Volume Four, Issue Five

Volume 4, Issue 5

Dear All,


Hot on the heels of the last newsletter came this article from W.B. Howard, editor of Despatch Magazine called "A List Of
New World Order Events In The Year 2000".  Lest you doubt that we will see global governance established in our lifetime,
as well as the emergence of a one world religion, read this list of events scheduled this year in support of the New World
Order.  This is food for thought and a reminder for true believers to continue to prepare for difficult times ahead while living our
lives every moment for the Lord Jesus Christ in expectation of His gathering of those who have trusted in Him in the clouds and
His bodily return to rule and judge the earth.

In His hands,
Sandy Simpson, missionary

MINI-DESPATCH, February 12, 2000.
From W.B. Howard, editor of Despatch magazine.

Year 2000 Calendar of Events

This calendar represents only a partial listing of the most significant one world events scheduled for next year. New events may
be announced. (Permission to copy this calendar and the attached letter is granted and encouraged.)

December 24, 1999 - December 31, 2000: "Holy Year 2000"

Where: Rome, Italy

From Christmas 1999 to 2000, the Vatican is expecting millions of tourists to visit the basilicas of Rome in celebration of
Catholicism's Great Jubilee. Throughout the year, a multitude of events and announcements will take place. There will be
interfaith meetings promoting religious unity, as well as proposals to eliminate world debt through new economic structures.

December 31, 1999 - January 2, 2000: "72 Hours"

Where: Global

"72 Hours" is an interfaith bridge-building project of the United Religions Initiative - the UN associated world interfaith body.
Throughout these 3 days, groups of people from around the world will engage in inter-religious peace and unity initiatives.

December 31, 1999 - January 1, 2000: "Millennium Celebrations at the Great Pyramids of Giza"

Where: Egypt

This massive celebration, involving many of the world's top political and economic leaders, will feature a spectacular multimedia
sound and light show designed to welcome in the "golden age" of the new millennium. To cement this New Year's Eve party, a
gold covered capstone will be air-lifted and placed on top of the now-capless Great Pyramid of Cheops, symbolizing the dawn
of the new occult order. This event hicks off the Millennium Symposium.

January 1-3, 2000: "Millennium Symposium on Great Challenges of Our Time"

Where: Egypt, Great Pyramids of Giza

The Millennium Symposium is a three-day event sponsored by UNESCO and produced by the Millenium Project of the
Amencan Council for the United Nations IJniversity.~ During these three days a host of speakers and workshops will focus on
the upcoming global changes facing humanity, including issues of world governance, the creation of a global sustainable society,
and the shaping of new planetary security strategies.

January 25,26: "North American Regional Hearings for the Millennium"

Where: Chicago, IL

Convened by the Gorbachev Foundation's State of the World Forum at the behest of Kofi Annan, Secretary-General of the
United Nations. This Chicago-based event will focus on "Strengthening the U.N. for the Challenges of the 215' Century. " The
goal of the event is to provide direction and prepare for the up-coming UN Millennium Assembly.

March: "Pope John Paul II Trip to the Middle East"

Where: Israel & Other Nations to be Announced

This historic event will publicly place Pope John Paul in an unprecedented position of influence within the Middle East peace
process. Vatican officials have already met with Palestinian and Israeli authorities to work out the details of the Pontiff s visit.
The Pope's mission: to bring peace and religious unity to the region and the world.

March 20: "World Citizenship Day"

Where: San Francisco, CA

On the first day of spring, the Association of World Citizens will host the first-annual world citizenship event, which is intended
to foster planetary allegiance and promote global government. As San Francisco was the founding city of the United Nations,
so too it will be the home city of this expected-to-be annual world event.

March 24-26: "United Religions Initiative European Conference"

Where: Budapest, Hungary

The URI European Conference will be held with the aim of furthering the URI global interfaith program. It will pave the wav for
bold new religious initiatives to be presented later in the year.

April 3-7: "First Global People's Assembly"

Where: Apia, Samoa

Hosted by the Samoa United Nahons Association, this event is intended to regionally pave the way for the UN Millenniurn

April 22: "Earth Day 2000"

Where: Global

"More than 300 million people in 150 nations are expected to participate in the largest Earth Day ever...It will also be the 30th
anniversary of Earth Day." Thousands of local and regional events are being planned to honor "Earth" at this time.

