(This is another download from Share International. It sheds some light on the activites and deception behind Maitreya. Christians everywhere should recognize this man as a false prophet or THE "False Prophet" of Scripture. This article has been edited, deleting portions having nothing to do with the subject of Maitreya. - Sandy Simpson)

Magazine: SHARE INTERNATIONAL Issue: December 1995 Title: Questions & Answers Author: Benjamin Creme


Questions dealing with the activities of Maitreya and the Hierarchy of the Masters of Wisdom, and about the Ageless Wisdom Teachings, which have not been answered in his books, are answered by Benjamin Creme in this section. Benjamin Creme does not seek to set himself up as an arbiter of the authenticity of other groups' activities and communications. Please refrain from posing such questions.

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Q. Has Maitreya made any more appearances since the last issue of Share International?

A. Maitreya's appearance in Canada on 1 October was in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

On 15 October Maitreya appeared to a crowd of about 600 Christians in Liverpool, England. The response was surprisingly open. He spoke for 16 minutes. Water was charged in the area.

On 22 October Maitreya appeared to a crowd of 300-400 Catholics in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He spoke for 18 minutes. Very good reception. Water was charged in the area.

On 29 October Maitreya appeared to a crowd of 300-400 Catholics in Lisbon, Portugal. He spoke for 16 minutes. The response was tentatively open. Water had been charged in the area previously.

On 5 November Maitreya appeared in Canada to a crowd of about 300 Christians where He spoke for 18 minutes. The response was rather positive. Water was charged in the area.

Q. What does the Vatican know about the return of Maitreya and what is its (or the Pope's) reaction?

A. The Vatican is very well informed about the content of my information regarding Maitreya's presence -- the reports and queries flow in from Catholic groups all over the world. Needless to say, they are at great pains to deny its validity and to limit its influence. In his recently published book, the Pope himself goes out of his way to point out that any new Buddha claimed by Buddhists must not be confused with, or taken to be, the Christian Christ. They have much to learn and a painful awakening awaits them -- especially when they see the Master Jesus, two of Whose disciples are among the cardinals in the Curia, the group around the Pope who actually run Vatican affairs.

Q. Is it not a wrong delineation of Maitreya's teachings to emphasize the negative aspects of human life? Surely there are positive things that we have done, otherwise we would not have arrived at where we are?

A. I quite agree, but to come to a point of readiness for change we have to think of the pain and suffering caused by the wrong thoughts and actions of humanity. Just think about what is happening today in Bosnia, in Rwanda; the fact that one-fifth of the world's population is living in absolute poverty; that 37 million people are starving to death and that millions more die from malnutrition; that we have wars, and that many hurricanes and earthquakes occur quite unnecessarily as the result of our wrong thought and action. If I or others were not to point out these things we would have no idea of what lies behind these destructive events in the world. We have it in our own hands to change it. People see these destructive events, like earthquakes and violence of all kinds, as "acts of God". They are not acts of God. Some of them are natural; some earthquakes, for instance, are the result of the movement of the earth's plates, but the majority of earthquakes are caused by underground nuclear explosions and our wrong, destructive thinking. We could halve the incidence of earthquakes; we could transform our world if we did not think always in terms of competition, if we were not so greedy. This negative thought and action is bringing humanity to the verge of self-destruction. To put it in a positive sense, what you will hear Maitreya say is that "you are Gods"; "you are not necessarily destructive beings. What you have created is destruction, but you are literally Gods in incarnation and I have come to show you the way to become the Gods that you are, to demonstrate your inner Divinity". That requires the relinquishment of our destructive thought and action.

Q. Could you please comment on Matthew 24: "And immediately after the affliction of those days, the sun will be darkened and the moon will not give her light, and the stars will fall from the heavens, and the powers of the heavens will be shaken." (Matthew 24:29) (1) I suppose that all this has already taken place? (2) Is it true that by "the darkening of the sun and the moon not giving light" is meant the dropping of the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki?

A. (1) Yes. The quotation refers -- symbolically -- to the period of the world war(s) 1914-1945 (from the viewpoint of Hierarchy that is one war which went underground in 1918 and came above ground again in 1939). (2) Not specifically. It refers to the general chaos and destruction of that war -- really a war between the forces of light and darkness -- which had been going on (on astral levels) since the destruction of Atlantis around 95,000 years ago.

