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Read Letter Christians
Rick Warren's "Daniel Plan" Doctor Oz Will Lead Mass Hypnosis on TV
Man's Quest to Become God: The Newest Plan
In Bed with TBN
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Discernment Ministries

Discernment Ministries was founded in 1989 by Travers and  Jewel van der Merwe. They had been pastoring for a number of years and began to be deeply concerned with what they perceived within the church as a radical shift away from the authority of Scripture. This shift wasn't only affecting individual lives, but seemed to be steering the Church away from its firm foundation toward experiential faith. Sadly, with the advent of signs, wonders and personal prophecy on a unprecedented scale, the church was using intuitive reasoning as a basis for faith rather than the immutable authority of the Word of God - the Holy Bible. Their concerns led the van der Merwe's to publish a bi-monthly newsletter, DISCERNMENT, then write their first book, STRANGE FIRE, which dealt with the revival of a neo-gnosticism developing at a rapid speed within Christendom. The ministry began with a simple newsletter mailed out to seventy people. The readership has steadily grown. Discernment presently has an office in the U. S., and South Africa. In addition to a bi-monthly newsletter, the ministry provides books, audio tapes and videos on a wide range of topics.


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Volume 32, Issue 3   
Dear All,

Apostasy is all over the map these days.  Christians need to be alert and not be lulled to sleep by false teachers.


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Read Letter Christians
by Tony CampoloApprising Ministries
Reviewed by Ken Silva
I'll remind you that not only is Tony Campolo a leading spokesman for this postmodern form of progressive Liberalism 2.o de-formation of the Christian faith, he is also still quite influential within younger sectors of evangelicalism as well. It's important to remember, that as admirable as some of his social concerns are, Campolo is actually in bed spiritually with his fellow Red Letter Christian (RLC) friends Living Spiritual Teacher and EC guru Brian McLaren and universalist Roman Catholic mystic Richard Rohr. Other notable RLCs would be Campolo's disciple Shane Claiborne, Jim Wallis, progressive/liberal historian Diana Butler Bass, and Tony Jones, the progressive "theologian in residence" at the Emerging Church of universalist Doug Pagitt; a spiritual motley crew if there ever was one.

Click here to read this book review!
Rick Warren's "Daniel Plan" Doctor Oz Will Lead Mass Hypnosis on TV
by Lighthouse Trails Research, 2/5/11LT Research
Christian Research Network has posted a video clip where Rick Warren's Dr. OZ is announcing that on Monday he and a fellow doctor are going to "hypnotize America." If you haven't kept up on what is currently happening at Saddleback Church with Rick Warren, please read the following articles where it documents that Rick Warren is using New Age promoting doctors to get his congregation healthy. Meditation is one of the techniques that these doctors advocate. If you think that this is just about Saddleback Church and has nothing to do with you or your church or your grown children's churches, please think twice about that. The repercussions of what is happening right now at Saddleback could be astronomical, and yet ... once again, there is absolute silence (no pun intended) from Christian leaders.

Click here to read this article!
Man's Quest to Become God: The Newest Plan
by Heidi SwanderOlive Tree Ministries
Olive Tree Ministries, 2/2/11

Warning:  What you are about to read sounds like a new spin-off episode of Star Trek, but it is not.  It is really happening in real time with real people, and it will very likely have a tremendous impact on the future of our world and on the seven-year Tribulation period that is fast approaching.  Our subject is Transhumanism...

Click here to read this article!
In Bed with TBN
by Jackie Alnor, 6/1/04Apostasy Alert Radio Show

There's been a long-running debate in the evangelical church over what policy should be followed in deciding whether or not to buy air-time on the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) or any other "Christian" network that promotes the "Prosperity Gospel," which is not the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Should teachers who promote the true Gospel grace the set of the "Praise the Lord" program or any other show hosted by false teachers?


Click here to read this article!
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May the Lord bless you as you continue to be a Berean!
In His hands,

Sandy Simpson
Apologetics Coordination Team
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