary to God's Word, God will deal with them. It's not our job, we just pray for em.  And I'll tell you this, or individuals, will ever simply say "I'm sorry, Benny, I'm sorry" I will forgive like that. (Snaps fingers) I have to forgive, I'm a Christian. I'm a Christian. I don't care what they say about me.  It doesn't really matter.  Cause God knows me.  I, if their gonna attack, let em. But here's the greatest thing I can tell you tonight is what Jesus said to me years ago.  He said "The more they attack you, the more I'll anoint you." (Applause) And so I'm now looking forward to a mighty anointing.  A few days before all this happened, you can stay here gentlemen, thank you, but before all this happened (background music starts) God showed me some powerful dreams.  I'll share one of them with you, may I? Friday, Saturday, I'm sorry, Saturday December 21 at 7 am 29 years to the day and to the hour since God touched my life in Kathryn's (Kuhlman) meeting, think about it 10 am on the east coast 7 am in California, I woke up and looked at the clock it was 10 am December 21.  It was December 21st 1973 at 10 am that the Holy Ghost came upon my life.  And exactly 29 years later, it is 29 correct?  At 7 am on the west coast 10 am on the east coast I have this amazing dream.  In this dream I'm preaching about the Holy Spirit.  I remember the words.  Now I'm not going to give you every detail because we don't tell everything on television we have to use wisdom.  But I was preaching about the Holy Spirit.  I was saying these words "The Holy Spirit is a person, He will not force Himself on you, so you must go to Him and then He'll come to you."  I'm preaching this in my dream. And I'm preaching to a great crowd that I saw.  I saw an angel of the Lord in that dream.  Now, I won't say any more about that because I don't feel at liberty what that angel was doing, not on television.  I'll share that maybe later on some other programs if God permits me.  But now as I'm done preaching I walk into what looked like the temple of God.  I'm in the throne room.  I see God's throne, I see the seats of the elders, but its empty.  God was not in there. And something was happening in that room and again I feel from the Lord just a check to not say what I saw there. But after I was in there, I stood on a holy high mountain overlooking this beautiful creation. And I began to sing the song in the presence of Jehovah in my dream I'm singing this song in the presence of Jehovah. After that beautiful, it it it looked like heaven, I was like standing looking at mountains and beauty beyond description, it didn't look like earth.  The closest thing would be Switzerland, but Switzerland would be cheap in comparison to what I saw.  And after I sang the song in the presence of Jehovah, suddenly I was walking on this wide avenue that went up a hill, and as I began to walk on this wide avenue I'm singing now the song, (Sings) Jesus, Jesus, Jesus there is something about that name. (Talks) And as I sang the song Jesus, suddenly I saw these nations coming right there towards me, I'm walking up the hill their coming down the hill.  Nations, groups of individuals dressed in their, in their, what do you call the, the, native garbs, native costumes and I recognized them by their clothing. I saw Europeans, I saw Arabs, I saw others and they were coming in groups and as they heard (Sings) Jesus (Talks) every nation one by one began to fall and worship God. And the Scripture came to me "Every knee shall bow, every tongue will confess Jesus is Lord."  And now they began to fall, but they did not fall until they heard (Sings) Jesus, Jesus (Talks) another nation (Sings) Jesus (Talks) another nation.  It was so awesome, the presence of God began to permeate my dream. Then something happened.  Now the Lord appeared in my dream walking up the hill in front and a crowd behind him. Many of those in that crowd had different costumes on.  I saw people from some country, then I saw another from other, and they all looked like different colors and different faces and different uh garbs on.  I'm still singin the song.  And nations are still showing up and falling before the Lord.  Now suddenly, I saw another man.  The leader of the well known religion on earth.  The Holy Spirit said that's his name.  And he came running from the back, I cannot tell you his name, no, no I can't.  I would be wrong, Jesus said be wise as serpents you see.  But this man comes running from the back, wanting to be number one, wanting to walk in front of my Lord.  And I got very angry and I said "Get away".  And he went back but came back again.  I said "Get away".  He got back and came back again.  But the third time he prevailed.  Now, this man of this very powerful religion on earth and very wicked was walking front of Jesus.  But Jesus did nothing, He said nothing.  Jesus did not, the Lord did not even bother to say to him "Move out of the way".  The Lord was walking with the crowd behind him and this man was walking in front of him as though he is the Lord.  Come here John.  In my dream appears this man right here.  I said "John, get him out of there." (John is the very large bodyguard for Hinn) And John my friend comes and grabs him and kicks him out.  