Good News America Is A Flop! No Signs or Wonders!
Christian News Today, 1999

The Tampa Tribune reported that South African Evangelist's Rodney Howard Browne New York Crusade is a flop. Rodney taught pastors that "sheep needed to be fleeced or they would have too much hair and could not see where they are going. It was the pastors job to fleece the sheep."

NEW YORK - You know what they say about New York: If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere. That said, Tampa evangelist Rodney Howard-Browne, in the final days of his multimillion-dollar, six week crusade in Madison Square Garden, is scaling down his plans for next summer. "We're going to Shreveport,'' he says.

The mainly black and Hispanic crowds average about 3,000 a night in the famed 19,000 seat arena. Even though the free meetings include entertainment, Howard-Browne's "Good News New York'' campaign has failed to attract the size audience he wanted.

They didn't even come for Carman, the popular Christian singer from neighboring New Jersey who drew more than 25,000 fans to a 1996 concert at Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg. Only 5,600 showed up for his 40 minute music set Saturday. "New York's a hard place, even when you have support,'' says the Rev. David Epstein, pastor of Calvary Baptist Church in Manhattan.

Howard-Browne's goal was to "shake the Big Apple to its core'' by sharing the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. But he's had many obstacles along the way: a blistering heat wave, New York's obsession with the sudden death of John F. Kennedy Jr. and Howard-Browne's association with the controversial "holy laughter'' movement.

That movement is how Howard-Browne, known as the "Holy Ghost bartender,'' made his reputation. At services in the Tampa area and around the world, followers are overcome with the holy spirit and laugh uncontrollably.

Howard-Browne stuck to his promise to keep the crusade strictly evangelical. However, that may have contributed to the low attendance. "Rodney Howard-Browne coming into the Garden without holy laughter is like David Copperfield putting on a show without magic tricks,'' said one New York writer.

Our Comments:

You do the math.  Richard Riss reported that over the 21 days of the crusade 48,000 people were "saved".  Assuming the reports are true that most of the crowds that attended were already Rodney Howard-Browne brainwashees, and there were between 2000 to 3000 attending each night with the exception of the night Carman was there, you figure it out.  basically most of the people who attended each night came forward.  Since most of them were already "saved" how can Riss quote this kind of figure in all honesty?  This is the kind of padding that has been done all along at Brownsville.  Just count how many come forward each night and keep adding the numbers to make your ministry look legitimate. They don't tell you that everyone is basically coming forward in these meetings just so they can be close to the "anointed" ones.  It has little or nothing to do with any salvation message, even if by some miraculous chance, the true gospel is actually preached.  So you do the math.  21 days times around 2000 people looks suspiciously like the 48,000 quoted by Riss.  Shame on these liars.