Joy Dawson Of Youth With A Mission (YWAM)
Joins Forces With Benny Hinn
by Sandy Simpson, 1/28/02

In Benny Hinn's Honolulu, HI crusade at the Blaisdel Arena on 1/10 - 1/11/02, Joy Dawson of YWAM appeared on stage with Benny.  Prior and subsequent to this appearance she was also featured on his TV programs.  On stage Joy Dawson was highly complimentary of Benny Hinn and his ministries. They made plans to reach out to the youth of HI together officially that night. Click on the following links for details of the crusade.

Healing, Harvest, Glory, Jezebel, and Elijah by Mike Oppenheimer, Let Us Reason Ministries, 1/31/02
"The first night of Benny Hinnís Miracle Crusade in Hawaii Jan.10, 2002"
The Perfect Healing Crusade? by Mike Oppenheimer, Let Us Reason Ministries, 2/3/02
"The second night of Benny Hinnís Miracle Crusade in Hawaii Jan.11, 2002"

Loren Cunningham was also on the Benny Hinn "This Is Your Day" TV program for five days in a row (a record for one individual) from 2/4 to 2/8/02 where he also endorsed Hinn's ministry.

Plans were made, during the Honolulu crusade, by Joy Dawson and Benny Hinn for a youth crusade in April 2002 to be held at the First Assembly Of God, Red Hill, HI.  It remains to be seen if they will pull this off as that building is far too small for such a meeting, but the fact of the matter is that a main leader, a founder of YWAM, has now endorsed Benny Hinn.

Later that evening Hinn invited youth to come forward.  Many did and when they did he began to call down "fire" from heaven.  He put his hands on their heads, waved his hands at some, and of course many fell down.  The majority of the youth who came forward were from Third Wave and Word-Faith churches such as Word Of Life, seeking the "slain in the spirit" experience.  The scene was one of utter mayhem as youth were knocked down and some laid on stage writhing and shaking.  "Holy laugher" was also in evidence there, and Hinn drew attention to that fact.  Benny Hinn, in a 1986 video we have, was probably one of the first people to introduce "holy laugher".  This is before Rodney Howard-Browne got into the act, thanks to Benny and Kenneth Copeland.  Kenneth Hagin and Copeland had also been experimenting with "holy laughter" early on.  The Toronto Blessing/Brownsville counterfeit revivals can rightly be traced directly back to these men.  After what Hinn did to the kids at the Honolulu crusade, can any church be enthusiastic about YWAM or Benny Hinn getting a hold of their kids?

It's time for all churches to re-examine their ties to YWAM, not only based on Joy Dawsonís endorsement of Hinn, but on many other factors. YWAM's endorsement and advocation of new unbiblcal evangelism methods, where they send people back to pray in their Mosques and Hindu temples after they make a profession of belief in Christ, is anti-Gospel.  They are also the main organization in the world, at this time, spreading materials, books, and neo-pagan teachings about "spiritual mapping" and "binding of territorial spirits". We can and should pray for the Lord to open people's ears and eyes to the truth of the Gospel message and the written Word of God as well as send missionaries to that end. This is being done with far more real quality results than the "spiritual warfare" methods of YWAM and other "missions" that are only producing Christian converts to neo-Gnostic ideas.  When "Christians" start marching around cities, making little icons (voodoo dolls?) of churches and pastors to "visualize" them better (I have those materials as taught in the recent ACSI training conference at Red Hill Assemblies by YWAM Preschool Resource Team teacher Jan Moody), driving stakes in the ground, blowing shofars from mountain tops, holding hands and praying in the four directions of the compass ... those are clearly occult pagan techniques. Just like the Israelites who went in disobedience to the high places to worship "the Husband" (first the Lord then Baal), many churches today are offering up worship and prayers that only benefit the deceptions of the enemy instead of the kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Many pastors and church leaders, particularly in the Two Thirds World, are now accepting the advice of youth in YWAM who have been misled and mistaught by their YWAM leaders.  I see it happening all over the Pacific islands and I know what I am talking about.  YWAM misled youth have been handing out heretical books, taking people to Brownsville-type meetings and thereby causing people to leave their churches for Third Wave churches, starting "spiritual warfare" prayer meetings in churches using their unbiblical techniques, and showing patently false and misleading videos like "Transformations", and this all in churches and with pastors under whom they agreed to be in accountability.  I personally saw at least one youth bringing a group of Palauans from Saipan to the Benny Hinn crusade.  I was told by other Palauans that others also travelled here to attend.  Pastors and church leaders need to stop listening to YWAM youth and get the facts.

The YWAM/Hinn connection is so serious that DITC has been recommending that missions and churches reexamine their relationship to YWAM on this basis and the other issues raised on our site.  We believe that any discerning church should not send their kids to YWAM while they continue to promote false spiritual warfare teachings, false doctrines, false prophesies, and false practice.  There are other youth organizations without ties to false prophets like Benny Hinn.

For further information, watch the "Open Letter To The Leadership Of YWAM" and any responses that might come in.