Q. In the messages given in Garabandal (northern Spain) mention was made of 'the Warning', and the similarity of the information about Declaration Day is startling. The Garabandal messages speak of a direct intervention by God so that everyone on earth will be given an insight into the state of his/her own soul for between a quarter and a half hour. My main problem is, however, that once again there is also talk of hell and damnation, in short, the wrath of a God of punishment (just like the Fatima and Medjugorje messages). This does not appeal to me (and many others) at all! But still, I am convinced that it was Mary who appeared to those gathered in Garabandal. How can we explain this in terms of what we have been told about Declaration Day?

A. The Garabandal vision was created by the Master Who was Mary, mother of Jesus, as is the case at Medjugorge and elsewhere. However, no message of any kind was given. The "message" released is the work of the astral imagination of the recipient. Any resemblance to my information about Declaration Day is due to the wide circulation of my information in Spain -- but given the usual orthodox Catholic slant of hell and damnation -- all astral.

Q. (1) Is it useful to follow _A Course in Miracles_ when you also do Transmission Meditation, and (2) is it useful even if you might not be a first-degree initiate yet?

A. (1) Yes. (2) Yes.

Q. You have stated that the Prophet Mohammed (570-632 AD) was taught by Jesus just as Jesus had been taught by the Christ. (1) For how long was Mohammed overshadowed by Jesus? (2) Did Mohammed know during his life that he was being overshadowed by Jesus? He is reported to have told his followers that the Archangel Gabriel revealed the messages of the Quran to him, and this appears to be confirmed by the Quran itself.

A. (1) For four years. Mohammed was not "taught" by Jesus but overshadowed by Him. (2) Yes. The Archangel Gabriel was not involved.

Q. How can we know if it is our soul or a Master who makes contact with our minds?

A. It is really a question of experience and discrimination. Contact with a Master is relatively rare, and, when real, leaves the disciple in no doubt of its reality and source. The soul may impress its reflection's mind without any special experience being involved.

Q. Is it necessary to have an everyday spiritual practice?

A. It depends very much on the individual and also on his/her point in evolution. For most aspirants and disciples, some form of meditation and certainly some field of service is usually necessary.

Q. Why is the existence of a Spiritual Hierarchy only mentioned in the esoteric teachings of the West and not in the teachings of all the great sages and avatars of India (Ramakrishna, Vivekananda, Sri Aurobindo, Premananda, Sai Baba)?

A. Because it is precisely in the West that the idea of the existence of Great Spiritual teachers has been lost or abandoned. Also, avatars are not actually members of this planet's Spiritual Hierarchy. They 'come in' from outside the planet.

The group of Masters involved with the Western world are members of the Trans Himalayan Lodge. Unlike the members of the separate, South Indian Lodge, these Masters do not work openly, hence the need for teachings about them.

Q. What do you think of mediumistic messages? Do they interfere or help the medium's spiritual development?

A. Mediums contact the astral planes, usually the fifth, sometimes the sixth. These are the planes of illusion so it follows that whatever proceeds from these planes is, more or less, illusory. This being the case, any long involvement in such activity must interfere with the medium's spiritual development. To my mind, mediumship is an atavistic, backward-looking activity; such people should be aiming for the higher telepathy, stemming from soul contact and polarization.

Q. Who is the Virgin Mary who appears to so many people?

A. The visions of the Virgin Mary are created by the Master Who was the mother of Jesus in Palestine. Then a second-degree initiate, that Being is now a sixth-degree Master.

Q. Could you please explain how we take in prana? (1) Is it through breathing, or directly and automatically through the etheric body? (2) Can we improve our health by learning to absorb more prana, or rather by absorbing it correctly? (3) Does cooking or cooking food in a particular way (eg in microwave units) destroy prana? (4) Are there certain localities which are richer in prana than others -- mountains, at the seaside, in forests, for instance? (5) Can negative emotional states hinder our correct assimilation of prana?

A. (1) Through the etheric body and also by breathing. (2) Yes. (3) Yes. Prana is the vitality in "vitamins" and much is lost in cooking. (4) The mountains. (5) Yes.