I called him right away on the phone.  He began to cry, the presence of God hit him on the phone, while we were talking on the phone.  He began to sob.  He said "Pastor I feel God's presence as you tell me this." We know what that religion is gentlemen.  God almighty is about to bring millions of people into his kingdom from that religion, millions.  And God is going to use this ministry to effect many lives.  I believe John removing that man out of the way, and when you took him out the wonderful thing that I knew by the Spirit in my dream that Jesus was dependant on us to do the job.  He gave us the privilege, He did no remove him, He just knew we'd take care of it.  And we did. And Jesus we're ready. (Applause)  We're ready, Lord.  Millions of lives are about to be affected.  Do you know what the Holy Spirit said to me a few days before all this began to happen?  Wednesday, the Wednesday before the 20th would be the 19th, correct, no the 18th of December at 2 am I awakened to a prophecy ringing in my heart.  I was hearing myself prophesy. Saints I have not prophesied at 2 am ever since I got saved.  Jeremiah the prophet said that when the Spirit of God came upon him, when the word of the Lord came upon him, it was as fire came into his being.  And he could not hold the prophesy.  When the Word of the Lord is given to you, you'll prophesy even if you're alone in that place.  And so I felt as though my mouth was about to burst with this prophesy.  But what I heard was frightening.  That was on Wednesday.  Thursday morning at 2 am in fact.  And now I'm hearing the words "Rivers of blood, rivers of blood."  And the Lord revealed to me what's coming in the next few days and weeks with this war with Iraq.  I will tell you this, I won't say everything, but I'll tell you this -- dangerous days are ahead for this world. I will tell you this, Satan is ready to unleash horror and terror on this earth as never before.  But I heard the Lord say, literally I heard Him speak those words, He said, "Dark days are ahead for the world, and bright days for my people." (Applause)  I was prophesying it.  "Those who know me and those who walk with me will know light and beauty, says the Lord."  God began to speak these words.
Hinn:  Now soon I will share the whole prophesy.  But then a second prophesy came.  But saints, in that first prophesy I saw things that frightened me.  It was quite, quite if I may, if I share what I saw with you right now this studio audience will run out of this studio and get on their face before God.  If I would share with you what God showed my you'd shut that TV right now and fall on your face.  The Lord said that "Only those who pray will escape, only those who know Him will escape."  Remember Luke 21:36 only those who pray, he said, will escape.  In Zepheniah chapter 1 God speaks of judgment that's coming upon the earth.  And judgment upon those who are worshipping idols. Today, in America, millions of people are tuning in to listen to a man or other individuals who talk to the dead.  That's witchcraft.  My friend, God will not allow that to go on for too much longer. But I'll tell you this, if you know Jesus and love Him, you are safe, you are secure and you are blessed.  You are going to see Psalm 91 become reality in your life.  I'm prophesying this right here.  (Appaluse) Psalm 91 is going to become a reality.  A thousand shall fall at thy side and ten thousand at thy right hand, it shall not come nigh thee.  No sir.  Their already talking about, their already talking about some pestilences and this and that and that nuclear this and nuclear that, North Korea and Iraq, my friend this is just the beginning.  This is why I'm free to tell you everything because if I do, well it's not the time.  But then there was a second prophesy where I saw a scroll unfold before me and God showed me Satan's plan for the future.  I saw it, I saw it.  But then He showed me His plan, but His plan was as though there was a mist over it, I could not read it, I could not see it.  But the Lord said to me, I'll show it to you later.  But I saw enough of the evil One's plan.  Saints, I tell you tonight, I tell you today, pray.  Do not neglect prayer again.  Make it priority in your life.  Seek the Lord till you find Him, pursue Him with all your heart, time is running out.  Time is running out.  When I was in Jerusalem, I saw things I never thought I'd see.  I sensed things I never thought I'd sense.  For the first time in years, Jesus is coming.  Jesus is coming.  He's coming very quickly.  Please, I beg of you, I beg of you, I beg of you, put those things aside that don't matter.  Put those things that are harming you and harming your family, put em aside.  Seek Jesus, just Jesus, just Jesus.  You need Him and He's waiting for you.  If you love Him, go after Him.  I will share more with you, but I'll wait, I'll wait for the right moment, I'll wait for the right moment.  Sue, come here honey. The Lord has been speaking to you.  John Paul come stand next to my wife please.  God has been speaking to you, and the Lord has sent you for a purpose.  I've shared with you these dreams that I had, in fact I had three in a series, I had one on Friday, one on Saturday, one on Sunday.  What is God saying to you sir?

