Here's an e-mail explaining the meaing of the symbols in the Maitreya logo in the occult.

I have been doing some looking into the Maiteryas Logo that you mentioned on your site and here is what I have come up with.
I believe I told you this "logo" is actually a "sigil" and these are used within the occult. They can represent magic or even be a sort of talisman, though magic seems to be their primary cultic function. If you were to browse through various sects of the occult and magic, you would find many many versions of these "logos". Within some initiation ceremonies for witches, a sigil is placed on the ground (drawn) and the witch stands within it, this also can occur in some cases when spells are invocations are beings done ( depends on the witch, etc.) another term for this could be called circling.
Ok, here is what some of the symbolism means within witchcraft;
I believe you already know the symbolism of the yin yang and it is out of chinese astrology foremost.
The 'cross' (within witchcraft) is probably the oldest talismanic symbol of all and is a token of prosperity, life and protection from evil forces. Some believe it symbolises the sky's four cardinal points and therefore can bring forth heavenly forces.
The 'circle' is one of the most powerful of all occult symbols and represents infinity, eternity, unation, the sun, the sky and perfection. The circle is present on almost all talismans and unites and concentrates the magickal power needed to summon the wanted spirits or forces.
The 'hexagram' or star , shield of David, is believed to protect from fire, deadly weapons and dangers while travelling.
The 'swastica' is a symbol of long life, luck and happiness, the ancient symbol represented the four winds, the four seasons, and the four cardinal points. It also was the symbol to the Nazi Party.
The 'skrackhjalm' or "wheel of terror" (note center and bottom of sigil) was used by vikings as a protecter and was said to make warriors brave and scare away their enemies.
(Info taken from Symbols and Magic words e.g. wicca)
The symbol of the moon is very representive of witchcraft, however the direction the cresent is pointing in also has some meaning, that I have not been able to uncover since it generally would point to the left, however it really doesn't matter because the entire point is simply that all of this is representative of witchcraft and the occult.
God bless,