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Finally Free, Fighting for Purity with the Power of Grace
When Heaven Invades Earth
When Heaven Invades Earth
A Course in Miracles
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How Unbiblical Action Can Change The Churches 
by Dr. Orrel Steinkamp & Sandy Simpson 

by Sandy Simpson

The title and cover art of this work are a play off of the book by C. Peter Wagner entitled ""Dominion! How Kingdom Action Can Change The World".  In contrast to this specious claim we have titled this book "Dominionism! How Unbiblical Action Can Change The Churches".  We think that is far more in keeping with what we will present in this series of articles and essays on the subject of Kingdom Now/Dominionism.
Indeed, many churches have already been changed by accepting the false teachings that constitute Dominionism.  This started decades ago under Reformed Reconstrucionism and Latter Rain theology, but even before that in the Roman Catholic Church (RCC).  The attempt of Constantine to protect Christians from being persecuted, since he claimed he had become one of them, turned out to begin a journey in syncretism and Dominion.  It wasn't long before corrupt church officials began to try to seize power all over Europe and beyond as the "Holy Roman Empire".  The Reformation itself was a reaction to the lengths to which the RCC had gone to take control over the Scriptures, the nations, the kingdoms, and the people for financial gain.  They sold indulgences, promising those who came up with enough money a much shorter time in Purgatory.  Those same ploys are being used today on what has been loosely called "Christian television" by the sale of trinkets and promises of healing, financial gain and even salvation.
These ideas all coalesce in Dominionism.  If it were true that the Church needs to take over the planet, then we would be seeing the unstoppable plans of God's physical Kingdom unfolding.  But we do not.  All we see are failed prophecies, empty edicts and declarations coming from false apostles and false prophets.  They love to fool Christians with talk of the "kingdom" when it is clear they are talking about a different "kingdom"; a Kingdom Now not a Kingdom come.  Jesus taught us to pray: "Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven".  The implication is that we are to be about building His spiritual Kingdom while praying for and expecting His physical Kingdom to come.  The only way we can do that is to continue in the Great Commission till He comes, not attempt to rule where God has not given the Church the authority to rule.  Jesus will do that when He returns. If we go off on the tangent the Dominionists want us to go, we will not only miss out on the blessings of His Kingdom to come, but may well be deserving of judgment.

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Volume 72, Issue 6
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Finally Free, Fighting for Purity with the Power of Grace
by Heath Lambert Think On These Things
Reviewed by Gary Gilley

While Finally Free is focused primarily on the sin of pornography the biblical principles and practical teachings found within are applicable to all forms of enslaving sin.  Unlike some books on sexual sins Lambert draws attention to better themes as well, such as: Christ, the gospel, and grace.  He writes, "This book is about something much better than pornography.  This book is about the amazing power of Jesus Christ to free you from pornography" (p. 12).  Toward this end the author offers eight strategies around which the book is organized (p. 19), dedicating a chapter to each of the strategies: godly sorrow, accountability, radical measures, confession, using your spouse/singleness, humility, gratitude, and a dynamic relationship with Jesus. ... I would take some issue with Lambert insisting that when we sin we "need to be restored by someone who lives by the Spirit."  He uses Galatians 6:1-2 as his proof text but this passage addresses the restorer, who should help those floundering in sin, not the sinner.  Fortunately the majority of times when we have sinned we can turn to the Lord directly for restoration.  This is not to minimize the ministry of restoration, but to claim it is "always needed" goes beyond what Scripture teaches.  Lambert's insistence on confession of sin to other people in order to find victory is also problematic (pp. 76-80), and he misuses Proverbs 28:13 to support this view (p. 76).  Especially concerning is the insistence that even those unaware of the sin should be confessed to as well.  This can be dangerous in many ways, not the least of which is to burden unnecessarily others with one's sin.   Great caution should be taken here.  In addition, 1 John 1:9 calls for confession of sin to God, not others.  While confession to others is often appropriate especially when directed toward those sinned against (James 5: 16) it is not always essential. Care and godly wisdom is needed before such steps are taken. I cannot agree with Lambert that God made marriage to point to the gospel (pp. 102-103). While Ephesians 5:23-33 uses marriage as an illustration of Christ's love for the church, it does not say that marriage was invented to point to the gospel.   Genesis 2:18 makes it clear that marriage was created to solve man's first problem - even before the fall - of loneliness.  And I was disappointed that, in the discussion of the need for forgiveness, no mention of repentance on the part of the one who sinned is given (p. 169).  Luke 17:3-5 demonstrates the place of repentance in the forgiveness process.
With these relatively minor concerns aside, I believe Finally Free is the best book I have read dealing with pornography specifically and enslaving sins in general.

When Heaven Invades Earth 
by Bill Johnson
Reviewed by David Schrock

It's no light matter to call someone a heretic. 
Heresy isn't merely theological error; it's error that tampers with our understanding of God and Christ and threatens, if not completely undermines, our standing before him. Historically, heresy has been saved for matters that deny the Trinity or reject the early church councils.[1] Therefore, we must use the greatest caution when invoking the term.[2] 
And yet, when Trinity-eroding, Christ-denying, gospel-subverting error is published, we ought not shy away from declaring a teacher or teaching as heretical.

When Heaven Invades Earth
by Bill Johnson
Reviewed by Eric Davis 

The popularity of books like this evidence how far contemporary Christianity has drifted from Scripture. We have wafted a long ways from the most fundamental and essential truths of the Christian faith, such as the doctrine of God, man, Christ, and salvation. Sadly, the book, When Heaven Invades Earth, is a stark reminder. WHIE is filled with intriguing miracle-stories and clever illustrations to support its teaching, but its approach to the Christian life is far more supported by stories than Scripture. Even so, heaven has invaded earth. The result is the Spirit-inspired, inerrant 66 books of Scripture by which this kind of error is discerned and sinners can be saved so as to walk in the truth. Despite the title, the book brings very little of the true heaven to earth. Consequently, this book should be avoided by God's people.
A Course in Miracles-The New Age Book That is Redefining Christianity and Fooling the World
by Helen Schucman
Reviewed by Warren B. Smith
For my wife, Joy, and I, the end of our New Age involvement came abruptly. Suddenly having to deal with what seemed to be an evil presence, yet holding to our New Age belief that evil was not real, we were at a loss in how to deal with our situation. We tried everything we had learned from our New Age teachings, and nothing worked. In the midst of what we now know to have been spiritual warfare coming through a particular individual who had been a client of Joy's holistic massage practice, I found Johanna Michaelsen's Christian book The Beautiful Side of Evil. The reality of evil and Jesus' victory over evil was clearly presented. The next time the evil presence reappeared, I put what I had learned from Johanna's book to use. Addressing this presence, I commanded, in Jesus' name, that it leave-and it did! All the Scriptures in Johanna's book about Jesus' victory on the Cross of Calvary and His defeat of sin, evil, death, and the Devil began to click in. After surrendering our lives to the Lord, we knew we had a responsibility to warn as many people as possible about the New Age and its dangerous deception. What we discovered over time was that the same spiritual devices that had seduced us into accepting New Age teachings were seriously seducing the church as well. Through the years, we have watched as the situation has grown worse and worse-just as Scripture said it would (2 Timothy 3:13). The line distinguishing the differences between the New Age/New Spirituality and a growing apostate church have been broken down and seriously breached. The great deception is upon us. May the Lord have mercy on us all!
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