John Paul Jackson:  Well he's preparing your ministry, and he's preparing you to receive an anointing like you haven't walked in before.  And the influence in areas you haven't had influence before, in religious groups, religious communities, He's preparing you to be a voice at a level that you've not spoken at before.  And along with that comes the issue of attack and what the biblical principle that we see is this that before every great victory comes a great storm.  And the storm is always proportionate to the victory God has in store for you.  The disciples when they first started out with Jesus had been following Him like six months and their out on the sea of Galilee.  Jesus already knows that their going to make it, He gives a command to go to the other side, He already knows they get there, Satan brings a storm up.  That storm was meant to drown Jesus and drown the disciples.  It was meant by Jesus to increase their faith and prepare them for what was about to happen in their ministries as He was going to turn the issue of expansion of the Kingdom over to them.  And so what we're seeing here is the same thing, pastor, we're seeing that as God is getting ready to promote you, the enemy is getting is trying to stop this from happening in your life.  Now what God is doing in these dreams is He's giving you a taste of a level of influence and insight and perception, spiritual perception, that you're going to walk in in a more consistent basis in the weeks and months and years to come.  Anytime that we're reviled "blessed are you when they shall revile you and persecute you and say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my Name's sake." When we're reviled that means that God is with us in a greater measure than ever before.  You are already receiving a foretaste of what God is going to give to you on a consistent basis.  And all this is doing is justifying the Lord acting on your behalf.  Because God will, as the righteous judge of all creation, He will bring His righteous name into play and act on your behalf.

