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Yoga in the Church
The New Look of Christian Missions
The May 21 Fallout...
Can the New Apostles and Prophets Seize Dominion by Political Intermarriage?
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Volume 33, Issue 8 
Dear All,

May was a banner month for heresy and false prophecy.  The Apostasy is in full swing.


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Yoga in the Church
by Lighthouse Trails, 5/21/11LT Research


More than ever, Yoga has entered the Christian church. Lighthouse Trails receives reports nearly daily of Christians who are practicing Yoga and churches that are allowing Yoga to be practiced at their churches. Yoga is the heartbeat of Hinduism, a belief system that completely contradicts biblical Christianity and puts practitioners in harm's way. Yoga is a gateway into eastern mysticism. If you have loved ones who are getting into Yoga, please warn them of its dangers.  


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The New Look of Christian Missions

by Roger Oakland, 5/18/11Understanding The Times

Emerging spirituality is changing the way missions is being conducted. The idea is that you can go for Jesus, but you don't have to identify yourself as a Christian or part of the Christian church. This concept spills over into some missionary societies too, where they teach people from other religions they can keep their religion, just add Jesus to the equation. They don't have to embrace the term Christian.

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The May 21 Fallout...

by Bill RandlesBelievers In Grace
Believers In Grace, 5/21/11

I believe that May 21, 2011 will prove to have been a watershed day for millions of people, regardless of the fact that Jesus didn't come back to rapture His flock, and commence the judgment of the earth, as predicted by Harold Camping. Evidently the calculations of the self-confessed life long Bible student, and civil engineer didn't quite add up. I hope you don't think I am being facetious about it, because there is nothing humorous in this at all. In fact, I have no doubt that though things didn't work out as some anticipated, many lives will never be the same again because of the fallout from this spiritual fiasco. The impact for many will stretch into eternity.

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Can the New Apostles and Prophets Seize Dominion by Political Intermarriage? - Can God's Supposed Lost Dominion Be Regained By Mere Political Means?

by Orrel SteinkampThe Plumbliine
The Plumbline
Volume 16, No. 3, May/June 2011

The Dominionists are now hitting the political big-time. There is a conference scheduled to be held at Liberty University April 8-9 sponsored by Freedom-Federation called Awakening 2011. It will be on CSpan for the first time and will include 60 nationally known Political operatives and many Dominionist personalities. The politicos include: Newt, Rep. Mike Spence, Gary Baur, Frank Gaffney, Marco Rubio and Michele Bachmann. The Domionist Clergy include, Rick Joyner, Lou Engle, Cindy Jacobs and David Barton.

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In His hands,

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