Volume Seven, Issue Two

Volume 7, Issue 2

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We have a new book called "I Just Wanted More Land - Jabez" by Gary Gilley.  This is a review of the book "The Prayer Of Jabez" by Bruce Wilkinson.  "The meteoric rise in popularity of Bruce Wilkinson's compact book, The Prayer Of Jabez, had taken the church, and the country, by storm.  Having already sold millions of copies, it may become the best-selling Christian book of the last one hundred years.  In this book, pastor and author Gary Gilley takes issue with Wilkinson's message. He believes the message, although will meaning, is unbiblical and threatens to do incalculable damage to the church."  To order the book online for $8.99 + $4.00 S/H, go to this link:



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The feature in this newsletter is a message that was delivered by David Wilkerson called "The Towers Have Fallen - But We Missed The Message".  Due to copyright constraints we can only provide a link to the original article at:


Wilkerson's church, Times Square Church, is located about forty blocks from "ground zero" and the former site of the WTC twin towers.  Amazingly the Lord showed Wilkerson and the leaders of the church that something terrible was going to happen in NYC six weeks prior to the terrorist attacks.  They canceled regular services and went to prayer meetings.  I'm convinced that it is possible that the reason there was not more carnage is because God's people were praying there.  I'm told that the two planes that stuck the WTC were trying to topple the towers in opposite directions, thereby taking out thousands upon thousands more people in adjacent buildings, perhaps up to 74,000.  The terrorists didn't know that the WTC buildings were designed to implode inwardly in the event of catastrophes such as this.

But the point of this article is that it is time for the nation to repent!  I heartily agree with this.  But we don't see much of that going on, frankly. I would even venture to go one step further.  The Church needs to repent! My thoughts are contained in two articles I wrote about the same time Wilkerson was delivering his message.  If you wish to read those as well, they are as follows:

The Message Of The Terrorist Attacks On The U.S.?  REPENT! by Sandy Simpson, 9/14/01
Globalism & Interfaith - Here We Come! by Sandy Simpson, 9/16/01

Also, if you wish to see just how far afield the New Apostolic Reformation is on these issues, read their "memorandum" and my commentary here:

The New Apostolic Government ... What Earthly Good Is It? ... An expose' of the "Open Memorandum Addressing The Twin Towers War" by C. Peter Wagner commentary by Sandy Simpson, 9/27/01

May the people of the U.S. repent and turn to the Lord.  May the Church repent of allowing false teachers to leaven it into apostasy.  May the Church learn to stand up for the truth in the eyes of the world, preaching the gospel straight and true.  May the Lord come soon and straighten out this sinful world!

In Christ,
Sandy Simpson, missionary