Hinn: I want you all to stand, please.  I want you gentlemen to come and be behind me and Steve come take your microphone,  Bill Swath some stand with us please on the platform.  Bill is on my board, I want him with us on the platform.  We are coming in to some awesome days.  I, I, I, said years ago on Trinity that the day will come when the dead will be raised watching TBN.  It's going to happen, saint, it's going to happen.  Michelle Correll, come stand with us.  God Almighty is going to do it.  The day will come, yes the enemies will mock, let them.  But the day will come when as Paul and Jan Crouch are ministering, as you and I are watching, there'll be people raised from the dead around the world, it's gonna happen, it's gonna happen.  We are in for awesome days.  Now lift your hands and thank Him for those days.  Steve Brock, come here with your microphone.  Jesus, Jesus, something about that name, Jesus.  Let's worship Him, worship  Him with us.  Let's finish, let's end this beautiful night talking about Him, loving Him now.  And He's gonna heal you tonight.  (Sings) His name is Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, there's just something about that name.  You're our Master, Savior, Jesus like a fragrance after the rain.  Your name is Jesus, Jesus, Jesus let all heaven and earth proclaim.  And Kings and kingdoms will all pass away, but there's something about that name. (Talks) I want you to lift the instruments please Jim, Shell, glory to the Lamb for you're glorious and worthy to be praised, the Lamb above the throne. Lift your hands, saints in your homes.  (sings) Glory, glory, glory to the Lamb.  Glory, glory, glory to the Lamb.  For you are glorious and worth to be praised, you're the Lamb of above the throne.  And unto you we lift our voice in praise, you're the Lamb above the throne.  For you are glorious and worthy to be praised you're the Lamb above the throne, and unto you we lift our voice in praise, you're the Lamb above the throne.  You're the Lamb above the throne.  You're the lamb above the throne. You're Jesus, you're glorious, come preparing your temple.  For we are born as living stones where your enthroned and as you rose from death incarnate come rise within our worship come rise upon our praise let the hand that saw you raised hold us in your glory draw now in this place.  (Talks) And now alleluia, forget your troubles, forget your trials, forget your sicknesses, forget your sorrows and pain.  It's Jesus, it's Jesus, it's Jesus.  His eyes are like fire, whose hair is like wool, Who shines brighter than the sun, our precious Redeemer.  So close to us.  So very close to each on of us.  Now I want to say to you tonight pastor, thank, thank you for the privilege to be spoke against for your sake.  To be attacked because we belong to you.  For the world to hate us because we're proclaiming your Word.  Thanks, Lord you promised me the more they attack me the more you'll anoint me.  But tonight I'm here to say thanks for the privilege.  I thank you Lord for Dateline was not kind to me.  I thank you. Because Master, they attacked you and finally they nailed you to a cross.  I thank you.  And I pray for these men that came agianst us, I pray you'll touch their hearts, I pray you'll show them your love, I pray that you'll change their hearts.  For you said to us "Bless and curse not."  You said to us to love our enemies.  Yes, it's hard. But when your spirit is in us its easy.  I forgive you.  I hold nothing against you.  (Whispered)  But remember you're touching His work.  His name.  If you'll ask Him to forgive you, He will, because He's merciful and gracious.  No matter who you are out there, if you've attacked you minister, your preacher, your pastor, if you've come against another believer who loves God, if you've spoken against your brother, no more. No more.  Love ye one another is the greatest command, great command.  Not only do we love Him, but we love each other equally.  Love the Lord they God with all Thine hearts, and love your neighbor as yourself.  I enough said about this.  Let's love Him, come on.  (Sing) Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah. Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah.  Hallelujah, (Talks while the continue singing)  If you're sick in body,  there's a mighty anointing here right now.  Come place your hand across mine in the name of Jesus, be made whole, in the name of the Lord God be made whole, in Jesus name.  I command the sickness to go away, this evil disease to go in Jesus name.  Someone's spine has just been healed, a skin condition has just been healed, many of you feel the power of God on you tremendously right now.  The breathing problem in someone's lungs has just been healed, someone's eyesight has been healed.  People of God lift your hands and receive from heaven.  Glaucoma has just been healed.  Cancer of the lungs has just been healed, I rebuke that cancer in Jesus name.  Yes, Lord my God, a blood disease has just been healed.  I command that blood condition to go in the name of the Lord my God.  Cancer on someone's tongue, I see cancer on a tongue being healed.  Thank you Lord, someone's ears, that's right here just popped open, I give you praise.  Many of you feel the power of God just coming on you real strong.  There's a lady in a wheelchair, stand up my dear in Jesus name.  Stand up in the name of the Lord, be made whole in the name of the Lord.  Begin to move your legs, begin to walk around in the name of the Lord Jesus, come out of that sickness into His health in Jesus name.  Yes Lord a brain tumor has been healed, I give you the praise.  A muscle condition has been healed, I give you the praise.  Just now lift your hands and call upon His precious name, dear Jesus, dear Jesus, dear Jesus, dear Jesus.  Sinuses have just been healed, I give you the praise.  A neck injury has been healed, I give you the praise.  In the audience God is touching people right now right here, the Lord is touching many of you in this very audience right here in this studio, I give you praise Jesus.  In your homes, many of you are being healed.  Someone's shoulders have just been released from pain, someone with a shoulder problem has just been healed, I give you the praise Jesus. Someone's right leg also's been healed. That's right, Lord thank you.  Swelling, the swelling is going down.  I give you the glory.  Someone has just been burned also, and the result, the result, God is removing the very scars on your body.  I rebuke that in the name of the Lord Jesus.  Yes, Lord I give you the praise.  A heart condition, another lung disease is being healed, quickly get to your phones.  Get to your phones now and call the number that's on the screen, call that number, call TBN right now live, live, call and let us know about your healing, your miracle, do it now, do it quickly, do it quickly.  Jesus is healing His people, I give you the praise, I give you the praise Jesus.  Yes Lord, I will do that.  Hmmmm. Steve come please.  Yes.  The glory of God is going to visit His mighty church.  Yes Lord.  Three and a half months from now a great event is going to take place in the world, followed by a mighty move of God in the Church.  Three and a half months from now something is gonna happen in this world.  Headline news, you'll know it.  I will not tell you what I see.  You'll just know it.  