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United in prayer - United in error
False Teachers ... REVISITED!
God in all things? The basis for contemplative spirituality
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Featured Discernment Link
LT Publishing
Lighthouse Trails Publishing

In the year 2000, we learned that a mantra-style meditation coupled with a mystical spirituality had been introduced to the evangelical, Christian church and was infiltrating youth groups, churches, seminaries, and Bible studies at an alarming rate. Thus, in the spring of 2002, we began Lighthouse Trails Publishing with the hope of exposing this dangerous and pervasive mystical paradigm-six months later we published our first release, A Time of Departing by Ray Yungen.  As we learned more about contemplative spirituality (also known as the spiritual formation movement), we came to realize it had entered the church through a number of avenues-Willow Creek, Purpose Driven, and the emerging church just to name a few of the more prominent ones. Because the premise of this spirituality is both pantheistic (God is all things) and panentheistic (God is in all things), thus refuting the gospel message of the Cross, we are compelled to address this issue.  Lighthouse Trails Publishing and our research ministry, Lighthouse Trails Research Project, are here as a service to the body of Christ.
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Volume 27, Issue 1
Dear All,

Folks, we have many serious issues facing us as the Body of Christ.  Many false prophets and false teachers with their unbiblical teachings have "crept in" (Jude 1:4).  We are not to join with them in prayer, but to "rebuke them sharply" (Tit. 1:9-13) because they are "subverting whole houses, teaching things which they ought not".  A great apostasy is in many churches, and though the gates of hell cannot prevail against the true Church (Matt. 16:18) many who call themselves followers of Christ are giving up their belief systems to false teachers and are in danger of being deceived.  Let us stand together against the New Age, New Apostolic, Word of Faith and other unbiblical movements that are ruining churches the world over.

2 Thes. 2:3  Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition; 

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United in prayer - United in error
by Mike Oppenheimer, Let Us Reason
Let Us Reason Ministries, 11/29/09
The United in Prayer movement's false claims of change in Hawaii documented.  The Hawaii churches united in prayer once again this November, 2009. On the Hawaii United in prayer radio program on Nov.25, 2009 (KGU radio) Cal Chinen, the main promoter of UIP, was discussing the success of their praying -- and said the crime rate continues to go down; it is the lowest in the nation. The other host responded that God is hovering over Hawaii and called the pastors gatekeepers.  Putting aside for the moment the unbiblical concept of hovering, does God hover over a state because churches are uniting in prayer? Before you read this article pray that God will show you the truth, because if you are participating in this gathering your whole world is about to be turned upside down by the facts.  Certainly prayer changes things whether one prays by themself or with others. Prayer is one the most sacred of services and honors a believer can do. However, we are to be discerning in who we unite with in anything as believers; most importantly prayer. I can only wonder why the few good churches would be willing to unite spiritually in prayer with churches that promote false teachings, are cultic; churches that promote Mary as co - redemptrix, churches that promote the false word faith teaching, Dominionism, the Latter Rain movement and the new apostolic movement of Peter Wagner. Churches that have another gospel. This whole prayer concept is connected to the transformation philosophy of George Otis Jr. of the Sentinel Group. Otis is called an apostle under Peter Wagner and  so is Ed Silvoso. Coincidence? Hardly. The International Coalition of Apostles and prophets have many avenues to reach inside the church to establish their agenda of control. C. Peter Wagner believes "the government of the church is finally coming into place" and "The second apostolic age began in the year 2001"  (see and also When you join this prayer movement you are entering to pray with Kingdom Now, Latter Rain promoters who believe that the church will rule the earth. They have a completely different view of the church and the end times than the Bible. If you are a pastor involved you need to remove yourself, because you are introducing people into this new false apostolic program, when you should be keeping them from it.

Read the article here.
False Teachers ... REVISITED!
by Sandy Simpson. ACT, 9/03/09ACT Logo 2

I often receive requests to present updated false teachings and false prophecies by the myriad of heretics out there.  We do try to keep up with all the latest.  But I have to remind people that those we have exposed as false on our site have not repented of what they have already done in the past, which is why they are still on our site.  So what they are doing now has no relevance as to whether or not they are now to be considered a true Biblical teacher.  If and when they repent, that is renounce their false teachings and false prophecies, make restitution to those they have deceived, and begin to teach sound Biblical doctrine we will give you that information.  As of now NONE of the people we have exposed have repented of their Latter Rain, Word of Faith teachings, heretical practices or their false prophecies.  But in the interest of helping you to respond to a person who inquires by saying: "Those articles are old and you need newer materials" well, here is some newer stuff you can add to the pile.  For you and me this really makes no difference, but for those who are living in deception perhaps it might demolish one of their arguments against the truth. I will only deal with quotes from 2007 through 2009 in this article.  I will not go into detailed analysis of these newer quotes in order to save space, but will present a short comment and link you elsewhere for the detailed report, if there is one.

Click here to read this article!

by Ray Yungen, Lighthouse Trails, 1/26/10LT Publishing
It was Alice Bailey (the famous occult prophetess who coined the term New Age) who made this startling assertion:
"It is, of course, easy to find many passages which link the way of the Christian Knower with that of his brother in the East. They bear witness to the same efficacy of method." (Alice Bailey, From Intellect to Intuition (New York, NY: Lucis Publishing Co., 1987, 13th printing), p. 193.)

What did she mean by the term "Christian Knower"? The answer is unmistakable! In the first chapter, we saw how occultism is awakening the mystical faculties to see God in everything.

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Discernment Search Engines
by ACTACT Logo 2
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May the Lord bless you as you continue to be a Berean!

Sandy Simpson
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