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Jesus: The illumined Illuminator
The Great Evangelical Disaster
Clowning Around in the Pulpit: Fresh Expression of Emerging Church Ecumensim
Wycliffe To Be Reviewed
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Volume 38, Issue 6 
Dear All,

Not only is there "clowning around" in the pulpits of many churches, but there is also "clowning around" in the world of Bible translation.  I have been warning about this for years but few wanted to listen. 


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Jesus: The illumined Illuminator
by Marsha WestForgotten Word
at Forgotten Word Ministries, 4/30/12

Contemporary Christianity is following "every wind of doctrine" in spite of the fact that Scripture warns about taking this route. Self-professed Christ followers no longer "endure sound teaching, but having itching ears they will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own passions" (2 Tim. 4:3). Regrettably, many believers have embraced neo-Gnosticism. One of the many obstacles the first century Church faced was Gnosticism, a heresy that held that salvation was only available to those who possessed the hidden truths of Christ.

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The Great Evangelical Disaster
by Jan Markell, May 1, 2012Olive Tree Ministries

Dr. Frances Schaeffer correctly summed things up years ago when he said, "Here is the great evangelical disaster -- the failure of the evangelical church to stand for truth. The evangelical church has accommodated the spirit of this age. First there has been the accommodation of Scripture, so that many who call themselves evangelicals hold a weakened view of the Bible and no longer affirm the truth of all that it teaches." How did we get here? Paul Smith -- brother of Calvary Chapel founder Chuck Smith -- brilliantly documents the decline and fall of evangelicalism in his new book, New Evangelicalism: The New World Order.

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Clowning Around in the Pulpit: Fresh Expression of Emerging Church Ecumensim
by Chris LawsonSpiritual Research Network
Spiritual Research Network, 5/2/12

This issue contains an example of rife apostasy that will shock the uninformed and serve as a sober reminder of the battle for truth that we are all in. The title of my article is Clowning Around in the Pulpit: Fresh Expressions of Emerging Church Ecumenism. What you read is what I saw personally in Scotland. This is just a sampling of what is really occurring in the United Kingdom as far as apostasy.

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Wycliffe To Be Reviewed
by Biblical Missiology, 5/2/12Biblical Missiology

Bible translation is not typically considered newsworthy, but the current controversy over Wycliffe's translations has just made international news. An article picked up by the Washington Post and over 150 other news outlets reports that "US Bible translator agrees to review after criticism over substitutions for 'Son' and 'Father.'" Indeed, Wycliffe and SIL agreed to, and in fact sought out, a review by the World Evangelical Alliance (WEA), with a recommendation on their translation practices due by the end of the year. Given that these controversial translations are currently available and thus creating inaccurate understandings of God, Biblical Missiology appeals to Wycliffe and SIL to immediately withdraw them.

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May the Lord bless you as you continue to be a Berean!
In His hands,

Sandy Simpson
Apologetics Coordination Team
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