And something mighty will follow in the Spirit. God, the Holy Ghost, is saying to His church, "Watch Israel, watch my people Israel".  You will know as you read the Scriptures and watch Israel, "For the days are short" says the Lord. "The days ahead are evil" says the Lord.  But I have reserved a place for my people, a place of safety, a place of protection. Yes, says the Lord, "My peace will fill your hearts if you seek me."  Yes says the Lord "The evil one has planned to destroy, for I have told you already that the enemy always destroys.  But I have come to give you My presence, Myself, My fullness" says the Lord.  "Seek Me", says God.  "Search for Me with all your heart.  Yes, you will find Me.  I am not far from you."  For the Lord declares to His people "I am very close to you, closer than you know.  But I'm sought by a few, rejected by many.  But the few that will call My name will find Me near and will find Me strong in time of trouble.  I will rescue you and I'll reveal to you the abundance of my peace.  Truly you will live in tranquilty and confidence if you'll seek me. "But confusion belongs to those who have rejected me." says the Lord.  "My glory will visit your life, only if you seek me" says the Lord.  I give you praise, Jesus.  Want to see a glory rest.  We want to see a glory rest.  The presence of God is so strong I'm having a hard time standing up here.  But I want you that are healed and those who are being healed, quickly please get to the phones and call us, let us know God is doing something for you.  If the Lord is healing some of you right here, how many have felt His precious touch on your body here tonight, that you know you are healed.  If you know you are healed, if you know you are healed, wave at me.  If you know you've been healed, just, that's glorious.  That is glorious.  Ladies and gentlemen, I want you just to lift your hands and worship Him.  It's a wonderful thing happening here tonight, precious presence of the Lord, so precious is His presence.  That's right.  There's a man watching, sir, I see you in a brace.  Move this desk for me a moment please.  I see you wearing a brace, I see the brace around you neck, I see it around your shoulders, I see it down your back.  You've had that brace on for months.  Jesus Christ makes you whole.  Let's just hush on those instruments.  Jesus makes you whole.  The Master is making you whole, my brother. You're feeling his mighty presence touching your body as I'm speaking.  His mighty presence is touching you right now.  Come out of your sickness, sir.  Be made whole in Jesus name.  The man I'm talking to is burning right now.  Just burning.  You feel such and anointing right now your body is burning with the power of God.  Your body is burning with the power of God.  Something mighty is happening here, people.  Lift your hands and bless Him.  Something mighty is happening here, I feel the presence of the Holy Ghost mightily.  Receive that miracle, sir.  There an awesome thing happening to this man.  (Awesome must be the cue for the organist to play bells)  An awesome miracle is taking place right now.  Receive your healing in the name of the Lord, and I want you to call and I want them to bring praise reports as soon as you get them, please.  But the greatest miracle, by brother, many are still getting healed to receive that healing.  Just receive it.  The greatest miracle is not physical.  You, dear people of God, listen to me.  The greatest miracle is not physical, the greatest miracle is spiritual.  When one is born again, yes tonight we came to talk about the fact, the truth, but we especially came to tell you about Jesus.  That's what's important.  And the greatest miracle is salvation, greater than the raising of the dead, greater than the healing of cancer.  Jesus made a mighty statement one day "Greater than these shall ye do because I go to my Father."  I thought so many times, what is greater than what He did?  What can be greater than raising Lazarus from the dead?  What could be greater than calming the storm?  What could be greater than casting out demons? What could be greater than healing?  The lame, the blind, the deaf.  What can be greater?  And the Holy Spirit one day showed me so mighty.  I'll tell you what is greater.  Jesus could not do one thing.  He who stilled the storm, He who raised the dead, there was one thing He could not do.  He could not stand and say, "Once I was lost and now I'm found."  The Son of God could not testify and say "Once I was a sinner, now I'm saved." Greater than any miracle he did is the new birth experience.  He Himself could not say "I was blind and now I see, I was lost now I'm found.  He could not talk about the power in His own blood, yet we can stand today and say "Once I was lost and now I'm found". I've seen the power of the blood that has cleansed away my stains and sins.  That is greater my brother, than miracles, physical miracles.  For the greatest miracle is spiritual.  If you have not given your heart to Jesus Christ in this hour of danger, you're listening to the news, you're watching the news.  Yes, war is coming.  Yes, even nuclear war one day.  Billions, not millions, billions will die.  That's what the Scripture says.  Not Benny Hinn says that, God said that in His Word.  Men will die by the billions.  But before those horrible days begin, you and I who know the Lord will be caught up in a moment.  We will see the Lord in a moment of time.  We shall be changed.  But saints, even before that glorious day comes, dark days are ahead for this world.  Is. 60 will take place.  Arise shine for Thy light has come, the glory of the Lord is risen upon thee.  But then it says darkness shall cover the earth and gross darkness the people.  Darkness is coming to this world, darkness so great, darkness so thick and so deep, yes, demonic activity is fairly active on today and will get worse,  worse days are ahead for this world.  Only those who know Christ are safe, only those that live for the Lord are safe.  If you're outside the kingdom of God, if you're not one of His, you're in grave danger.  But if you belong to Him nothing can touch you.  Will you accept Him tonight?  Will you say yes to Jesus tonight.  Alright, repeat this prayer after me.  All of you repeat is out loud. Dear Jesus (Whole audience repeats this prayer) I believe you are the Son of God.  I believe you came to earth and died for me.  I believe you shed your blood for me.  And I believe you rose from the dead, ascended on high, and I believe you're coming again.  Dear Jesus, I'm a sinner, I need you.  Come into my heart, forgive my sin, cleanse me now, make me clean and I shall be clean.  Dearest Jesus, I receive you now as my Lord and Savior. And I confess I'm yours forever.  I surrender the best I know to surrender. I surrender to you, and I vow I will serve you, love you, follow you all the days of my life.  Now Dear Jesus, fill me with your Spirit, help me to live the Christian life, and I proclaim right now I am born again.  Amen.  If you prayed this prayer get to the phones. This is an night of power here tonight.  Get to the phones, quickly. Call and talk to the wonderful people, they'll talk to you and just say I've just prayer with Benny Hinn, I've just become a Christian, I've just come to Christ, I am one of His now, I'm born again.  It's the greatest miracle, the greatest. Steve come.

