Volume 3, Issue 2
Deception In The Church Newsletter

Dear All,

Ths KJV-Only slant of the article I sent out has been brought to my attention.  I had intended to cut out all that information as I do not agree with all the claims made on the conspiracy in the Revised Standard Version.  The reason I sent the links out was because to send the whole article out would have been too long an e-mail download for most people.

Please understand that I am not KJV-Only nor do I agree with many of their positions and claims.  There are problems with all translations that are true translations of the Bible.  There may indeed be some conspiracy behind certain omissions or additions.  But anyone who has the facility to read and understand the Greek and Hebrew or access to concordances and dictionaries can still come to accuracy regarding what any verse of Scripture is really saying.  KJV has its deficiencies, especially with regard to the changing English language.  Other versions are deficient in other ways.  We need to use all of them and all resources available, especially the study of the original languages, if we are to come to greater understanding of the Scriptures.

Please disregard the KJV-Only bent of the material sent out and focus on the real danger ... that the Jubilee 2000 celebration is a design to bring together Rome with all other faiths in a celebration of Mary.

In His hands,