Volume Seventeen, Issue One

Volume 17, Issue 1

Dear All,

Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ from the islands of the Pacific!  Just a quick note ...

I have had emails from a number of people with a number of questions about this e-Newsletter.  The DITC e-Newsletter has been sent out since 1997 FREE OF CHARGE.  It contains FREE articles from a wide variety of sources, as well as FREE articles by Sandy Simpson of Apologetics Coordination Team (ACT).  We have hundreds of contributing authors to the ACT we site.  The work they do is, by in large, FREELY available, which represents uncounted thousands of hours of research.  It is my hope that those who use the materials we send out FREE will turn around and help support those ministries involved, not just ACT.  You can do that by helping in prayer, direct financial gifts, or by purchasing the small percentage of materials we all have for sale.  You will notice on our site that we have some materials for sale.  They are for sale because they cost us money to manufacture.  We try to sell our materials for as low a price as possible, bearing in mind that we need to charge enough so that we can manufacture the next order and continue on to other projects.  Most of the discernment ministries I know are barely meeting their financial needs.  I know that some of you seem to be offended that we offer items for sale.  Maybe this will help you to understand that these ministries need support and this is one way you can support them.  You will notice on the Deception In The Church web site on the Audio and Book pages that there are many links there to other sites where you can get ahold of excellent apologetics materials.  All this information is provided to you FREE OF CHARGE, which represents years of work on my part to assemble this stuff.  I am glad to provide a place where people can come anonymously to read up on what is going on in the world of false teachers today.  It is my hope that you will remember that those resources are from people who are giving up a major part of their time and personal resources to help YOU.  They need your understanding and support.  The ACT contributors are biblical Christians who are called to do what they are doing and in many cases are under a lot of persecution and attack from the enemy.  Your understanding and help would be vastly appreciated.  I only bring this up so that those of you who complain about our sale of some Christian materials can understand the process, and even bring yourself to help by purchasing some of those important resources.  This is why I always include ads for some of the most timely sale resources on our site, so that you will be able to delve even deeper into the subject areas that will help you in your area to stand for the truth of God's written Word, and so that we can contiue to provide those resources in the future.  Right now I am working on a bnew book with Mike Oppenheimer of Let Us Reason Minsitries.  I have no idea where the money will be coming from to print that book.  We are dependant upon the Lord to provide, which means we are dependant upon the Church to help.

Thank you for using the ACT web sites and may the Lord richly bless you as you continue to be a Berean.  Remember that the archive for past issues of the DITC e-Newsletter is here:


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In His hands,
Sandy Simpson
Apologetics Coordination Team


The feature in this newsletter is the Discernment Newsletter from Jewel Grewe of Discernment Ministries, Volume 17, Number 6, Novemeber/December 2006.  It is a report from her trip to South Africa and Nigeria.  She covers T.B. Joshua, crusades of people like Reinhard Bonnke, and a report on Transformations Africa and Ed Silvoso.  Also covered is what Brian McLaren, Emergent Church leader, has been teaching.  Take special note of the "moment of impartation" at the Transformations Africa conference.  Lest anyone still thinks it is okay to associate with the New Apostolic Reformation and their agenda after reading what they are doing, bear in mind that we have been warning about Latter Rain heresy and spiritism for years.  The claims being made of "transformation" in Africa, Hawaii and elsewhere are fabrications, exaggerations, and outright lies. Francis Oda brought a report from Hawaii.  I live here too.  The only transformation happening in Hawaii is a return to paganism and a worsening daily of social ills.  To make false claims of transformation based on false prophecies by false prophetesses like Cindy Jacobs, who claimed the Lord told her that Hawaii would be the first entirely Christian state where everyone would be saved, is not just misguided positive thinking ... it is a lie of the enemy from those who serve him because they have stopped obeying the Lord Jesus Christ long ago.

Critical Missiological Issue!!

This DVD video series features Mike Oppenheimer and Sandy Simpson and their in depth research regarding the First Nations Movement and World Christian Gatherings of Indigenous Peoples which is part of the New Apostolic Reformation.  This is an issue that pastors and missionaries need to be informed of because it goes to the core of evangelism and preaching the Gospel.  Go here for ordering details!

Important DVD Study Series!

This video study series is taken from the Discernment Toolkit  book but includes a lot of footage of false teachers and false prophets.  It will help you and/or your group learn how to test, discern and judge teaching and prophecy that is out there today in a very practical way.  It covers the core doctrines, how we can use them to test, and examples on the DVD that can be paused for discussion.  This series also includes a teacher guide and links to resources on the web.  This 3-DVD series is available now!
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Every Pastor Needs This!

What is it and where is it going?
is a DVD /VHS expose of  the NAR and it's leadership of C. Peter Wagner, Cindy Jacobs, Chuck Peirce, Dutch Sheets, Bill Hamon, Jack Deere and others. It  features commentary by Bill Randles, Arnold Fruchtenbaum, Jacob Prasch, Mike Oppenheimer, Orrel Steinkamp, Gary Gilley, Dave Hunt, Sandy Simpson and others.
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New Book!
FINISH THE RACE! was written to help believers to realize the absolute necessity of growing to maturity in Christ. Many churches are urging Christians to push aside discernment in favor of experience. It is our hope that this book will inspire many believers to fight the good fight, finish the race, and keep the faith (2 Tim. 4:7). Go here for ordering details.
Companion Book!
THE NEW APOSTOLIC REFORMATION is now available in book form. This is the DVD script plus commentary by Sandy Simpson. The commentary of the DVD series is not in the book, but there are many more quotes available than in the video series.  Good reference material.  Also available on CD-ROM.
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LETTERS TO THE CHURCH is a fitting manual for the Revelation Christian. All the precepts are in the seven letters in Revelation 1:9 - 3:22 to help us keep the faith, stay in sound doctrine, and reach out to those who are perishing. I hope and pray that this book will help the reader to be an “overcomer”.
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Demolish Arguments!
Want to be able to see your way through to clear biblical discernment? Want a set of tools that will allow you to disciple your loved ones so they will stand firm in the Faith? Want to sort out many of the false arguments and teachings that have invaded the churches? Then DISCERNMENTTOOLKIT book is for you!
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Important Video Information 
On Benny Hinn!
features Jacob Prasch, Mike Oppenheimer & Sandy Simpson and tons of video showing the teachings and prophecies of Benny Hinn.  This is a proven tool to keep people away from heresy. 
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Living Water 2003 
Discernment Conference
3-DVD Set & 2-VHS Set Now Available!

Featuring Bill Randles, Gary Gilley
& Ray Yungen

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Discernment 2001 
6-DVD Set & 2-VHS Set Now Available!

Featuring Dave Hunt, Duane Magnani, Mike Oppenheimer, Jacob Prasch, Jewel Grewe & Bill Randles

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