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Updated 09/19/02

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Following are some letters that I hope will encourage you like they have encouraged me.  I have hundreds more as our web site receives many pieces of e-mail each day.  I have been saving e-mails related to the site for a long time so I decided to give you a sampling of what I have stored and keep adding more as I go.

First, I will let you read two negative e-mails.  This is for the purpose of establishing that I do get negative e-mails on a ratio of about 25% negative and 75% positive.  The negative e-mails are generally of the quality of the following, although once in awhile I do get an intelligent and searching response and have been able to actually discuss issues with them.  I believe I have been able to help some people who were negative at first, who are genuinely open to God's will instead of their own.  I always answer my e-mail, negative or positive.  I believe that it is an opportunity from the Lord to minister to many hurting people out there.  So here are two negative examples first.  Let's hurry and get this over with ...

hello pharisee, my my their is so many of you blind guides on the net, calling the work of the Holy Spirit a work of the devil, I tell you what simple simpson their is a judgment seat of christ we will all have to stand before Andy, and I would not like to be in your shoes, bye for now.


Just a short word. How come the religious spirits always follow the anointing. How come Heresy head hunters are always the ones that run around with tape recorders etc. looking for mistakes. How come so many spend all their time trying to find out why they are right and others are wrong. Some how to me this sounds like modern day pharisees. Just some thoughts a felt I should send.


Anybody notice a theme here?  I have been called many names including "devil" and "antichrist", but usually "Pharisee" and "heresy hunter".  It is sad that many responses from people, who have traded in the true work of the Spirit in their lives for a fleshly experience and may have even opened themselves up to demonization via some "anointing" from outside their person, are accusatory and deceitful just like the source from which these accusations come.  If they could support their contentions with Scripture, which I always encourage them to do, that would be important.  But they often can't or do not want to and most of the time they don't even try.  Apparently, according to them, we have too high a regard for Scripture and do not understand the Holy Spirit because we have not receive "it" at the hands of one of their "anointed" leaders.  And here I was stupidly assuming that Scripture is true when it states that I am baptized and sealed with the Holy Spirit when I believed!

My policy has been to write responses back to at least one subsequent e-mail.  If the person remains belligerent, I stop until they truly want to talk.

If you want to read more on the typical false arguments and accusations set forth by those who refuse to rightly divide the Word of Truth, read an article detailing a few of these on one of our favorite web sites, CROSS+WORD at:


Anyway, on to the encouraging stuff ...


Dear Sandy Simpson,

 I greatly enjoyed reading your articles about Benny Hinn.  They were iinformative and uplifting to read.  Keep up the good work!  Keep persevering for the our precious faith!!



Just now coming out of a great delusion, especially regarding "Third Wave"



Dear brother Sandy,

Thank you for excellent teaching and articles and may the Lord bless you for and in your ministry in every way! ... Come soon ,Lord Jesus!

 Yours in Him
 greetings from a sister in Sweden


Dear Friend,

I appreciate your site so much. ... I would appreciate any help you could give me. ... Thank you so very much. Also thanks for your wise input for the church in these days.

In Him,


Always visit  Great site for the desire to know the truth ...



God bless you and thanks for your bold work.



Dear Sandy , I just finished reading the newly posted article on the "Omega Code" controversy. Afterwards I contacted a friend who works for TBN and knows enough about TBN and the things that go on behind the scenes to verify what this article alleged. She sadly confirmed the whole thing, including Jan's escapades. How long will they be able to pull the wool over people's eyes? Will TBN become a tool of the antichrist to reinforce religious unity? Is this what holds up the exposure and judgment of all the unrighteous lifestyles in high places and empowers them to keep on picking peoples pockets unchecked, because the machinery they set up will be later used for the false prophets purpose as he assists the antichrist? The days we live in have become increasingly more perilous, spiritually as well as in the natural. May we all awake and watch and pray to be found worthy to escape these things that are about to come upon the earth.

Your sister in Christ


Dear DITC,

I'm so happy that my mother and I have found your web site.  It has answered a lot of questions for me!  I have one question, do you have an  information or a recommended web site geared toward teen christians?  If you could e-mail me back it would be greatly appreciated.

