Volume Five, Issue Three

Volume 5, Issue 3

Dear All,

I know many of you are downright tired of hearing about Benny Hinn, but when I reviewed the recent "This Is Your Day"
shows I caught something I thought I had heard before.  The short article called "Benny Hinn The Puppet Master -- Jesus
Christ allegedly serves as marionette to Benny Hinn, the puppeteer" by Sandy Simpson, 5/8/00 is attached.  It speaks for
itself.  If you have been watching Hinn the last month or so you have noticed that his storytelling has reached new flights of
fancy, and his blasphemy seems to mount up higher each day.  I continue to call for Christian leaders to speak out clearly in
denunciation of his "ministry".  The time is now.

Why do I say that?  Because with the advent of events like "Celebrate Jesus 2000" cementing the relationship between the
Third Wave and the Roman Catholic Church, and other organizations who have signed on with Rome such as Chuck Colson of Prison Fellowship, Bill Bright of Campus Crusade, Pat Robertson of 700 Club, and 65% of the Lutheran church, the numbers of the apostate world church are growing everyday.  Soon they will have too much power to be brought to task for their heretical teachings and ecumenical/interfaith alliances.  People like Benny Hinn will soon not only not have to listen to rebuke, but will be able to put real muscle behind his curses on those who disagree with them.  Lest you doubt this please make yourself aware of all the militant talk and prophesies in the counterfeit revival lately.

Wolves in sheep's clothing like Benny Hinn should have been dealt with many years ago.  But now, because of the cowardice
of most Christian leaders, true believers are finding themselves in the minority, and persecution is sure to follow.  This is the last
warning bell to "come out of her" and separate ourselves as a holy people unto our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

In His hands,
Sandy Simpson, missionary

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