More Rodney Howard-Browne Testimonies

From M.C.
Response of Toronto "Blessing" and RHB on your web site 1-1-99

Dear E.T.,

I must tell you, when RHB came to St. Louis we went to see him as one might visit a freak show.  I had seen him on TV on the Trinity Broadcasting Network, but wanted to see who of those pastors who were here in St. Louis were deceived by this alleged move of God.

If you think it was chilling on videotape, you should see it in person.  He has a woman who travels with him who began the meeting by preaching what I can only describe as a message of covetousness. It was the usual description of her life before and after blessing and all because she had "heard the Lord show her how to roll in the dough" .  I don't know if the Lord she was talking to said "roll them for dough" or what she said...but it was clear by the end of her message that everyone was ready to give her their last penny in order to get what she had.

Then the man of the hour, Rocking  Rodney Brown.  He was preceded by a musical mantra encouraging everyone to come and "drink, drink, drink" and to turn to each their neighbor and ask them, "Did you come here to drink today?" Of course, I and my companion declined when asked and didn't sing along with their drinking song.  Rodney is very good at detecting skeptics or opposition and so he spent a lot of time locking eyes on us, in an auditorium of about 800 people, and using scripture against know, "Touch not mine annointed...yatata, yatata..."  You know we were scared.....NOT!

At any rate, he preached Galatians, if you can call it that, after which ensued shrieking, jerking, akin to cerebral palsy, which I'm sure the Lord doesn't afflict his people with as a blessing, shouting,  dancing, reeling, basically slobbering.   Interestingly enough, the scripture's he taught from Galatians was a stinging rebuke of he and his ministry, but he was too far gone to realized it.  I have noted that when sitting  under these false brethren that they ALWAYS without exception will preach against their own
selves without realizing it.  Their damnation comes straight out of their own words.  Very interesting how God's Word is true and all men are liars.

In summary, what we witnessed was basically a bar scene with a bunch of greedy, gullible people who were more interested in satisfying their flesh than they were in knowing God as he wants to be known and worshipping Him in Spirit and in Truth.  That would be too hard for them.  It's much easier to have an experience than to go to the Word, a Greek dictionary, compare some
commentaries or read some Bondage of the Will.  No, most of them opted to give themselves over to this spirit who was masquerading, at least in their understanding, as the Holy Spirit.  It's hard for me to even type those words as what happened there was just plain blasphemy. This man is a master of human nature and short, a con man of the worst kind.

Just wanted to let you know about our not so excellent adventure.

From E.G. to M.C.)
Response of Toronto"Blessing" and RHB on your website 1-2-99

I just read your letter on RHB. Very well put I must say I used to live in tulsa right after I first got saved and went from one meeting to the next (in search of MANIFESTATIONS).  I had no problem finding the weird flaky stuff. So my life went on. Not thinking about these things as demonic, I stayed involved in this so called move.Yet never being changed, I backslid for quite a while and 7 months ago gave my life back to JESUS.  I had heard about the so called revival in Pensacola so I ordered a couple videos. I was shocked, grieved and disgusted by what I saw.  Like you said, they all look possessed and have some mental illness. I thank Jesus He has opened my eyes. I want no part of it.

In JESUS Wonderful Name,