God bless,


I came across your website and felt compelled to write and tell you that I appreciate the fact that you are concerned with all these false prophets and faith "healers" on the airwaves today. I wanted to state a certain view of all this. Without getting into the doctrinal aspect of the gifts and healing, because most if not all believers of this movement will be blinded to it, let's SIMPLY look at the circumstances, results and physical evidence surrounding these so called "ministries". If Benny Hinn trully could heal like the Lord did in His earthly ministry or the apostles did, why wouldn't he go with great compassion and start clearing out all these children's hospitals of sick and dying kids WITHOUT worrying if they are going to make a monetary contribution. No, these fakes choose to heal "hidden" diseases and illnesses like cancer and bad backs. Don't get me wrong, I realize that cancer is serious. But the body was designed by God with an immune system and cancer going into remission is NOT an uncommon thing. Biblical healings were SIGNS....outward expressions of God's power. Let me see Benny actually raise a corpse from the dead or let me see a person in the LAST stages of AIDS physically change before my very eyes....then perhaps I will no longer attack the validity of God's "annointed"......

Thank you and God bless...


I was reading some of your Benny Hinn articles I had saved (they are excellent). I actually came out of the cult of Ruth Heflins false teachings at one of her camp meetings 2 years ago.  What I saw there was so shocking to me that I had to admit it was not of God.  Anyhow, I had followed what you reported on B.H. and Ruth Heflin.  Are you aware that she died recently?  Her followers didn't want the public to know that she died of cancer. If you send out articles please put me on your list.

Thank you!


I can only say "BRILLIANT"



Hello in Christ!

Just wanted to drop you a line and say I really enjoy your site. Very good and thourough coverage of the fads and deceptions attacking the Church today. God Bless!







Hallo, My name is Jan Johansson, I live in Sweden. My website is called "Kärlek till sanningen (Love of the Truth). My question to you is: Can I translate different articles from Deception in The Church into Swedish and publish them on Kärlek till sanningen? Would be very greatful for your answer.

In Christ


Dear Sandy,

We got your latest newsletter (Pacific Waves) today.  I think you did an excellent job on it.  It was interesting, relevant, informative, and I really liked the way you did the layout with the screened musician in the background.  I read the whole thing as soon as the mail came in.  I don't even do that with people's Christmas letters!  The only possible helpful suggestion I have is that you might want to indicate where each article routes to.  I didn't have trouble finding the next page where each article routed to when I was reading it, but I'm wondering if Micronesians might have more difficulty.  I don't know.  Anyway, that's a minor thing.  ... It really looked great this time, and was very, very interesting.  Great job!!!



Thank-you, we need discernment for sure.



Site is great.... full of information




 You website puts out some good info. ...



 Hi my name is S.C., I live in ... IL. It is a town of about close to 50,000 hispanics which makes it a little over 50% of the people. This makes us part of the 1.5 mil hispanics in the Chicago land area. Hispanics are traditionally Roman Catholics but they are rapidly converting to "protestan churches" in this area. Unfortunatly most are falling into cults or cult like teaching churches. JWs, Mormons and Oneness Pentacostal are the big ones but the worst is the Faith Movement. I found very exelant material regarding the Faith Movement in you web site thou I which all of it was available in spanish also. We are in deep need for material in spanish. Please look at this as an ergent matter and see if you can help in this area by either recamanding where to go or if you persanally have spanish material translated to spanish. I am also prepare to help translate anything you or any of the authors with articals in your site might have. Please contact me in the following forms of media.



I love the website!!!



I have studied parts of your pages for several hours. I have been a part of Maui First Assembly of God for many years with Pastor James Marocco. Sadly this church has given platform to Benny Hinn, Rodney Howard Browne, Marilyn Hickey, Yongi Cho, Christian Harfouche, Jesse Duplantis, who is coming again soon. I have seen first hand many of the things described in your pages. ... Just thought you might appreciate my sharing that with you.



What a blessing you are.  We need you to warn us



I am so glad that I have discovered you wonderful website, Thank you.



Dear Sir :
Please accept my sincere congratulations on your webpage, and greetings from India !

I would like to have the photo of the Pope meeting Schuller and Cho.  Could you kindly email me one, or guide me to a site where I can get it.  I would also like to know the views of Cho and Schuller on the Pope. Do you have any photos of the Pope meeting the protestant leaders ? If so, please mail me everything as soon as you can.

 I shall be very grateful to your kind favour!

Your in Jesus Christ,


Thank u so much for your website, it has given me information that has been very beneficial to the way i walk with Christ. I used too beleive anything any fast talking preacher told me, but God opened my eyes to his Word and since then i feel closer too him and i have a desire to tell others of the truth.Gods word is true, the truth shall set you free! Amen! I will be praying for your ministry and praying for a revival of truth to sweep across the body of christ. Thank You agian for your help.



Hi, Brother Simpson,

I have enjoyed your web site very much since I discovered it several months ago.  Your articles are very informative and needful for the time we are living in....



