Volume Ten, Issue Nine

Volume 10, Issue 9

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Holiday greetings from the islands!


The feature article in this DITC e-Newsletter is "Building A Home For The Antichrist" by Mike Oppenheimer, Let Us Reason Ministries, 11/03.  This important article present's Benny Hinn's vision for the Church to help in rebuilding the temple.  The "This Is Your Day" program that aired November 18, 2003 featured Benny Hinn in Jerusalem with Rabbi Chaim Richman.  Hinn treated the Rabbi like a "Messianic Jew" which he is not and allowed him to promote the rebuilding of the Temple on his "This Is Your Day" program.  Hinn then stated that God wants the temple rebuilt, prayed that it would be and offered to support the effort.  One way he is supporting the rebuilding is to offer a calendar by the Temple Institute of Jerusalem for $35. on his program.  Hinn only mentioned Jesus Christ once in passing in his prayer on the program, but did not mention that the Temple will be rebuilt to offer sacrifices that God no longer accepts.  He mentioned nothing about Jesus Christ being the only sacrifice for sin, nor did he talk about the fact that the Temple will be quickly used by the antichrist to proclaim himself as God.  This raises all kinds of questions about Hinn, since he is of Arab/Palestinian/Armenian decent, and is one of the key players who laid hands on most of the Third Wavers today and gave them a false anointing.  We need to keep watch on Hinn because if he
continues down this road it is very likely he will play a part in the scenario laid out in Revelation. You can watch the 11/18/03 program for the next week here: http://www.bennyhinn.org -- or listen to the audio in MP3 format here: http://op.50megs.com/hinn11-18-03.mp3


Apologetics Coordination Team (ACT) in cooperation with a number of other ministries, is excited to bring you another apologetics discernment conference in Honolulu on December 5-6, 2003.  This is an important conference for all Christian leaders dealing with a number of issues in the Church.  Click on the graphic below to read it in Adobe Acrobat .pdf format.


Check out our Book Reviews page on DITC.  It is an alphabetical directory of book, video, newsletter and course reviews by title.  This is a handy research guide of reviews by the best apologist authors.  Check the What's New! page at DITC often for new book reviews.

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