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Signs That Make One Wonder
"The Apostles/Prophets Have Fallen and Can't Get Up"
Bill Johnson teaches that those who do not believe that the guarantee of physical healing is part of the Atonement are teaching "a different gospel"
Bill Johnson's 'Born Again' Jesus
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compiled by Sandy Simpson

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This is a sampling of false prophecies by many false prophets that have been distributed by ElijahList.  I have been collecting ElijahList newsletters for years.  The following are but a tiny fraction of the false prophecies ElijahList has sent out.  Prophesy, that is predictive, is to be judged not only on whether or not the prophecy came true, but on how it depicts the character and testimony of God, and whether or not it teaches what the Bible teaches.  If a Third Wave prophet happens to, on the very off chance, get a prediction right his prophecy must still be judged as to whether or not it is consistent with the law and the testimony (Is. 8:20).  If it is not it is a lying prophecy, not from the Lord, but from either the delusions of his or her own mind (Jer. 14:14) or from evil (Jer. 23:10) which has it's origin from the evil one (Jas. 3:15, 1 Jn. 3:8).

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The Other Side Of The River


by Kevin Reeves

This website was born out of the need for the body of Christ to know about the dangers of the "River" movement. It goes by a lot of different names - the River Revival, Latter Rain, The Third Wave - and it is marked by bizarre manifestations, false prophecies and esoteric revelations. Warnings of divine retribution hold many adherents in a bondage of fear, making them afraid to speak out or even question those things they are taught and are witness to. But for the seeking heart, there is a way out, back into the freedom and simplicity of Christ Jesus, and to experience again the joy of following Him rather than the latest Christian fad. It is my hope to provide in this web site the Biblical knowledge and tools to help the seeker to honestly examine the teachings, practices, and beliefs of the "River," swim to shore, and get shed of its murky waters.

Many have already done just that.

I did.

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Volume 31, Issue 6
Dear All,

This whole newsletter is devoted to exposing the false teachings, false prophecies, false practice and cultic nature of the Bill Johnson's "Bethel Church" in Redding, CA and his "Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry".


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Signs That Make One Wonder
by Orrel StienkampThe Plumbliine
The Plumbline, Vol. 14, No. 4
July/August 2009

Signs and wonders have always been claimed in the church. In the middle ages signs and wonders were usually related to apparitions of the Virgin Mary. It wasn't until the latter part of the 19tb century that the sign phenomena began to be noted again Alexander Dowse and Mary Woodworth-Etter, (the "trance evangelist"), being examples. The Pentecostal move at tile turn of the 20th century emphasized healing and the spiritual gifts. But in more recent times John Wimber and his Vineyard movement chose signs and wonders as the focal point of their movement. Wimber's ministry and movement attained notoriety in a church growth class he team taught at Fuller Seminary on signs and wonders with C. Peter Wagner. Wimber's signs and wonders were, however, limited to healing, slain in the Spirit, halo's designating those to be healed and warm sensations etc. Wimber proceeded to found the Vineyard movement. It was Vineyard pastor John Amott that sparked the Toronto Blessing. Wimber surprisingly became uncomfortable with the excesses at Toronto and also with certain aspects of the Kansas City Prophets. He assumed leadership the Kansas City Prophetic and it became the Metro Vineyard of Kansas City. About this time Bob Jones, a prophet and seer at Kansas City, was sidelined because he used his so called prophetic seer ministry to influence ladies to disrobe before the Lord etc. Jones was given a behind the scenes ministry but never was achrally disciplined. Jones was res~ by Todd Bentley. It is interesting that a number of Vineyard paslors have been the ones to go beyond Toronto and are now into The Extreme Prophetic movement with yet more bizarre and strange supernatural phenomena.

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"The Apostles/Prophets Have Fallen and Can't Get Up"
by Orrel SteinkampThe Plumbliine
The Plumbline, Vol. 14, No. 5,
September/October 2009

This proves again to be the same ole same ole of false prophets in church history.  Wesley and Whitfield had to contend with the French Prophets and the early church had to contend with Montanus and his female prophets in the second century.  And so it will be till the Son of Man returns.

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Bill Johnson teaches that those who do not believe that the guarantee of physical healing is part of the Atonement are teaching "a different gospel"
YouTube, 8/21/10YouTube

ACT Comment:
Notwithstanding that Johnson quotes Galatians 1:8 out of context, which refers to adding Law to Grace, he is also misinterpreting Is. 53:5 as do many Pentecostals to mean that "by His stipres your are healed" is refeing to physical healing.  Yes, God does heal but He also allows people to be sick according to His will (Gal. 4:13).  The healing spoken of in Is. 53 is a direct reference to the salvation sent by the Father through His Son, the second birth, a spiritual birth.  We are NOT guaranteed healing in the Atonement.  We are guaranteed eternal life and abundant life now, but we must trust that everything the Lord allows us to experience in life is not going to be easy all the time.

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Bill Johnson's 'Born Again' Jesus
by Craig DorshheimerCrosswise
Crosswise, 9/26/10

Sad to say, but, Bill Johnson's 'Jesus' is not the one of orthodox Biblical Christianity.  In addition, his 'Christ' is inconsistent with Scripture; and, this 'Christ' does not offer true salvation. Watch Part 1 & Part 2.

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In His hands,

Sandy Simpson
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