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The Last Great Anointing?

 Global Prayer Covering Prayer Watch Volume 2, November 1998

Recent statements made by False Prophet Morris Cerullo:

". . .God is releasing what I believe is the last great anointing upon His Church. God is going to have a people in this end time hour! His hand will be strong upon them. His glory will cover them. They will operate on a new level and new spiritual dimension that will enable them to supersede every natural limitation."
    Morris continues to spew forth false teaching regarding the "anointing" which has no biblical basis whatsoever. Let me ask you a question. What was the "first" great anointing He released upon the Church? If we want to call the Day of Pentecost, the birth of the Church, the first great anointing, so be it, but what was the second, the third, the fourth. . .and now the "last" great anointing?

    Since around 1947 Latter Rain charismaticís have been prophalying that God is raising up a super-breed of Christians. These Christians are called by a wide variety of names including: Overcomers, the Zion of God, the remnant, The Elijah Company, the Manchild Company, Manifest Sons of God, etc. . .This concept, apart from being unbiblical, is very divisive and fosters an elitist concept within the Church - - nothing new, Pentecostal/charismatic people in general have always believed they were more spiritual, more "anointed" than non-tongue talking Christians. 

    Morris would have you believe that God is going to have a "people" within the Church that will be in a place spiritually to receive this last great anointing. What will this mystical mojo-power enable them to do?

They will operate on a new level
They will operate on a new spiritual dimension which will -
        enable them to supersede EVERY natural limitation

    What level are they "operating" on now? What is the new spiritual dimension? For that matter, what was the old one, and exactly how many "levels" and "spiritual dimensions" are there? Can he (or anyone) cite any biblical texts to prove there are various "levels" and "dimensions" in the spiritual world? NO! The Bible does not detail any such things at all, nor does Mr. Cerullo in his teaching. You can read in great detail about various levels and spiritual dimensions in theosophy and the occultbooks, not in the Church. 

    This last great anointing (LGA) is going to enable to Manchild Company/Elijah Company/The Overcomers to supersede every natural limitation! This means those super-saints with the LGA will supersede - death, time and space, hunger, poverty, all sickness and disease, mental incapacitates, etc. . .

    Again, this type of outlandish nonsense is nothing new, Franklin Hall was one of the original people to spout such drivel. Yet when Hall taught these things, he was rejected by the mainstream Pentecostalís, considered a kook, and one who ministered in relative obscurity! Yet today, when Morris (an obvious follower of Hallís erroneous concepts) teaches it people listen to him and believe it to be true!

At the beginning of 1995 God showed me the last great sign of the second coming of Christ, and THE LAST GREAT ANOINTING he is going to release upon the Church. Beloved, that anointing is being released now!
Gee Morris He showed me the last great sign of the second coming of Christ many years ago, why He has shown everybody who has read their Bibles the same sign(s) too. But God showed Morris more than the written Word, He showed him the LGA . . .which is being released now!

    This means Morris (an obvious recipient) and others must begin to demonstrate that they have superseded EVERY NATURAL LIMITATION, which means he will not ASK FOR MONEY any more! Right? What exactly is the LGA? It is some form of super-power intercessory prayer.

It is an energizing, global call to prayer that is coming upon the people of God. As a result of this powerful anointing that is coming upon true believers, we will see the end gathering of the greatest harvest that this world has ever known! As sure as I am alive, I believe we will have to pray King Jesus back!
    Note again the elitist view he holds of himself and those deluded enough to follow him - they are the true believers, which makes all of us who question his teachings "make-believers" or possibly "unbelievers." 

How will people recognize those with this LGA?

They are dying to everything of the flesh.   They are dying to everything of self.  They are dying to every ambition. . .Receive this prophecy!  God is going to take us into the spirit world, into a new strategic level of warfare prayer.   When you receive this revelation, there's not going to be one power of the enemy that will be able to stand before what God will put in your spirit and life.  You will never be defeated in your prayers again!"
    How's that for a false prophecy?  Pretty exciting huh?  Those with the LGA will be those who have died to EVERYTHING of the flesh, self, and ambition (which I thought was a manifestation of the flesh/self-life).
    Then Mr. Morris gets spooky - God is going to take these folks into the spirit world!  This is occult language, it is not biblical language.  The Bible does not speak of God ever taking His children into the "spirit world."  Nor does the Bible endorse the false teaching of strategic level spiritual warfare.
    What is more because of receiving this false prophecy into your spirit you will NEVER be defeated in your prayers again . . . which means you will get everything you ask for!
    He also upholds the wrong-headed belief in a worldwide revival & soul-gathering harvest! Yet the New Testament indicates no such thing. In fact, the NT shows us exactly the opposite occurring in the last days (please jump here and read the biblical evidence for my statement).

    Morris is so confused that he actually believes that we, the Manchild Company/Elijah Company/Remnant, we will have to pray King Jesus back! In his darkened mind he thinks that the return of Christ is dependent upon the prayers of these super-saints. That is OUTRAGEOUS

    Does he cite any biblical texts at all to validate this LGA? NO! Does he cite any biblical evidence that the Church must pray Jesus back? NO! He simply makes these outrageous statements with no support whatsoever from the Bible. It is enough that Morris Cerullo, a self-appointed "prophet" of God, has said this is the way it is. 

    What is even sadder than his absurd teaching is that tens of thousands of charismatic Christians believe what he writes is absolutely true! In fact, ICCDM will get several e-mails from angry charismaticís because we have dared to "touch" Godís anointed and question the word of His "prophet."

   Mr. Cerullo is a false prophet and false teacher. He is misleading a multitude of biblically challenged charismaticís (I speak from former experience as one) and as such is a danger to the spiritual welfare of the Church. Pray for this man and those whoíve been deluded into following him.

    Lastly, we must also question the wisdom of those who join themselves to Mr. Cerulloís ministry, this includes Dr. Peter Wagner, Bill Bright, Steve Hawthorne, Graham Kendrick, Ted Haggard, Cindy Jacobs, and others who regularly appear with Mr. Cerullo and write in his newsletter. If these individuals cannot spot a flake when they see one, they too must be considered blind guides.

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