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Subject: DITC e-Newsletter
DITC e-Newsletter
Volume 85, Issue 2
at CRN, 5/15/21

(Protestia) The second-largest Southern Baptist Church in the world has proudly announced that they have chosen to ordain their first three women pastors, ending 40 years of having only men as elders and repudiating their former convictions that the office of pastor is off limits to women. This violation and gross face-saving to culture is a clear violation of the scripture, as well as the Baptist Faith and Message 2000 they claim to believe and follow. This sin isn’t particularly shocking coming from the 25,000-member, 14-campus Saddleback Church, who for decades now has been peddling poison and spiritual strychnine in the form of The Purpose Driven Life. Eager to reach the new generation, they’ve traded that little demoniac for the equally repulsive and heretical Critical Race Theory. How else can you explain five months ago when the church announced that there were having a “Blacks Only worship service” where no white members were allowed in, so the “black fold” could have a “safe space” to “heal?” Or a few months after that where Rick Warren blasted white Christians for having no discernment and not caring about black people.

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