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'Rapture' real aftermath: Beheadings, shootings, mass graves
Faith Healers and Dealers
Jerry Boykin And The Calvary Chapel Connection
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Volume 34, Issue 5 
Dear All,

Trouble on all fronts of "Christendom" today.  Maybe a a better word would be "ChristenDUMB".


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by Herescope, 7/13/11 Discernment Ministries


Last week C. Peter Wagner added his name to the list of The Response prayer rally endorsers.[2] This has the effect of putting the full weight of his New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) behind Texas Governor Rick Perry and his potential bid for president. The "Kansas City Prophets" via their IHOP movement was already a primary backer of this quasi-political "prayer event." But now, with Wagner's high-profile endorsement, the event takes on new significance. Wagner's presence indicates the marshaling of forces of his Seven Mountains Army behind a potential presidential candidate.


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'Rapture' real aftermath: Beheadings, shootings, mass graves - 'Families don't know if missing loved ones are dead, arrested or hiding in jungle'

by Bob Unruh, WND, 7/14/11 World News Daily

The executive director of a ministry that works with the persecuted church in the northern reaches of Vietnam says he's outraged that a "prophecy" by an American preacher apparently cost the lives of many tribal Hmong people who believed it. The prediction by Harold Camping, 89, of Oakland, Calif.-based Family Radio, was that Jesus Christ would return to Earth to "rapture" his followers to heaven on May 21.  Camping said mankind had run out of time, and the Creator of the universe would arrive on that Saturday.

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Faith Healers and Dealers

Guarding His Flock Ministries by Pastor Larry DeBruyn, 7/15/11

Look at it like this: a particular evangelist claims to possess power from God to heal people. Then, we ask, why doesn't he go to public hospitals or physical rehab facilities and call the sick and the lame out of their beds? If the pretend healer did, can you imagine the  amazement that would fall over all the nurses, doctors, workers and other patients? So why don't the charismatic healers leave the friendly confines of planned meetings in rented auditoriums and go to the hospitals? Why don't they just do it? Maybe they don't do it because they can't. And if they can't, when in fact they put on airs they can, then they are liars. But if like Peter they really can but won't, then "these healers" are cruel. So their failure to heal in public places like hospitals strikes at the heart of their credibility. By failing to go to hospitals and heal, are they violating their "hypocritical" oath. In either case, they stand exposed as either liars or loveless.

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Jerry Boykin And The Calvary Chapel Connection 

by Roger Oakland, 7/11 Understanding The Times

Understand The Times has  discovered that Calvary Chapel has been, and still does, promote a high officer in the Vatican's Jesuitical, "Knights of Malta". Jerry Boykin, former commander of the United States Army John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center Special Forces Psychological Operations, is that man. The Order of Malta is a religious order of the Vatican. Jerry Boykin holds the title of Grand Chancellor with the Vatican's Jesuitical, "Knights of Malta".


Update to this article:  Check out this link:



You will see Gen. Jerry Boykin who is Grand Chancellor of the Vatican's Jesuitical "Knights of Malta" (KOM swear fealty to the pope) and is involved with Rick Joyner in MorningStar which is part of the New Apostolic Reformation; Samy Tanagho who prays to Allah (endorsed by Chuck Smith whom I heard and had an email correspondence with on the subject of him claiming Allah is YHWH); and Danny Lehman who supports the World Christian Gathering on Indigenous People and is a YWAM leader (YWAM is part of the New Apostolic under C. Peter Wagner and also work with Mike Bickle of IHOP). They are all speakers at the upcoming End Times Outreach 2011 and How To Walk 2011 conferences at Calvary Chapel Komo Mai in Oahu, Hawaii.

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