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   Got this in the mail a little while back and I thought it would be interesting for people to see that these folks at Toronto believe they can teach you how to heal the sick.  This is nothing new, because the "Happy Hunters" have been holding How to Heal the Sick Seminars for many many years.  In fact, my wife and I attended one in Ohio, and got to work directly with the Hunters.
Can't you see the Apostle Paul holding a healing seminar in Ephesus (I can't).   In fact, the Bible gives some general directions about praying for the sick (the work of the elders in the local church according to James) but nothing concrete as "step one, step two, presto healing." There is as much sickness and death among the Charismatic's as any other branch of the Church, actually the cancer rate among WOF family members & Vineyard folks is off the scale (see the Sick Healers).  I was just informed about the death of Chris Wimber, who died from cancer a few months.  I am sorry for the loss in their family. . .but my question is - where was his divine healing? I also just learned of Buddy Harrison dying from cancer last Saturday Nov. 1998!  He was Ken Hagin's son-in-law.  Been in the WOF movement from almost the beginning. . .why didn't Hagin use his special healinganointing on him?  Buddy TAUGHT divine healing - why didn't it work?
   This conference that TACF sponsored had the #1 power-healer of the prophetic movement (of which TACF is a part) Mahesh Chavda. I have sat under Mahesh's teaching, he has laid hands on me, and yes years ago I was slain in the spirit by his whammy.   The brochure states - "Thousands of healings have been reported from the blind, deaf, lame, cancer-stricken and AIDS victims."   Oh really?  My wife and I worked with women and children with AIDS for 5 years in inner-city Detroit and I scoured the news for one verified healing from AIDS - we even took a sister with AIDS to a Benny Hinn meeting for her miracle, she later died.   I DOUBT that Mahesh can provide ANY PROOF to back up the amazing statements TACF makes about his "healing" ministry.
The other speakers were lessor stars in the charismatic extremist movement: (1) Che Ahn, (2) John Arnott, (3) Marc Dupont, (4) Bill Subritzky.
Again, this conference appeals to the #1 drive among Charismatics - the lust for the power of God. No doubt, some in attendance have a sincere desire to be used of God to alleviate suffering, but--
                 Healing cannot be taught
                 Nor can anyone impart the ability to heal the sick
                 Attending this conference will not increase ones ability to heal

    What will this conference do?  First and foremost it will make a great deal of money for TACF.  There was a cost to attend this meeting, $67.00 US, and seating was limited to only 4,000 people.  This means if they fill the house to capacity (the times we have been to TACF it has been full) they took in $348,000.00 US dollars if the 4,000 folks were single.  About, $220,000.00 USdollars if the 4,000 were married couples.  Add to this an additional $48.00 US for the food package, an additional $172,000.00 US dollars.  A possible grand total of $520,000 was made on a conference which has no biblical support to be held at all!

    This flyer simply reminds me that the driving force behind this "revival" is the lust for money and powerMoney on the part of the leaders, power on the part of the seekers.  Read any of the articles by the Pensacola News Journal on the Pensacola "revival" and one quickly sees the money angle is very prominent.

    Let me close this out by stating ICCDM believes that our Lord does heal His people.  He does so according to His sovereign will.  He does so according to His Word, through the local Church leadership.  We do not believe He heals through alleged healingevangelists (no such animal in the NT).  Benny Hinn, Oral Roberts, Mahesh Chavda, David Hogan, and others cannot provide any verifiable proof of their healing claims.  Nor do we believe that we can command healing into existence.   We do not endorse the concept that healing gifts can be imparted from one person to another, nor do we believe that people can be taught how to heal the sick, any more than they can be taught how to prophesy or speak in tongues.

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