Benny Hinn Promotes The Rebuilding Of The Temple In Jerusalem
Bud Press, November 19, 2003

DITC Comment:  We received this letter from Bud Press on a program that aired November 18, 2003 where Benny Hinn was in Jerusalem with a Rabbi Chaim Richman.  Hinn treated the Rabbi like a "Messianic Jew" which he is not and allowed him to promote the rebuilding of the Temple on his "This Is Your Day" program.  Hinn then prayed that the temple would be rebuilt and offered to support the effort.  One way he is supporting the rebuilding is to offer a calendar by the Temple Institute of Jerusalem for $35. on his program.  Hinn only mentioned Jesus Christ once in a prayer on the program, but did not mention that the Temple will be rebuilt to offer sacrifices that God no longer accepts.  He mentioned nothing about Jesus Christ being the only sacrifice for sin, nor did he talk about the fact that the Temple will be quickly used by the antichrist to proclaim himself as God.  This raised all kinds of questions about Hinn, since he is of Arab/Palestinian decent, and is one of the key players who laid hands on most of the Third Wavers today and gave them a false anointing.  We need to keep watch on Hinn because if he continues down this road it is very likely he will play a part in the scenario laid out in Revelation.

You can watch the 11/18/03 program for the next week here:

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The November 18, 2003 telecast of Benny Hinn's This Is Your Day TV program included a Rabbi Chaim Richman, Founder of "Light to the Nations" (an organization which seeks to build a bridge between Jews and Christians).

Rabbi Richman is also associated with the Temple Institute of Jerusalem, which is "dedicated to every aspect of the Biblical commandment to build the Holy Temple of G-d on Mount Moriah in Jerusalem" (full text at ).

While the Temple Institute's short-term goal is to "rekindle the flame of the Holy Temple in the hearts of mankind," its long-term goal is to "do as much as possible to bring about the building of the Holy Temple in our time" (ibid.).

The Temple Institute also provides research, publications, educational materials and conferences to promote its efforts.

Rabbi Richman is not a Messianic Jew, yet Hinn recognized him as a "brother" and allowed the Rabbi to share updates on the Temple. Hinn also allowed the promotion of the 2004 Jerusalem Temple Calendar to aid in the funding of the Temple.

Of course, Hinn has made the Calendar available to Christians--through his ministry--for $35.00.

A quick Google Search on "Rabbi Chaim Richman" netted the following:

"The reason why Jews like myself do not accept Jesus as the messiah is a very basic one - we do not see that he fulfilled any of the requirements for the job. If he never qualified, it is not even a question of rejection. G-d outlined these requirements in the Bible. The identity of the messiah is not up to you or me; it is up to his performance to prove" (Rabbi Chaim Richman, "A Jewish View of the Messiah." Full text at ).

If you haven't already, you may want to view Hinn's November 18, 2003 telecast super-quick-fast at  before it is no longer available.

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(Jude 3)