The "Overshadowing" Of Maitreya
Will Be A "Pentecostal Experience For All"
by Benjamin Creme, Share International F.A.Q.,1999

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"Hadn't checked up on ol' Maitreya in a while. While glossing over this Q & A page on the Share Int'l web site at: on the Frequently Asked Questions page, I found a couple of interesting comments made by Benjamin Creme, Maitreya's spokesperson.  I quote the questions and answers below.

"Creme speaks of a "flood" of signs and wonders happening around the world in preparation for the appearance of his so-called "Christ".  He claims that Maitreya appears regularly before Christian gatherings.  How long til we hear of some manifestation of "Christ" in one of these "revival" meetings?  Or has this already happened?  Just wondering.  Haven't some of the "revival" teachers used the term "overshadowing"?

"Also note his rather unsettling remarks regarding those pesky fundamentalist Christians."

Q. Why, if Maitreya appears before 600 or even more people at a meeting of a religious group in Britain -- as in Edinburgh and York -- do we see nothing about it in the media?

BC: The people before whom he appears are in every case fundamentalist Christians of one persuasion or another; denominationally they vary tremendously, but the consistent factor is that they are all extremely dogmatic in their beliefs. Maitreya appears to them to 'soften them up.' These are the groups from whom, throughout the world, he expects the major opposition and rejection. If he appears as the World Teacher and they are expecting the Teacher in their own terms -- as the Christ, Maitreya Buddha, Krishna, the Imam Mahdi, the Messiah -- with their very fixed views they would be inclined to reject him.

Q. How do we know 'your' Christ is who you say he is and how do we know he is not someone who is trying to obtain some form of powerful position in the world with the purpose of world domination?

BC: This is a question often put to me by fundamentalist Christians. A tree is known by its fruit, and the Christ must be known by his words, his deeds, and, above all, his energy. If one man could achieve world domination (which, in today's world, I very much doubt) then it could only be someone of the stature of the Christ. The fundamentalists, of course, are afraid that Maitreya might be the anti-christ, with which fallacy I have dealt many times, here and elsewhere. On the Day of Declaration, I submit, everyone -- even the fundamentalists -- will know, through the overshadowing of the minds of all humanity -- a Pentecostal experience for all -- that Maitreya is the Christ."

Another e-mail confirms this "Pentecostal experience" from another New Age source.

I did notice the reference to  a "pentecostal experience for all" and it reminded me of a few quotes from a study we did last Fall. Barbara Marx Hubbard a new age author claims to have received revelation from "Christ" concerning a "Planetary Pentecost"

Here is a quote from her book "Teaching from the Inner Christ":

"The planetary SMILE is another name for the Planetary Pentecost. When enough of us share a common thought of our oneness with God, Spirit will be poured out on all flesh paying attention."

From her book "The Revelation":

"... an UNCONTROLLABLE joy will ripple through the thinking layer of the earth...From within, all sensitive persons will feel the joy of the FORCE, flooding their systems with love and attraction." (Barbara Hubbard states that Christ gave her this description of the promised "Planetary Smile".)

It is evident from statements such as these that a false Pentecost and deceptive spiritual outpourings complete with uncontrollable ecstacies are intended for unsuspecting humanity.