Steve Brock: Well, pastor it's wonderful.  People are already calling in, course its just went out, the pray is just gone out, it takes a little time for it to get in, but spinal back healing, "Healed now" the person said.  Healed of a problem in the left shoulder, just now God healed them, took the pain away.  Uh, healed of lungs, in the lungs, had problems, difficulty in breathing.  Breathing problem again. "Now" I like it "Now healed by the power of God."  Thank god for Christian television and the move of the Holy Spirit.  Uh passing blood, she passed out, felt like she couldn't make it, God touched her tonight she said "All the pain left her body".  Uh, back is healed, I love that.  Back healed by the power, oh, somebody ought to get excited around this place. (Applause)  Heart problem, God touched her tonight.  Healed.  Testifying.  Healed of heart problems.  Again chest problems, and just on and on.  Her throat God healed and took away the pain.  There was one in here that I loved, I, I don't know if I've got it here still but it said they were judging, but God had, they had repented of their judgement and they no longer feel the way they felt after seeing this program tonight.

Hinn:  Susanne, honey, you've got some praise reports too.

Suzanne Hinn: From Shirley from Lincoln, MI she said "I'm healed in my heart and muscle, you called me out."

Hinn: What else you have?

Suzanne:  Knee healed and

Hinn: Eyes healed.  God is healing His people, to God be the praise.  And if you have just been born again, also call.  Take your seats please here.  How many feel the precious presence of the Holy Ghost?  Make sure to keep calling ladies and gentlemen, take your seats please gentlemen.  Take your seats.  Keep calling please.  Now let me talk you as you keep calling let me talk to you.  I want to talk to you about this great network here.  I'm going to talk to you about my friends Paul and Jan (Crouch).  I know them very well.  They've given their whole life to see this network what it is today. God Almighty has raised this mighty voice in these last days.  Ladies and gentlemen it is our duty and job to pray for them.  Its our job to support this mighty ministry in these last days on earth.  Its our job, its our privilege, our privilege, don't forget that, will you please, don't forget that.  So very important.  Keep bringing those praise reports as they give them to you will you?  David, do you have more, if you do come up and tell me about it.  Let's rejoice in the Lord, it's wonderful.  I been wanting to have a healing service on TBN a long time.

David:  Pastor, an 11 year old put her hands on the TV and she said her sinuses cleared up right now.  Uh, a guy losing his hair, he feel God healed Him and he's claiming God has healed him

David:  A daughter had ear infection and a bad cough, she said since you prayed

Hinn: That man, by the way, that I called with the brace that I saw, please get to the phone, if you haven't I want to know (David: we're looking for it) about his healing because I saw the Lord healing that man.  In fact you began to feel fire on your body.  You began to feel fire on your body.  Steven.
Steve:  He felt God's touch of healing from AIDS.  He felt a warmth go all over his body and believed he was healed. (Applause)

Hinn:  Give the Lord a mighty hand, saints.

Steve:  Degenerate disk in the neck feels healed from tonight praying by Pastor Hinn.  Has been in pain all past, all the past week.  Eyes healed.  God touched tonight the eyes.  Nose healed form sinus problems.  This is Christine from FL.  The Lord touched her tonight.  And let's see, Michelle has been healed of a skin irritation, and I love this, shoulders healed tonight.  That's awesome.

Hinn: Steven, stay right here a moment.  Ladies and gentlemen, I am feeling something in the Holy Ghost, I've got to say something right now and as I'm speaking you just keep calling those who have been healed and saved please.  Steve, do you realize what's happening tonight.  Steven, there's a change coming.  I feel the power of God so strong telling you this.  There's a change coming.  Not only to this ministry but to the church.  Do you feel what I'm feeling?

Steve: It's an explosion.  The presence of God is here.

Hinn: Let me just tell you something, as I'm talking to you I feel numbness on my body.

