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First of all, the best way you can support this web site is to be a Berean. Search the Scriptures daily and stand firm in your faith against the apostasy of the last days. It would give me great joy if more Christians would learn to discern! Secondly, please continue to uphold this ministry in prayer. The expository nature of this site has brought down the wrath of the enemy countless times. Thirdly, there are many costs involved in running this site and providing research and materials so that you will be armed with the truth. I send out three separate newsletters, as well provide other apologetics materials free of charge to Christian leaders in this area of the world. I am a full time missionary supported by sending churches in the U.S. For some years I did not asked for support but some people have sent me support and asked how they can help, so I want to provide the following information. Please don't neglect other Christian ministries that uphold the truth as God lays them on your heart. There are many. My contact information if you wish to send in monetary support is: Deception In The Church, P.O. Box 1043, Wadesboro, NC 28170.  Please make all checks payable to Alexander Simpson.  You may also make a donation with a credit card by using the secure PayPal server. If you have PayPal transfer funds directly from your bank account they will not charge a credit card fee.  Just click on the PayPal logo below!

If you want to support the ACT ministry of Sandy Simpson either by contribution or monthly support and want a tax-exempt receipt you now have the option of either sending a check made out to "Moriel Ministries USA" with "Moriel Pacific" in the note to:

David Lister
Moriel Ministries
P O Box 823
Dover, TN 37058

or by credit card for ACT under the heading "Moriel Pacific" on this page.  Your donation will be forwarded to ACT and the Simpson ministry and you will receive a tax-deductable receipt at the end of the year covering all the contributions you made to this ministry.