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Missionary or Missional - The Emerging Church "On a Mission from God"
The Political and Religious Deception of the Green Movement
Bob Jones and his Spirit...Guide
Brian McLaren's New Book "A New Kind of Christianity" - Assaulting Truth with a Vengeance
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Volume 27, Issue 7
Dear All,

The word "missions" had been co-opted by the Emerging Church, now being recycled as "missional".  But those terms are not the same thing.  Read this article and the new article below for a definition of both terms.  Don't be fooled into thinking that Emerging Church leaders are interested in evangelism, except when it comes to promoting their own unbiblical ideas.

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Missionary or Missional - The Emerging Church "On a Mission from God"
Critical Issues Commentary
by Bob DeWaay, 3/3/10

For hundreds, if not thousands, of years Christians have used the term "missionary" to describe one who goes out to preach the gospel to an unsaved world headed toward judgment-repentance for the forgiveness of sin found in the death and resurrection of Christ. The mission of the missionary was to proclaim the absolute truth of the gospel-a fact proven by Jesus' resurrection from the dead. The gospel is "good news" because it provides condemned sinners with a certain escape from God's wrath. Emergent's word "missional" does not convey this meaning.

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The Political and Religious Deception of the Green Movement
Let Us Reason
by Mike Oppenheimer, 3/7/10

Is global warming science, politics or religious? Is this really a life or death issue for the planet and her creatures or is there more to this than what we have been told? How accurate are the Scientists findings. Where did it begin? Where is it leading us? What is their purpose in wanting people to be environmentally friendly. Who are some of the people involved and how organized are they? The video covers the re-education of our children to be global citizens, the media's bias and subsequent brainwashing of the masses to accept green policies. This video presents the quotes of those involved and gives answers through power point, videos; with logic, actual facts and the Bible. Be aware of what is taking place, this issue is not going away. This DVD is one hour and 10 minutes long.

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Slaugher Of The Sheep
by Chrystal, Slaughter Of The Sheep

Bob Jones gave a prophecy at MorningStar on March 8, 2010.  As far as Bob Jones's prophecies are concerned, they are always far out and extravagant.  This one is the same.  A real doozy!  He doesn't disappoint in that regard.  However, this one sheds a little more light on the spirit that guides Jones.  The following is a short quote from Jones's prophecy: "For many years a priest spoke this to me, and finally he told me who he was...he's in Hebrews 5:6...Melchizedek generation." If I heard him right, he is saying that a priest (spirit) had been speaking to him for years without identifying himself until recently.  Who is the priest?  Melchizedek, who passed away thousands of years ago.

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Brian McLaren's New Book "A New Kind of Christianity" - Assaulting Truth with a Vengeance
LT Publishing
by John Lanagan, March 7th, 2010
In Brian McLaren's latest book, A New Kind of Christianity, the reader is cordially invited to join the author in a heretical assault upon God and the Bible. Indeed, as McLaren enthusiastically demonstrates, it is not possible to attack one without attacking the other.

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May the Lord bless you as you continue to be a Berean!

Sandy Simpson
Apologetics Coordination Team
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