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Francis Chain Claims To Be Jesus, Heals Whole Village Without The Holy Spirit
Hell needs "reframing" says The Bible Project co-founder
"US Supreme Court Rules NY Gov. Cuomo's 'Severe Restrictions' on Church Attendance Unconstitutional"
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Saturate 2020 adherants are those who are drunk and think they can save the planet
by Sandy Simpson 
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Commentators seem to think that this section of Habakkuk was addressing the Ceasars and their drunken desire for power.  Seems these two things often go together.
Those who love drunk in the spirit are no exception.  They are trying to get others to share in their debauchery and the false hope of an end-times worldwide revival, currently through the Saturate 2020 events.  Though these were two of the heretical distinctives of the New Order of the Latter Rain, these ideas are nothing new.  The righteous continue to live by faith, while the proud boast in their drunken state.
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Volume 82, Issue 9 
Dear Friends, 

There are over 162 references in the New Testament alone which warn of hell. And over 70 of these references were uttered by the Lord Jesus Christ!

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by Marsha West, 11/27/20

"He says I can do whatever he did, and I can do greater things than he did, John 14:12, and I go I memorized that as a high school student and I believe it right now. I am Jesus right now. He and I are one. He abides in me, I abide in him. These are not just memory verses." (Protestia)  Francis Chan has upped the theological ante recently, going from the relatively sound reformed pastor, through Bill Johnson-loving charismatic, to a full-fledged faith healer, and now to Jesus in the Flesh when he described in a recent video how he laid hands and healed a whole village in Myanmar, ostensibly without the Holy Spirit.

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Hell needs "reframing" says The Bible Project co-founder
by The Word Like Fire, 11/29/20

What hell is and how it fits into the story of the Bible is itself complex and needs a lot of reframing from our modern distortions of it. -Tim Mackie, Heaven and Earth Q&R Transcript And if you're familiar with the story, how it works, hell-or evil or sin, the various names it's called in the Bible-is something that humans have created by our decision to seize autonomy from God. (Tim Mackie, 32:01 in video below) Open your Bible. Did humans really create hell? (Matthew 25:41) Open your Bible. Is hell really a synonym for evil or sin? "Hell" is seemingly used in this manner numerous times throughout the sermon. How many new or young Christians have been confused or affected by this? More than 425,000 people have now watched the Compelled: Speaking and Living the Gospel video. Tim Mackie is co-founder of The Bible Project, an organization that produces numerous videos on biblical topics and figures. Many churches have gratefully used this free resource. Below you can read (or view if you wish) every reference to hell throughout Mackie's sermon. He states that God didn't make hell; that hell is a human creation; that hell isn't just in the afterlife but exists here and now; and that God wants to remove the hell from the earth and from us. He states that through Jesus we can be hell free in the here and now as well as in the future.

by Heather Clark, Christian News Network, 12/1/20
The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that New York's "very severe" limitations on church attendance in the state's COVID red and orange zones violate the First Amendment right to free exercise of religion and are not the least restrictive means of preventing infections. "Not only is there no evidence that the applicants have contributed to the spread of COVID-19, but there are many other less restrictive rules that could be adopted to minimize the risk to those attending religious services," the court stated in a 5-4 opinion Wednesday evening, with new justice Amy Coney Barrett being among the majority. Chief Justice John Roberts sided with his liberal colleagues. In October, Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed Executive Order 202.68, which presented updated regulations for various public facilities, including fitness centers, hair salons, restaurants, taverns and houses of worship. 
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Walking the Waves
by Juanita Simpson

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