Volume Three, Issue Three

Volume Three, Issue Three

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"Doctrines Of Demons" by Tricia Tillin, 1999

Tricia Tillin, Ed Tarkowski and I have been researching some very important information that we think every born again Christian ought to be aware of.  Ed Tarkowski is just finishing a nine part series dealing with his information, but from a slightly different direction.  We were shocked when we began to realize the implications of demonic prophesies from the occult, New Age, spiritism, Islam, Catholicism, and the Third Wave.  We have suspected for a long time the direction the New Age "New Apostolic Reformation" was taking.  This information should make any Christian sit up and take notice.  We are swiftly moving into a time of deception and apostasy such as this world has never before experienced.  As Mike Oppenheimer of "Let Us Reason" Ministries in Hawaii said to me just the other day (in so many words), "If you can't see through the deception, false teaching, false prophesy and false anointing of people like Benny Hinn, Kenneth Copeland, Rodney Howard-Browne, John Arnott, John Kilpatrick, Steve Hill, Paul Cain, Rick Joyner and many others in the Third Wave, you will not be able to discern the error in the coming major delusion at all!"

Since the author prefers that we link to her article, I will simply provide you with the link instead of reprinting the article.  I urge you to read the article carefully and pray about the ramifications and how you should address this problem with your friends.  It is time to get serious about dealing with the leaven of the Third Wave in the churches today.  The Lord is sifting the church to see who really loves Him and will follow His Word, and who would rather run after the latest "power broker" with a false anointing.

Here's the link:


May the Lord bless you as you "endure" to the end (2 Tim. 2:10-13),
Sandy Simpson, missionary