Volume Eight, Issue Two


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Greetings from Hawaii!

Stay tuned on the DITC channel because we will have some new materials available soon.  The first one of note will be my new book called "Discernment Toolkit".  It should be printed by the end of September.  It features many tools that will come in handy for any Christian or church leader in helping people to understand how to discern, test and judge with righteous judgment.  It is a 400 page book that will sell for $15.00 and I think it will be well worth the investment to have it in your library.  The second item is a new book by Mike Oppenheimer of Let Us Reason Ministries called "The Empty Pulpit."  This will be another invaluable tool for your arsenal as it details most of the false teachings of the Third Wave and covers a wide range of subjects affecting the Church.  Also, the good news is that we are hard at work on a video project that will be of great import in the Church.  The bad news is that it will still be awhile till it is completed.  I hope it can be completed in a few months.  I'll give you more information on that one as we go along.


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The feature in this DITC e-Newsletter is an new online full version of the 1945 book by L.E. Maxwell called "Born Crucified - The Cross In The Life Of The Believer".  If you haven't read this book (and it is likely you haven't since it is long out of print and I haven't been able to find even a used copy to buy) now you can read it online.  I am still correcting a few OCR mistakes in the text, but it is there now and I urge you to read it.  This book presents and incredible contrast to what is being taught in modern Churches as biblical Christianity.  This book puts a spotlight on the fact that many churches today don't even know what the Gospel is anymore, and are certainly not preaching it.  I hope you will take the time to read it.  It will challenge you, convict you, and confirm many things in your mind as you let the truths it contains bring you to maturity in your Christian faith.

In Christ,
Sandy Simpson, missionary