Volume Seven, Issue Ten

Volume 7, Issue 10

Dear DITC e-Newsletter subscribers,

I have made it a point for a number of years not to do what I am about to do in this DITC e-Newsletter.  But this time I need to make an exception!

I'm asking you to prayerfully consider financially supporting the Simpson family and the work we are doing, both in ministry to Micronesian islanders under Liebenzell Mission USA, and in the discernment ministry I am doing worldwide under the Apologetics Coordination Team (ACT) through the Deception In The Church web site.

What we desperately need are financial partners willing to help us with monthly support.  I am asking you to prayerfully consider this matter yourself, or to take it up with your church.  In the event that your church would be interested in supporting the Simpson family monthly, I would be willing to find a way to visit your church to fill them in on our mission work as well as discernment issues.

If you will seriously consider supporting the Simpson family with monthly support, and would like more details, I can send you them via an attachment to e-mail.

We are, at this time, supported by many churches from various denominations around the world, but are in need of an additional $1500. per month to meet our obligations and ministry costs.  As you may know, I run a big web site that is helping people from virtually every country in the world to be discerning. I also publish three newsletters and am in the process of producing more discernment materials as we speak, including a very important video project exposing the New Apostolic Reformation. We also have many ministry expenses associated with the island ministry we are doing in evangelizing and discipling people in the Micronesian islands in cooperation with local nationalized evangelical churches.

If the Lord lays our ministry on your heart, please let me know.  I can get you further information.  If you wish to start supporting the Simpson ministry right away, you can send monthly support or one time donations for "Sandy Simpson" through our mission at:

Liebenzell Mission USA
P.O. Box 66
Schooley's Mt., NJ 07870

We truly do need your help right now!  I sometimes feel like I'm carrying a big weight by myself.  I know we all can feel like that at times, but we must remember that Jesus Christ bears our burdens. I thankful that we can also bear one another's. When I look around I see many people like you who I know are being Bereans and who have been helped in some way by the web site.  The DITC web site was initially established as a part of our mission outreach to Micronesian islanders to help them grapple with the influx of the Third Wave, but since that time it has reached far beyond the islands and is having a lasting effect in many parts of the world. If you have been helped by what we are doing, then I would ask you to consider giving us a financial hand which would take a load off of us that we cannot bear alone.  If you are a member of a church or know of a church that might consider supporting what we are doing, then please send them this information.  I will be glad to fill in any details.

Thank you for your prayerful consideration of this matter.  Please allow the Lord to guide you in any decision you might make.  May the Lord bless you as you serve Him!

In Christ,
Sandy Simpson
P.O. Box 1043
Wadesboro, NC 28170