Really looking forward to your newsletters.  We were kicked out of an AOG church ourselves 2 years ago because we wouldn't go along with the "NEW MOVE" of God.



Dear Mr. Simpson,

Your ministry has been a tremendous help in letting me see things that wished I'd have known when I was a babe in Christ. Please subscribe me to your news letter. Thank you and God bless you.

Yours truly,


I love your website! Praise the LORD for He is alone deserves all the glory! Thank you very much for getting the message across of false teachings and prophets. ...

Thank you very much



Dear Sandy,

I have been checking in and reading your website for over a year and quite appreciate it. But I was wondering, do you ever check out Revivalist Prophetic sites? One such is http://www.openheaven.com. They have current prophecies and news bulletins such as the imminent "greatest transfer of wealth" about to come to the church along with alliances between "apostles" and businessmen and future government! If you haven't already, check out
 their news section. ... Sad and really bizarre!



I whole heartedly agree with what you say about their (Revivalists) reward being on earth while ironically others live on in financial and spiritual deprivation. Having traveled to El Salvador, Colombia, the Philippines, it is tragic to return to the US to see this depraved presentation of the gospel.

Unfortunately that site is also predicting the removal of pastors and teachers from positions of authority and leadership, to be replaced by apostles and prophets allied with businessmen and converted celebrities!

I have been researching the efforts of the Religious Right, Reconstructionist/Dominionists activities in "stealth" elections to local and state government, school boards etc. all with the objective of a theocracy.  I think I'll most likely be counted as one of the heretics of the Christian faith by them...



I was cruising through articles about Benny Hinn when I came to your site and am impressed with the quality and study involved. What is it with the weird hair that so many TBNers have?  I don't know. It's just always bugged me.



My pastor has been getting into generaltion curses.- praying for the region with other like minded pastors.  - Looking in the ancestry of the region. I and my husband are beginning to take issue with this.  He is starting to refer people, by tapes to Rick Joyner, MiKe Bickel, has mentioned Hamon, the vineyard movement. - at any rate - we meet with him in about a week. - I need solid information on false prophecies - so far I really haven't seen any. in print. - I've read plenty of unusual stuff but I can't seem to find hard evidence. I need information on the Vineyard movement too. If you could help in any way I would really appreciate it.  I will be looking on the web site for some
 information but sometimes it is good to speak with someone concerning this.

Thank you
God Bless


Thank you for having real truth



Aloha,I just wanted to say thankyou so much for your site deception in the church,it is what i have known for a long time.  I have lived in maui, hawaii now for 4 years and haven't been able to find a church that is sound and at times ,have been very depressed about it,but after checking out your sight i feel better--where is there to go?? Only to the Lord!  Bless you and thankyou again,

In His Hands,


hi sandy--
love your website, i lived on the north shore of oahu for many years and attended ... and know mike oppenheimer and his wife. well over 10 yrs ago i went to a tiny bible study at a house in kahuku where he discussed cults, knew hm thru church, have had dinner at his house one time  ... thanks much



I got the video (Spirit Of Truth Or Spirit Of Error - Part 1 Benny Hinn) today, and just finished playing it.  Seeing all this on one video  is stunning!  Thanks so much for all your hard work in putting this together.   Please pass this along to Jacob.




My family is still involved in a "Baptist" now charismatic church. Thank you so much for posting this web site. It gives me encouragment, to know that I am not wrong in my belief.  Thank Christ that someone cared enough for me to show me the truth in what I was involved in with this church. They spoke in toungues, they believed that they had the power to change weather or events by praying the Lord's prayer, that gold dust would fall from the ceiling if the Holy Spirit showed up, people's filings in their teeth would turn gold, that they could be healed and delivered of demonic spirits. My mother and step father are involved in their own deliverance ministry. ... But wanted to thank you for putting this website up. I will add you to my prayer list. May you seek God's will, and die to yourself daily. Romans 12:2, read it, and do it!



Hello Sandy Simpson,

I received the Benny Hinn Video and watched it. I thought that the video was very informative. Some of the actual film footage alone is worth the cost of the video. Some people will just not believe something unless they see it. I was particularly happy to see the last few clips of Benny Hinn saying that Jesus was going to appear physically. I have the .WAV files on that, but nothing beats the film footage!!  Well, it is nice to see the faces behind some of the ministries that I appreciate so much. Also, I will be ordering the new conference videos pretty soon. It looks like it was a great conference!!

Thanks for the video


Hello Sandy;
I thank my God in every remembrance of you!! I am so grateful for men of God like you that take a stand & preach the truth. I absolutely love your web site because I love the truth!