May 22-24: "Millennium International Children's Conference"

Where: Eastbourne, United Kingdom

Organized by the United Nations, this global event is expected to bring together one thousand children to participate in
discussions on "Sharing the Planet," "Water is Life," and other earth-centered themes. Participants will approve an
environmental plan of action to be presented to governments and people worldwide.

May 22-26: "NGO Millennium Forum"

Where: New York, NY

Non Government Organizations (NGOs) from around the world will gather at the United Nations to strategize for the Fall
United Nations Millennium Assembly. The NGO Millennium Forum will seek to establish a new world vision and a global
decision-making process.

June 1-October 31: "Expo 2000"

Where: Hannover, Germany

This international conference will analyze the progress of the United Nations Agenda 21program for world change. It will
examine the Agenda's affect on global society and determine what new steps need to be taken.

June 26: "United Religions Initiative Global Assembly"

Where: San Francisco, CA

This "Global Assembly" will witness the signing of the official URI Charter. It is anticipated that 60 million signatures will be
obtained from people around the world in support of the URI and its Charter, leading to the birth of the United Religions

July 23-25: "FutureFocus 2000: Changes, Challenges & Choices"

Where: Houston, TX

This annual meeting of the World Future Society will examine the latest developments and trends shaping the new world
civilization. Recommendations will be given.

August 24: "Meta-Nation 2000"

Where: Denver, CO

Meta-Nation 2000 is a "citizen initiative" aimed at establishing a "meta-nation" in which all of society can live and work in the
new millennium. Towards this end, a "Constitutional Convention" is planned to be held in Denver to fomm a "space governance
entity" and to raise massive private funds to accomplish this feat

August 12-15: "Humanity 3000 Symposium"

Where: Seattle, WA

"This will be an international symposium of approximately 100 of the world's most prominent scholars, scientists, philosophers,
humanists, historians, technologists and futurists, who will be brought together in the first of a series of international symposia. "
The purpose of this symposium is to review and identify the most important factors that affect global society and develop ideas
and methods to address these issues.

August 28,29: "Millennium Summit of Religious Leaders"

Where: New York, NY

World religious leaders will discuss and celebrate global interfaithism in light of the new millennium.

September "Middle East Peace Signing"

Where: Israel

This is the month that a comprehensive peace agreement is to be signed, moving the entire region, specifically Israel, to
embrace proposed dispute settlements. President Bill Clinton has already "vowed to do everything he can to broker a
comprehensive regional settlement by the time he leaves office. " Keep watch as the continuing bid for Israel and the city of
Jerusalem unfolds.

September 5-9: "State of the World Forum"

Where: New York, NY

Gorbachev's State of the World Forum, in conjunction with a host of UN agencies, will convene its armual gathering of world
leaders to correspond with the UN Millennium Assembly. Discussions will focus on the future of the United Nations and
increasing its authonty through world law.

September 6: "United Naffons Millennium Assembly and Summit"

Where: New York, NY

One of the most important events of the year. Thousands of leaders from around the world will gather in New York City to
take part in the UN Millennium Assembly and Summit. It is at this point that solid new directions on the implementation of
global govemrnent are expected, including possible UN Charter revisions. It is hoped that a parallel People's Assembly (a
People's World Parliament) will become a pemmanent feature at the United Nations, where Non Governmental Organizations
from around the world would have a voice in the creation of a new world civilization.

December 1-6: "Social Transformation In The Asia Pacific Region"

Where: University of Wollongong and the University of Newcastle, Australia

This conference, organized by the Centre for Asia Pacific Social Transformation Studies and UNESCO's Management of
Social Transformations Programme, will be aimed at globalizing and transforming the world's geo-political regions. The
producer of this event, the American Council for the United Nations University, is working in cooperation with Egypt's United
Nations Resident Coordinator, the World Future Society, the Millennium Society, the Smithsonian Institute, Futures Group
International, Cairo University, and the UNESCO Regional Office. Funding for the event is coming from General Motors, The
Foundation for the Future, the Alan F. Kay and Hazel Henderson Foundation for Social Innovation, Deloite & Touche, the
United Nations University, and the U.S. Army Environmental Policy Institute. Event speakers include Ismail Serageldin, VP
ofthe World Bank and Chairman of the World Water Comnnission; Hans van Ginkel, Under-Secretary-General of the United
Nations and Rector of the UN University; and Kennedy Graham, Director of the United Nations University International
Leadership Academy.

Calendar prepared by
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