More Brownsville Heresies
E-mail to Deception In The Church - 3/99

A "holy woman" from Brazil that shakes gold dust from her hair and has oil appear on her skin?  Where is this woman from?  Is she a Catholic or Protestant?  I guess it doesn't matter anymore, folks.  If she can exhibit this kind of magic, then she must be truly "anointed"!  Dreams of Jesus giving flowers and out of body experiences?  Could there be any clearer evidence that the New Age has completely taken over the Third Wave "River"?  Thes following stories are not for the faint of heart, and not for baby Christians.  Always remember when reading or viewing occult material that there is a real spiritual deception at work and you can be deceived.  These "miracles" are nothing more than demonic manifestations that have nothing whatsoever to do with true bibilical manifestations of the gifts of the Spirit.

Dear DITC,

I have some information that you may be interested in involving the latest heresies coming out of the Brownsville camp. The insidious thing about this is that while they sanitize their website...the real goings on show up elsewhere..for example...

Ruth Heflin, who is a major influence in the women's movement at Brownsville has spoken at both their women's conference and is on tape at one of their revival services..and whose books are used in this movement as boasting on her website that she had a "holy woman" from Brazil with gold oozing out of her pores..go to the following and see the testimony of what they call signs and wonders and pictures of this...

If you go to the bottom of this page, you can get to her home page and get quotes from her her claim in the introduction of her "Glory" book that "living creatures visited" her and still do..that she goes "in the spirit" to the White House and dances up and down Pennsylvania Avenue. I know of a wannabe Brownsville church here where the pastor preached from her book one Sunday, instead of the Bible. She is speaking tonight at a womens conference in Ohio, along with Lila Terhune the Brownsville intercessory "Leader" and with Brenda Kilpatrick. Many Brownsville groupies from all over the northeast have
made the pilgrimage. Two years ago a woman who went told me that one woman went into the spirit and "birthed a revival somewhere" by going into labor in the service.

Not to be outdone by Ruth and gold from heaven, Lila spoke at an intercession conference this year with the Arnotts from Toronto (TACF) and a website is reporting God filled cavities with gold from heaven...go to the following..they have pictures to "prove it" (site no longer online) so go here.

And while Brownsville claims they preach repentance..and try to steer clear of the likes of Rodney Howard Browne (RHB has been to Brownsville)...I happened upon a website while looking for more info that is eye is from a publication called The Remnant..and if you go to the following you will get a wealth of information on the latest goings on from Brownsville...

While on that particular page you can find Steve Hill on a page with Ruth Heflin and Rodney Howard Browne if you click River Ministries then click Evangelist.. If you click will get the bulk of what Carol Arnott told a packed house at this year's womens conference..stuff like Jesus gave her flowers..and lilies of the valley just like her husband John gives her..and she claims this all happened in a vision while she was out on the floor of her church with her legs and arms straight up in the air..the vision was also "in color"..and she went into the spirit and flew like an eagle..and saw fireballs in the sky in England..Oh and
there is more..just go read this and see what those women came thousands of miles for...every title on this page has some
unbelievable thing..and on back issues 1998 and then click June..and read Steve Hill's testimony on how he received this impartation that he carried to Brownsville A/G in Pensacola..I have heard this is how it all happened but never from Steve Hill's own here it is..and it is soooo will need a couple hours to preview this site but oh what you will see is really happening at Brownsville...

God Bless....B.