As I told you before; my husband & I recently left a huge ( 12,000 member) Charismatic-Cell church. I have suspected for quite some time that the word of Faith teachers were teaching false doctrine. My husband on the other hand was very stubborn & always looked the other way. I kept praying God would reveal the truth. I began to print out just one article from your web site, at a time for him to read during our early morning devotions. At first, he was very mad & very defensive. He reluctantly would read the articles & sometimes be offended. We would argue. He never had a good scripture to back up the false teaching. I, on the other hand, have spent two hours a day for months now on your site & others as well. I was very prepared with the Word to point out all the errors. Little by little the Holy Spirit began to peel the scales off of my husband's eyes. I continued to pray for him as he continued to read the articles I gave him. He began to want to read more & kept asking questions. Our morning devotions went from debates & arguments to conversations, prayer & agreement. Finally, he saw the truth! Praise God! I am happy to say that my husband has seen the light! Hallelujah!! He now has rejected the word of Faith teaching completely & all the TBN heretics!!! We currently are attending a small Baptist church (200 members) where we just hear the pure Gospel & have pure worship. We love it!

I have learned so much form your website & all the other links as well. I am eternally grateful to you & the other believers that give so much of yourselves for these types of ministries. I know it must not be easy, but keep up the good work. I am now trying to speak to other friends involved in this Word of Faith stuff. I have some close friends that have been ordained through Rema ( Hagin), Spirit Life Bible School( Robert Slairdon) and Jubilee Bible school ( Dick Bernal), it is so hard to tell them things because they have been ordained & really deep into it. I am witnessing slowly because they get so offended about doctrine. Do you have materials or articles specifically written for Pastors, not just members of the Word of Faith? Some of these people are really good hearted & love the Lord. It's hard to believe someone serving the Lord with a true heart could be into this junk, but as you know, it is very deceiving & very subtle.

I have one more question. Do you have any information on a false prophet named Maiteya?

God Bless you!!
S.R. <>< 


cool sight, keep up the good fight.



When I found your website a few days ago it was the first time I had found anybody who shared my gut feelings about this kind of stuff. I have been in these types of churches for 12 years and the one I'm in now (AoG) is getting more and more off track and into the Toronto and Brownsville type of things. The problem is I just don't know where to go from here. I'm in ... Illinois ... I realize that you are in Hawaii, but if you can give me any kind of guidance, I would be grateful. I have children who are 9 and 11 years old. I'm very concerned that they be taught what's right.



Another one called out from the deception.  Seeking truth.  Thank you for the work you do.



Hi Sandy,

I read you email letter wanting "Apostate Books," I wished you would have asked a few weeks ago. right before coming to the conference we ridded our home of most, not all the books we read.

We have a few, let me go through them. I wanted to share with you a site that has most of these books available on the web so you don't always have to go to the bookstore.


We fully understand the overwhelming feeling you got when you went into the store and saw shelves and shelves of books. It's grievous, yet we have repented of all the books we've read from Rick Joyner..Final Quest, get this the pastor even opened up his home for a study on the book for weeks. Dutch Sheets, Cindy Jacobs, C. Wagner, Tenney,Franpaine,Jakes,Joyce Meyer,Otis just to name a few.

And yes, the church we left viewed the transformation video already, and yes we heard the false stories that are floating around. People love the lies and are beginning to hate the truth.

Not to change the subject. But I would like to ask you again, you said there was a church here in ... that is supporting you, can you tell us the name of that church again, so maybe we can go visit. We would like to find a church standing for the truth, but so far to no avail.

 If there is anything else you need or help on, but hesitate in asking.

Lord bless you,

PS..Thanks for the discernment videos, we received them in 3 days. Not bad huh!


I have in the recent past been studying Is. 5.    This is an interesting chapter.  Just read in verses 18 and 19 .   Note this chapter gives explicit description of the last day so called charismatic church.  Note here in verse 19 the desire of the carnal nature to see with their eyes.  This is such an easy way for satan to deceive is by what we see. I don't have alot of time to go into greater detail, only to say that we cannot trust our eyes and even our ears in a day of such great deception. WE CAN ONLY TRUST THE WORD OF GOD THAT IS THE BIBLE! Oh I know that their are those who say the bible is not their rhema or their final authority.  They are all ready under strong delusion!!!   A shame  isn't it.  If your like me you do not want them to be in such a state.

God Bless


Dear DITC:

Hopefully, I will get this email completed and sent soon.  My Internet connection keeps dropping off every few minutes this evening and it's probably due to the fact that someone dosen't desire me to have a connection to your site.  The remainder of this email should bear out as to why.

