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Former YWAM Staff Member
Esoteric Evolution
The foundation we build on
"Southern Baptist Leadership's Mixed Message on Homosexuality"
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A Short History of Dominionism
by Sandy Simpson

This DVD is a message based on this article.

In order to understand where the modern fusion called "Dominioism" comes from, I want to first give you definitions of Kingdom Now, Dominionism and Reconstructionism.

Dominionism is sparsely defined as follows:

"Dominion Theology (also known as Dominionism) is a group of Christian political ideologies that seek to institute a nation governed by Christians based on their personal understandings of biblical law. Extents of rule and ways of achieving governing authority are varied. For example, Dominion Theology can include theonomy, but does not necessarily involve advocating Mosaic law as the basis of government. The label is applied primarily toward groups of Protestants in the United States." [1]

It is more closely defined this way:

"Dominionism, or Christian Dominionism is a term coined by social scientists and popularized by journalists to refer to a subset of American Christianity that is conservative, politically active, and believes that Christians should, and eventually will, take control of the government. The term is sometimes used as a "catch-all" by bloggers to describe any politically active Christian, but not every conservative, politically minded Christian is a Dominionist. Christian Dominionists believe that God desires Christians to rise to power through civil systems so that His Word might then govern the nation. The belief that "America is a Christian nation" is sometimes called "soft dominionism"; the idea that God wants only Christians to hold government office and run the country according to biblical law is called "hard dominionism." [2]

"Hard Dominioism" as it is called in the above definition, is what C. Peter Wagner (deceased) of the New Apostolic Reformation (a term he coined) have been advocating, following the teachings of the New Order of the Latter Rain and Reformed Theology "Reconstructionism".

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Volume 74, Issue 5 
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Letter to the Editor: Former YWAM Staff Member Issues Warning to Young People
at Lighthouse Trails, 4/11/19 LT Publishing

Please make it very clear that Youth With A Mission (YWAM) was helping to head up The Send. In fact, YWAMers went to Lou Engle, and together they formed the idea for The Send. As a very recent former YWAM staff who was naive to all things NAR and contemplative, I am now horrified to see this and thank God for giving us the discernment to leave. But, we NEED to warn our young people about YWAM. They are heavily involved in Lou Engle, Benny Hinn, IHOP, etc. They are teaching contemplative prayer and corporate imagery prayer. Not every base is, but you cannot be sure which do because they have destructuralized their organization, which means there is little to no accountability of each separate base.
Esoteric Evolution
by Sarah Leslie, Herescope, 4/12/19 Herescope
This is an abstract of a thesis.[1]  This abstract represents a summary of four decades of prior published writings by this author and her associates known as the Iowa Research Group and Discernment Research Group. The thesis itself has already been written. The substance of this abstract can be found in published material referenced in these footnotes, and its documentation includes the embedded hyperlinks and footnotes which lead to other prior published writings and vast amounts of original source material. In other words, this abstract represents a rather unorthodox presentation of a thesis which has not necessarily been published in printed form in scholarly journals, nor in a book. But, rather, a substantive portion of this thesis and its accompanying documentation has been published previously online on the Internet, particularly on the scholarly research blog Herescope. This abstract provides an overview of evolution as a cosmological and metaphysical paradigm that seamlessly unites science with spirituality in a manner that corrupts the truth. Evolution is more than an alternative to the creation story. Evolution is not just a scientific concept; it is a spiritual worldview.[2] This abstract is not by any means complete, nor exhaustive. This is simply a broad overview of the topic of spiritual evolution, particularly its mysticism and esoteric applications to postmodern life in both the culture at large and also the church. 
 The foundation we build on
by Mike Oppenheimer, 4/14/19 Let Us Reason

We in the church are united by our Christian distinctive. Christ is the foundation for the church. The core doctrines are our foundation of knowledge. If the foundation which we build on is not straight then it will be crooked. Think about how a house would look, if the house was slanted, and how long would it last?  Now ask how many people you know that have fallen away that looked like they built on the foundation of Christ. Why are they no longer among the church? The answer is simple and obvious. They never really understood, so how could they hold to the core teachings. I can't say it is wholly their fault, because many in the church do not teach the core doctrines.  So then how are the new believers being disciple? And furthermore how can they disciple others. This one of the main reasons evangelism as it is given is failing. Of the 4 soils the seed falls on Matt 13:23 But he who received seed on the good ground is he who hears the word and understands it, who indeed bears fruit and produces: some a hundredfold, some sixty, some thirty." Luke 8:11-16 "The seed is the word of God." He speaks basically the same as Matthew and in v.15 "But the ones that fell on the good ground are those who, having heard the word with a noble and good heart, keep it and bear fruit with patience." It is important whom you learn from, how you learn to interpret scripture. If you learn to apply it all to yourself you will then take scriptures that are historical and used for a certain time or person and spiritualize them, allegorize them. Then on the other hand if you do not learn the difference between what is historical and what can be applied to you, you may never walk with the Lord and grow into what He has for you. Because the majority of the church is not grounded in scripture they have no defense for what is false. So they allow Yoga, eastern type meditation, even blatant occult teaching such as words have power, or new revelation from so called prophets to be taught in their church. This is where we find ourselves today, where many do not use the word in context as the basis for living. When God gave the task for Israel to build the tabernacle he gave specific instructions on how it was to be built. It would be like someone saying they are going to build the house you want from a picture without any measuring and hope of their accuracy. 

"Southern Baptist Leadership's Mixed Message on Homosexuality"
by Tommy Jamison, 4/16/19  

On January 27, 2019 Dr. J.D. Greear, president of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) preached a sermon to his congregation titled "How the fall affected us all."1 The message has been viewed multiple times by many, and deep concern has been voiced over his non-biblical treatment of Romans 1:21-32. The emphasis was on the treatment of homosexuals by the church. There are seven points in his message that many of us find either misleading or totally in error ...
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