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Letter to the Editor: Pastor Stopped Purpose Driven/Emergent Teachings After Learning of the Errors
Chrislam - the bottom of the slide
Is The Trinity A Philosophical Contradiction?
Back To Basics-Rob Pue Commentary
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We are also involved in counseling, meeting personally with those who are struggling to leave or concerned with friends and loved ones who are involved in cult groups. We want to present the differences in a clear and concise fashion, motivated by love for God and the people (Mk.12:29-30; Gal.5:14). Love will speak the truth to win the hearer, not just the argument or a certain point.

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Volume 34, Issue 1  
Dear All,

There is an interesting phenomenon happening in many churches today, which is clearly driven by the enemy.  That is the letting go of the doctrine of the Trinity to the point where a number of denominations have no problem with false religions like Islam.  This antitrinitarian rhetoric has been going on since William Branham and before, but is now cultminating in ideas like "Chrislam" and the doing away with this core doctrine in order to forge a type of unity that has nothing to do with the unity of the Spirit and unity of the Faith.  The attacks on the Trinity are yet another sign that the Apostasy is here.


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Letter to the Editor: Pastor Stopped Purpose Driven/Emergent Teachings After Learning of the Errors
by Lighthouse Trails, 6/15/11LT Research


Concerning the last article here, by Steve Muse, I want to share a word of encouragement to him and to you!  After learning in the past year of the attacks on the people of God, the church, from reading at Lighthouse Trails website, God led me to share with my three pastors . . . Senior, and two young assistants . . . the information I learned from you.  In the past few months, they have stopped the "Emergent, Rick Warren, and all of the other false teachings, and are once again preaching and teaching the Word of God!!  And guess what?!  Souls are being saved so wonderfully that it is almost too much to take in . . . the change is so dramatic that all I can do is praise our Wonderful Lord as I stand in awe at His marvelous Grace!!  


Click here to read this article! 

Chrislam - the bottom of the slide

by Mike Oppenheimer, 6/20/11 Let Us Reason

The converging of two diametrically opposed religions.

Click here to read this article!

Is The Trinity A Philosophical Contradiction?

by Jacob Allee, CARM, 6/20/11Christian Apologetics & Research

Many people who reject the biblical doctrine of the Trinity do because of confusion and misunderstanding. They think we are saying the Bible teaches that God is one person and God is three persons at the same time and in the same way. If that was actually what we were saying then the Trinity would indeed be a logical contradiction. However, when properly understood that God is one "being" who exists as three "persons," and we understand the difference between the words "being" and "person," then there is no logical contradiction in the Trinity. The fact of the matter is that God is simply a different kind of being than human beings, containing more persons in His existence than humans. Some will say "but there is nothing else like this to which we can point!" We as Christians say "Amen. There is no one like our God!" It is exactly for this reason that we should not try to explain God by comparing Him to things in this world, because there is nothing to which He can be compared.

Click here to read this article!

Back To Basics-Rob Pue Commentary

on VCY America, 6/16/11 VCY America

Rob described how Christians reflect far too many of the world's values.  This is most obviously seen in today's seeker-friendly church movement.  However, if seeker friendliness isn't what the Bible calls us to, what is our responsibility as Christians?  Are there some basics we can begin with that we need to get back to?  Find out what Crosstalk callers had to say as well when you review this timely edition of Crosstalk.

Click here to listen to this interview!
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