I have visited your site on a few occasions over the past few months, most specifically as a result of looking for further information on Brownsville. I have been to Brownsville about 5 or 6 times.  I believe my intent in searching the web for Brownsville or related material was to give me a link back to what I had experienced in my past visits.  I have probably experienced most everything that I had read about that occurs at Brownsville, that was described by various accounts within the content of your site.  Tonight, as I was channel surfing, I saw Steve Hill on one of the local religious channels and it peaked my interest to visit your site again.

Your site has given me a different and very skeptical view of those events that occurred when I visited Brownsville now. Some how, I do believe I may have been duped and I am very discouraged by it like some cruel joke could have been played on me.

However, I am grateful for finding your site.  I believe nothing happens by chance and I found this site while looking, what appears now, to be 180 degrees in the opposite direction.

I am grateful that you post your positions and I do believe that Jesus Christ is the son of God, born of a virgin, lived a sinless life so that He could be a sacrifice for my sins (which is nothing I can do about on my own!), His blood was shed of me and He died a cruel death at the hands of merciless men on my behalf, was buried in a borrowed tomb, and He arose on the 3rd day, and ascended to the Father shortly thereafter, and He will be returning soon. Jesus is my savior!

Do you have any suggestions for someone like myself who has to deal with these former experiences?



Thank you for your quick response.

Your reply has been an encouragement to me, especially to give more time in searching the the scriptures and sharing the truth.  Also, I am fortunate to be a member of a church that is scripturally grounded in the truth whose first mission statement it to exalt the Savior.

An additional question, where are some true revivals occurring and what are the signs of a true revival?

 May God bless you abundantly!

 Thanks again,


Dear Sandy,
 I just read through a few of the FAQ's at DITC. NOW I know why I didn't fall down when I was touched by an evangelist a couple years ago. I was at a Pentecostal Tent meeting the one time, & in their church another. I didn't feel the presence of God, even though everyone was "wired" w/emotion. I thought something was wrong w/me at the time. I'm glad God used it to teach me to worship joyfully w/upraised hands, & protected me from the occult influences I had touched as a teenager. Something just didn't "feel" right about them. Now I know why. I'm glad I found your site, the Sword of the Spirit Apologetics site, & Jacob Prasch's site. I e-mail warnings & info from all of these sites to my friends. A good cure for christian blindness is a bucket full of cold truth. The shock isn't usually appreciated, but the eventual wake-up is. Once the words have been sent, God can go to work on them. Then it's their choice to listen, or eventually get drowned in their precious "River". Thank you for all of the info. ...

Christ's Love,


Dear Pastor Simpson,

Thank you for your note... I agree with you.  My last conversation with ... was around 1990 and I am not aware of what he's been doing since.  He is at risk of leading people into error by "painting with such a broad brush"...  You are right about change through association... it has happened here over the past few years to several of my formerly best friends and close brothers in Christ...  THANK YOU!

Love in Christ.


I am thankful for your web site.  I study God's Word a lot and try to soak up what it actually says and not try to force what I've been taught to fit where it doesn't.  Because of this, I am shunned a lot by mainstream Christians.  They think when I question why they believe as they do, that I'm somehow ridiculing them.  When all I want is for them to show me their reasoning so that I may learn from them.  Just asking questions is taking things too far in most Christian groups.  I have come across a lot of teaching that was new to me at first, but I have a good foundation in the Word and feel I should at least consider what others have come across or learned from the Word of God.  And then line it up with the Word and let the chips fall where they may.

I can not find a church that meets my need to dig deep into the Word of God.  I got the distinct impression that you and those whom you are a part of would probably welcome me.  Thank you for making me feel like I belong again.  I agree with the essentials of the Christian faith as do you.  And God has given me such a desire to dig deeper that I tend to make others uncomfortable with what I will allow myself to consider.  But the absolute standard for me in my belief will always be the Word of God.

Keep up the great work!


There are many more e-mails and I will continue to post more as I have time.  If you have a letter of encouragement or a testimony you would like to share, please send it to me and I will consider posting it here.

I am publishing these e-mails for the benefit of those who think they are all alone in the struggle to remain in sound doctrine and live a life pleasing to God, sometimes suffering persecution from friends, relatives and their churches.  Be encouraged, dear saint!  There are hundreds and thousands like you who will never hand their bodies over to deceiving spirits for a cheap thrill or a false "anointing" or agree to submit themselves to false teaching and prophesy.

Let the Holy Spirit guide your spirit through the Word of God as you continue to "trust and obey" Jesus Christ!

Sandy Simpson