Steve:  As I'm talking to you I can hardly stand up.

Hinn: Then receive it, my brother.  Receive it, ve ve vech (Slays Steve in the "spirit") (Applause) Somebody pick him up, will you?  Steven, I am feeling numbness all over my body.  As you were reading those praise reports Sue?

Suzanne:  I was just gonna say in the Charlotte crusade, of course our host church Pastor Maheshavani Chavda, came and ministered to the healing team, and and Pastor Vani had a vision where she saw the emblem of our ministry just like that with the dove and she said she saw the tips going up, and a couple days later one of, one of our, Rusty said to me he said when the tip when the wings go up its because it's changing direction so exactly what you're saying is confirmed.

Hinn:  (Interrupts) Listen, listen.  I know whether anybody had a vision or not, I am hearing it from the Lord. I am hearing it from the Lord right this minute as I'm standing here, I'm hearing from the Holy Spirit that a change is coming, a mighty change yes, Lord, thank you   yes, Lord, thank you I'm just hearing the Lord telling me when.  I'm telling you ...

Steve: When?

Hinn: March 3rd.  I just heard March 3rd in my ears.  What's March 3rd?  What day is that?  We don't know.  I don't know what March 3rd what day it would be?  I'm not sure what I would be, I don't know what crusade or service or maybe I'm not anywhere. But I'm hearing the Lord say that to me. Lift your hands and thank Him, ladies and gentlemen.  Lift your hands and thank Him, ladies and gentlemen.  God is sending a mighty breath fresh wind up ... it's a Monday. A fresh wind upon your life.  But now listen to me.  I talked to you earlier about seeking the Lord.  Make it, make it so that nothing can stand in your way.  Be so determined to not allow anything to slow you down from seeking Him with your whole heart.  Please, hear.  Please.  In the Scriptures we find something most remarkable.  That God Almighty used the enemies of Israel to correct Israel.  And then he destroyed those same enemies that came against His people.  He used the Assyrians and the Babylonians to correct His own people.  But then he turned and destroyed those same individuals.  I'm saying this for a reason, listen to what I'm telling you.  That's what's coming, that's all I'll say. That's all I'll say.  America, wake up and pray.  People of God, pray.  It's not over.  It's not over.  What happened in 9/11 is not over.  (Whispers) I now it from the Holy Ghost. (Whispering) In fact worse, worse things are being planned by hell. But we've got to pray.  If we don't we will pay.  We will pay for it if we don't pray.  Don't pray these little prayers "Oh God, bless America".  Get on your face and seek the Lord as you never have before.  You prayer groups get together and pray for this country, pray for the world, pray for revival, seek Him with your whole heart.  Saints, it's very serious.  I'm not saying anything to you because I cannot but I will tell you enough because I  know the Holy Ghost is telling you the rest.  Get to your knees.  That miracle is as close as your knee is to that floor. Just get to your knees and seek His face.  Nothing is really that important, nothing.  The last few day when all this began happening with news media I was more at peace than I had been in a long time. My faith so strong, and someone said to me recently, they said "Well, how he do that?"  I said "Because I know Who I believe."  And when you walk with God you can't be shaken by these things. You can't.  But you got to pray, you got to seek the Lord.  Yes, sir.

Steve:  Pastor, greatest miracle of all. James called in from WA State accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Savior tonight, isn't that glorious?  (Hinn: Amen)  But I'm sure there are many, many more that are trying to get through, back problems healed by the power of God, had an accident and had neck pain but now the pain is gone.

