Volume Six, Issue Three

Volume 6, Issue 3

Dear All,

Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ!

Don't miss the Featured Article of this newsletter. New evidence has shown conclusively that ...

The "Transformations" video is a scam!

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I would like to put out a request to those who have any Third Wave books that you are done reading.  Rather than burn them, which is probably the best thing to do, would you be willing to send them to us?  We have to do research on a number of people but don't want to spend money to buy these books and support the ministries of people who are not living in obedience to the Scriptures.  Just e-mail us and let us know of any old books by Third Wave authors that you have but now realize were a waste of money.  I'm looking for books by any of the false teachers we name on our pages, from the past or present.  This will help us build a library of unbiblical books from which we can do a better job of letting you know what to avoid so you don't have to buy any more materials without knowing what you are getting into.  There are so many books I would like to get my hands on but when I went into a local "Christian" bookstore today and saw shelf after shelf of heresy staring me in the face I realized that I could never afford to do that kind of research.  I must tell you that it is a daunting task having to wade through this stuff.  But I am willing to do it if it saves just one person from being deceived and walking away from sound doctrine and faith in Jesus Christ.

Here's how we could go about it ... just let me know what you have and would like to get rid of by sending me the titles via e-mail.  I'll let you know by return e-mail if I already have it, can't use it, or would appreciate you sending it my way.  This is a small contribution to the cause of apologetics and against the schemes of the enemy.


Deception In The Church Apologetics has just released a new video, part one of a two part series, featuring apologists Mike Oppenheimer of Let Us Reason Ministries, Jacob Prasch of Moriel Ministries and Sandy Simpson of Deception In The Church. It is called "Spirit Of Truth or Spirit Of Error?.  Part 1 is on Benny Hinn.  This video contains the almost two hours of commentary and a lot of footage on Hinn you probably haven't seen before.

”I am a little messiah”. “I am a little god.” “I Am”. Are these the statements of a true believer? “Jesus Christ will appear bodily in upcoming crusades”. Is this how Jesus said He would appear? This video explores the world of Benny Hinn to a depth that few others have gone. Are his miracle and healing claims accurate? Is his teaching biblical? Is his transferable “anointing” from God? Do his teachings and prophesies prove that he is the type of teacher Christ told us to avoid?  This video features an informal, impromptu discussion of the teachings and practices of Benny Hinn and others by three apologists who have been studying Hinn for years. Jacob Prasch of Moriel Ministries, Mike Oppenheimer of Let Us Reason Ministries and Sandy Simpson of Deception In The Church Apologetics share their concerns about the current level of discernment among Christians with regard to teachers like Benny Hinn. This production contains a wealth of old and new video quotes with biblically based commentary. The facts  presented on this video are documented and undeniable. We believe you will find this to be a valuable resource in learning to discern whether these teachers are teaching in the SPIRIT OF TRUTH OR SPIRIT OF ERROR!
This program is 105 minutes long!  The price each is $25. plus $3.20 shipping and handling per video.  To order simply click on the PayPal logo below to pay online with credit card or directly from your bank account.

By clicking on the following link you can get more information as well as order the "Spirit Of Truth Or Spirit Of Error?" video securely online.


The Discernment 2001 conference in Hawaii was wonderful.  So much valuable information was given and the preaching was reminiscent of the the kind of sermons one used to hear in the crusades of people like Dwight L. Moody or Billy Sunday. This video series is meat from the Word, not milk!  If you missed it or attended and want this valuable series for your library, Bible study group, or as a resource on cults, apostasy and false doctrines it is now available at DITC.

The Discernment 2001 conference featured Dave Hunt, Bill Randles, Jacob Prasch, Duane Magnani, Jewel van der Merwe and Mike Oppenheimer.  To check out the list of topics covered, go here. The entire conference is on four videos.  Each video is $15. plus $3.20 S&H with the entire four video set selling for $50. plus $6.40 S&H.  The videos consist of more than 12 hours of preaching and teaching.  This is a series you won't soon forget and will want to refer to over and over again!

By clicking on the following link you can get more information about the videos as well as order "The Discernment 2001 Conference Video Series" securely online.

You can also order any of the videos on the DITC site via regular mail by check made out to "Alexander Simpson" by sending it to:

Deception In The Church
P.O. Box 1043
Wadesboro, NC 28170


We firmly believe in prayer and have seen the effective prayers of righteous men and women accomplish much by the will of God because of His grace.  But today we have a whole new paradigm of unbiblical prayer methods being sold to a generation of churchgoers who may not know that those who are hawking these pragmatic programs have very little interest in the "love of the truth".

The "Transformations" video by George Otis. Jr. and company has been distributed around the world to 80,000+ churches and groups by organizations like the National Prayer Committee and YWAM.  Chances are pretty good that a number of churches in your area have already seen this video and are awaiting "Transformations II" due out soon.

What many of them don't know is that this video contains, not just exaggerations of the facts, but many complete fabrications!

The agenda behind this video is an attempt to launch you and your church into the world of C. Peter Wagner and his "New Apostolic Reformation" via his organization called the World Prayer Center.  Unbiblical techniques like "spiritual mapping" and "binding territorial spirits" are credited in this video with having accomplished feats like growing larger vegetables, reducing or eliminating crime, chasing cults out of cities, and making whole populations turn to Christ.

The facts are otherwise!

God is capable of doing miraculous things, but not by the New Age unbiblical methods detailed by George Otis, Jr. and C. Peter Wagner. This article exposes the spirit that is behind the "Transformations" video and the people who are promoting this video and have allegedly done it to glorify the Lord. Is it honoring and glorifying to the Lord to offer him a plate full of deception?  Are the prayer methods taught and claimed as having "worked" in this video biblical?  Are these prayers really to the Lord Jesus Christ, or to the Word-Faith "Jesus" who is treated like some kind of butler in the sky?  I'll let you decide that for yourself.

These articles are too large to attach to this e-newsletter.  Please use the following links to go to the two following articles on the Transformations video.

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In His hands,
Sandy Simpson, missionary