Volume Eight, Issue Six

Volume 8, Issue 6

Dear All,

May the Lord bless you all and lead you to maturity in Christ!


The feature for this DITC e-Newsletter is called "A Rich Man's Prayer Answered?" by Mike Oppenheimer, Let Us Reason Ministries, 3/08/02


This is a follow up piece to the one in the last newsletter about the video that Reinhard Bonnke has been promoting on TBN and all over the world. Was a dead man raised because he was near Bonnke's anointing? New info has come forth that seems to send a monkey wrench into this whole story.  There is also an additional article on those who interviewed Dan Eku, the man who claims to have come back from the dead.


The actual facts of the case are very divergent, according to those who have interviewed Bonnke and Eku.  The vision Eku saw is patently unbiblical.  Bonnke said on TBN that Eku was taken to heaven and hell in his vision, there was a welcome sign over the gates of hell, he talked to dead people, and the reason he came back to life was to fulfill Lazuraus's brother's request.  Since the vision is unbiblical, in fact obviously born out of false Word-Faith doctrines, since Bonnke has lied before about raising the dead and alleged miracles, since they are both false teachers, why are so many people believing this story?  This is a call to place your faith in Jesus Christ who can raise the dead, but not in false teachers who try to use lying wonders to promote their ministries and justify what they are doing.


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