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When Apostasy Runs Amok
Apprising Ministries Exclusive On Rick Warren, Jim Hinch and Islam
Calvary Chapel Pastors and CCOF Ministry Reject Warnings About Ecumenical Jerry Boykin
"The Lord's Prayer" in The Message
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 The Berean Call

  Seven years after the release of The Seduction of Christianity in 1985, its authors, Dave Hunt and T.A. McMahon, also joined forces on another front. They began a ministry for the purpose of encouraging spiritual discernment among those who regarded themselves as biblical Christians. The primary vehicle for this endeavor was through the publication of the newsletter The Berean Call . Behind every article is the exhortation to believers to get back into the Word of God instead of being "carried about by every wind of doctrine," and to equip them with materials to help them walk in the truth.

The ministry name, The Berean Call, is taken from Acts:17:11 where the writer of Acts commended those in the synagogue of the Greek city of Berea for being more fair minded than those in Thessalonica, because while they were eager to receive the Word, they also checked it against what the Apostle Paul taught them in order to see if his teaching was according to the Scriptures or not.

As the mailing list increased, so did the number of employees and volunteers. Through God's provision, the ministry was able to expand its floor space to accommodate a warehouse for storage, a shipping and packing department, a radio studio, audio duplication and video editing departments, bookkeeping and mail-order departments, as well as editorial, graphics and administrative departments. While many of these divisions consist of only one or two employees, and the volume of mail, orders and product output is generally quite high, TBC consistently receives praise and thanks for the quality and speed with which products are dispersed, as well as the courtesy and consideration given to people over the phone and through personal letters written in response to their questions.

The Berean Call has always operated on the belief that God will provide as we seek His face, so we do not make appeals for financial help. While the ministry operates primarily on donations, these are freewill and not solicited. TBC has seen God "do exceeding abundantly above" all that was asked or thought.

Dave and Tom have continued to supply the articles and answers to questions in the newsletter itself, and they have also written and produced books and videos through the years. The materials carried by TBC are thought provoking and regarded controversial by some, and are therefore not offered by many Christian bookstores. The weekly radio program, Search the Scriptures Daily , is broadcast on more than 300 stations as well as the internet.

At present, the ministry is branching out into new territory seeking to reach more people with the truth of God's Word by way of the Internet, in-house videos, e-books and other means. The radio/tape/cd ministry has continued to grow. The ministry receives letters and inquiries from around the world, as people are introduced to the newsletter and Dave's and T. A.'s books.

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Volume 37, Issue 8 
Dear All,

Ecumenism and Interfaith are on the rise, even in churches and denominations you would not expect.  Not only that but many churches accept associations with proven heretics and false prophets because, they claim, otherwise it would be labeling people with "guilt by association".  But in most cases the "guilt by association" turns out to be also guilt by participation.


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When Apostasy Runs Amok
by Jan Markell, 3/1/12Olive Tree Ministries

But Rick did it again coming out of the shoot into 2012 and I am being a bit outspoken about this.  He's leading an effort to heal divisions between Christians and Muslims by partnering with Southern California mosques. He is proposing theological principles that include acknowledging Christians and Muslims worship the same God.

Click here to read this article!
Apprising Ministries Exclusive On Rick Warren, Jim Hinch and Islam
by Ken Silva, 3/5/12Apprising Ministries

Apprising Ministries has long been a leading critic of the semi-pelagian (at best) doctrine of Southern Baptist megachurch pastor Rick Warren. In articles like Rick Warren And Teachings Of Demons I've also clearly documented his sinful ecumenicism as well. Of course that's merely one of the fruits festering within apostatizing evangelicalism because of its foolish fascination with corrupt Contemplative Spirituality/Mysticism.

Click here to read this article! 
Calvary Chapel Pastors and CCOF Ministry Reject Warnings About Ecumenical Jerry Boykin
by Chris LawsonSpiritual Research Network
Spiritual Research Network, 3/1/12

Letter to Roger Wing (CCOF Ministry).  This material is being presented here because I have spent hundreds of hours researching, writing, and in correspondence with many people from Calvary Chapel fellowships who are tired of the numerous big-name Calvary Chapel pastors who are compromising Scripture for the sake of ecumenical relations. I have no personal issues with Jerry Boykin, nor am I on a diatribe against fellow pastors. I am however extremely concerned about the continued Calvary Chapel slide into popular Christianity and the ecumenism that many have been grievously observing for years now. It is clear to many that next to nothing is being done about it and as a pastor I refuse to be a bystander while the flock of God is being ravaged from within.

Click here to read this article!
"The Lord's Prayer" in The Message
by Gary F. Zeolla, 3/2/12

"The Lord's Prayer" is the simple prayer that Jesus gave to us as an example of how to pray. Most Christians have it memorized. But maybe the prayer as Jesus gave it to us is too "outdated" or hard to understand for today. At least, that is the attitude of some Bible versions. They feel a need to alter it to make it updated and easier to understand. The Message (MSG) by Eugene Peterson is one such version. This article will compare The Lord's Prayer as it appears in the MSG to an actual literal translation of the Greek text. For the latter, I will use The Lord's Prayer as it appears in my forthcoming Analytical-Literal Translation of the New Testament: Devotional Version (ALTD).

Click here to read this article  

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