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IHOP's New Breed Leaders
Offensive Music in the Church
Are Catholics Deceived?
In Progress: The Building of the New World Religion
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is a fitting manual for the Revelation Christian. All the precepts are in the seven letters in Revelation 1:9 - 3:22 to help us keep the faith, stay in sound doctrine, and reach out to those who are perishing. I hope and pray that this book will help the reader to be an "overcomer".


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Believers In Grace     

Believers In Grace Fellowship is a nondenominational family Bible church located in Marion, Iowa. Our sole purpose is serving GOD in our greatest capacity and to see souls saved by faith in Jesus Christ. We have multiple service times and believe in active participation for all christians, for the Bible teaches the "priesthood of all believers." Therefore, the number and facets to the ministry are innumerable, but one and the selfsame Spirit divides our giftings severally as He wills. We welcome anyone of any faith in any status in life to come and hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ in our meetings. Though our heart reaches out to the world, we are resolved to preach the Gospel truth, no matter how offensive it might be to the sinner. We firmly hold to the fact that the Church is not an invention of man, nor something you "have" or "go to", but is a building made without human hands. We dare not adjust it to make it more palatable to this world which is so hostile to Christ. Our church is an entity, not a program. As living stones, each member plays an integral and important role in the Body of Christ. 

The Greek word koinonia (Κοινονια - koy-no-NEE-ah) is used to describe the community of love and self-sacrifice observed in the early church from the book of Acts. In English, it is translated as Fellowship and is our highest goal - to have fellowship with GOD and to pursue this same koinonia with one another.


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Volume 34, Issue 6 
Dear All,

Many people are searching for a good church today that continues to preach the Gospel, disciple those who believe, and be light and salt to a world that is spiraling downward. Unfortunately it is becoming increasingly hard to find churches that fit that description. The Gospel has been watered down, helping Christians to grow to maturity is no longer a priority even though the biblical definition of maturity is to grow in discernment to be able to tell right from wrong, and being light and salt has been replaced with trying to take over the world. My prayer is that more and more Christians will find a good Bible-believing, Christ-centered fellowship, arm themselves with the Truth and live it!


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IHOP's New Breed Leaders

by Herescope, 7/17/11Discernment Ministries


The very strange teachings about Bloodlines, New Breed, Elect Seed, New Order and Abortion in the history of the IHOP movement.


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Offensive Music in the Church,

Host: Vic EliasonVCY America
VCY America, 7/20/11

Many people appreciate the preaching of their pastor but are put-off by the music.  Are you tired of standing for long periods while the worship leader has you singing the same chorus over and over and over again?  Do you arrive late just so you don't have to endure the pounding beat of what some churches call, "worship"?  If the music of your church isn't in harmony with the preaching, Vic understands.  That's why he opened the phone lines to allow listeners to call and share their experiences to see how Christians around the nation are reacting to this phenomenon.

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Are Catholics Deceived?

by Mike Gendron, 7/21/11Proclaiming The Gospel

Who will you trust? Many people disregard Jeremiah's advice and put their trust in religious leaders. Catholics believe that the Pope and the Roman Catholic Church accurately teach what Jesus and His Word reveal. This can be a fatal mistake. Those who disregard the objective truth of the Bible and rely only on the subjective teachings of men leave themselves open to deception. We know God would never deceive anyone because He wants all people to be saved and come to a knowledge of the truth (l Timothy 2:3). He gave us His Word so we could know, understand and believe the truth (John 17:17).

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In Progress: The Building of the New World Religion

by Heidi Swander, July 18, 2011Olive Tree Ministries

E-mail after call after letter we receive requests information on a sound and safe church to attend in hometowns across America. What has happened? When did the breakdown begin? How is deception on overdrive in most churches that were solid just 20 years ago? Part of the mystery is revealed in the DVD, " Agenda: Grinding America Down," and the frosting on the cake is applied by Caryl Matrisciana in her new film, "Wide is the Gate: The Emerging New Christianity." This DVD is in five parts, suitable for Sunday school, mid-week service, home fellowships, etc. Please note that we have an introductory price that is 25% off the retail price. We have it marked down to $30 for the four-hour presentation. You might not agree with every word, but at least be open to seeing the bottom line issue Heidi has drafted: The formation of the one-world religion is now in process. Christian leaders you may admire are players on the scorecard whether they know it or not.

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