Hinn: The Lord is so on me to say this, Mr. Brock. If we do not pray the punishment is great.  Give me my Bible please, I have my Bible here.  Just my Bible is all I need. Take your Bibles a moment please, all of you. Would somebody hold this mike for me, Steve please.  I must share what the Holy Spirit has placed on my heart to say.  Because if I don't, if I don't I will grieve that precious person, the blessed Holy Ghost.  None is like the Holy Spirit, none.  Zephaniah chapter 1.  "I will utterly consume all things from off the land, saith the Lord" this is verse 2 of Zephaniah 1 "I will consume man and beast, I will consume the fouls of the heaven, the fish of the sea, the stumbling blocks which are idols" that's what the word "stumbling blocks" mean "the stumbling blocks with the wicked.  I will cut off men from off the Land, saith the Lord.  I will also strecth out mine hand upon Judah, upon all the inhabitants of Jerusalem, and I will cut off the remnant of Baal from this place.  And the name of the Shimarims with the priest, and them that worship the host of heaven upon the housetops, and them that worship and that swear by the Lord and that swear by Malcum."  People that say on one hand the Lord is my God but at the same their worshipping idols.  "And them that are turned back from the Lord, and those that have not sought the Lord nor inquired for Him".  God says, He will destroy not only the sinners, not only man and beast, not only idols, but those who on one hand I'm a Christian but on the other hand live like devils. Those that swear by the Lord and by Malcum are individual that one day they serve God but the next day they serve the devil.  Ladies and gentlemen, hear me, I'm talking to you.  If you touch that remote and tune in to listen to those talking about the dead you are not a Christian, you do not know the Holy Ghost.  If you watch and enjoy representations of the kingdom of Satan you are not one of His. Be ye holy, says the Lord, for I am holy.  Come out from among them, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing. That's His Word.  Then I will receive you. But now God says "And them that are turned back from the Lord".  When was the last time you sought God?  When was the last time you adored Him and worshipped Him, when was the last time you spent time with Him or is He only a fire escape in your life?  Do you only go to Him when you're in trouble?  Do you call upon His name only when the devil comes after you?  Or do you seek Him daily because you love Him?  Be careful, be very careful.  If you seek Him only when you're in trouble something is wrong.  Something is very wrong.  "And them that are turned away, turn back from the Lord, and those who have not sought the Lord nor enquired for Him".  Those that have forgotten all about Jesus.  Those who just want that comfortable place.  I don't need the Lord, I am just fine, they are about to see what neglect will cost them.  There's about to see the price of neglect. No, my brother, it's not going to friendly churches that just keep you all comfy.  It's following him.  There's a price.  You'll pay a price following the Lord.  A price.  Narrow is the way that leads to life, wide is the way that leads to destruction. Many today Christianity is just a little comfortable place, don't tell me about hell, don't tell me about Satan, don't tell about trials, don't tell me about tribulation, just tell me how I can succeed.  Tell me how to make money.  Tell me how to live well. Tell me how to treat my family and how they ought to treat me, don't tell me about God, just tell me about family, life business, money, make me someone beddah.  That may be alright, my friend, for some But what does the Bible teach?  What does He say?  If you will not carry your cross, if you will not carry your cross and follow me, you are not mine.  If you will not forsake all and follow me, you're not mine. Jesus taught death to the flesh, death to self.  Pick up your cross He said.  Pick it up, don't lay it down.  No, my brother, people today aren't interested in the cross.  They've erased the blood out of their songs, comfortable, its better without it.  How dare you?  How dare you erase the blood that purchased you? No.  If you despise the blood, you're none of His.  None of His.  There is power in the blood, power to rescue you from the deepest pit.  Power to deliver you from all the powers of hell.  The blood, precious blood, eternal life giving blood.  Jesus today offers you a banquet, a banqueting table He said is yours.  But you have to come His roads, His way, not your own.  My friend, I would not exchange the anointing, I would not give up what I have for everything this world offers.  I often tell Him, you don't hear these things, their behind closed doors, but I'll tell you tonight, I've often said, you can take it all Lord.  Take everything I've got, take everything I have, just leave enough clothes on my body, take everything I got Lord.  Just never take the anointing.  The anointing is more precious, is more priceless than anything this world can offer you. What is there in this world, its empty. It's sick, its filthy.  But it's nothing.  What do they enjoy?  What are they shouting about?  It's empty.  We're talking about life eternal, you know.  We're talking about something more important than anything in this world.  I talked to Rodney Howard-Browne a few days ago.  His 16 year old girl died Christmas day. 16 years of age.  I called him. I said, I'm feeling your pain my brother.  He said, we preach it, now we have to live it.  We're preaching this gospel.  His little girl in his arms dying.  She said "Dad, I can't breathe. What will happen to me if I can't breathe?"  He said "You'll be with the Lord, honey. You'll be with Jesus, baby."  We preach it, we love it. Trials will come, my brother.  Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Thee.  That's right.  And I've said to Him, I'll serve you till the day I die.  I'll serve you with my being.  Just never take the Spirit from me, never remove your anointing from me. And He has given me a wonderful team of people to help me accomplish His plan. And gave me a great team in the past, some of them are no longer with me.  But I thank God for them.  Yeh, I need to say that Lord, don't I?  Sorry I forgot.  The Lord just reminded me of something.  The newscast on Friday talked about a man named Gene Polino whom they said stole money from the ministry.  He never touched the money, I know that.  The man is clean and innocent.  I must say that.  I can't leave without saying that.  I knew him well.