A Few Interesting Stories
compiled by Sandy Simpson, 9/00

I have heard a few fascinating accounts lately involving some Third Wave false teachers.  These came to light after a Bible study I taught on the basic doctrines of the Faith.  On the last night after a video presentation, we had a discussion.  At that discussion some confessions were made by some pastors and church leaders that they had been to a Benny Hinn rally in 1997 in Hawaii.  Here are their accounts, minus the names to protect the innocent.

One Way Giving

One pastor related that he went to the Benny Hinn crusade with a number of other church members.  Some of them had illnesses and were hoping for healing.  This pastor and members of his church went forward and stood on the stage.  Benny Hinn did his usual "blowing" thing and a number of them fell down backwards except for the pastor.  He said he felt nothing and just stood there.  Soon they were led off stage.  The offering time came and everyone was given an envelope and encouraged to give at least $20. in the offering.  The pastor and many of his church members, who are poor island people, gave at least $20. each.  In about a week after returning home mailings from Benny Hinn Ministries began to arrive in his mailbox.  They always had a heavy emphasis on giving more money to receive a blessing from the Lord, so this pastor sent two more donations in to Benny Hinn.  Upon receipt of the third mailing inside of a month, the pastor became frustrated.  His rent was due, he needed a car to be able to visit his congregation, and other bills needed to be paid.  Looking for help from Benny Hinn, he wrote a letter instead of sending money.  In his letter he explained his circumstances and his need for money and asked Benny Hinn if he could send some money to support the local ministry.

Can you guess what happened next?

Not only did Benny Hinn Ministries not send any money to this poor pastor trying to do the Lord's work, but they immediately took him off their mailing list because he never again received another mailing from them!  At that point this pastor began to suspect that Benny Hinn Ministries was not everything he had thought it would be.  After going through our Bible studies he began to relate these experiences and tell his people to stay away from snake oil salesmen like Benny Hinn.

It's Healthier To Stay Away

Another senior pastor related that an assistant pastor in his church came and invited him to the same Benny Hinn crusade.  At the time both he and the assistant were suffering from diabetes and complications resulting from that disease.  The senior pastor did not think it would be a good idea to go, even though at the time he did not know why.  So the assistant pastor and a number of church members went to the first night of the crusade.  That night the assistant pastor was prayed for by Benny Hinn and proclaimed to be healed.  The next day the assistant pastor came to the senior pastor and, with glowing praise for Hinn, invited him to go again that night.  Again the senior pastor declined, telling him that somehow he felt the Lord was telling him not to go.  The assistant pastor told the senior pastor that he had be healed and felt a lot better, but the senior pastor stood his ground.  The assistant pastor went back for another night of the crusade.  About a month later the senior pastor, who had been treated successfully for diabetes by his doctor and was on medication what was helping him, got a call to go visit someone in the hospital.  It was the assistant pastor whose diabetic condition had worsened to the point that he now had to undergo dialysis multiple times each week.  The senior pastor asked the assistant pastor "Who feels better now?"

Words Create Pregnancy

After sending out a recent newsletter that told about the false teachings and practices of Rod Parsley, I received this short reply via e-mail on 9/29/00 from a woman who has been faithful in reporting what is going on in the Third Wave over the years.

Sandy, excellent article on the Garnish Guru, Rod Parsley.  In the same June broadcast which I saw he told the story of a "little" woman  (they're always little) who was barren.  He "laid hands" on her and the next day the doctor said she was three months pregnant.  Now, Sandy, that takes some doin'!


Always More To Come

In the economy of the Third Wave "there is always more where that came from".  We have lots of stories like these we could relate.  I am not big on using testimonials because they are subjective and often hard to indepedantly prove, if they are not from a reliable source.  We like to stick to doctrinal issues, of which the heretical type are of an inexhaustible supply in the Third Wave.