Comparison Chart Of Daniel Ekechukwu
Dead Raising Stories
by Sandy Simpson, 10/17/02

This is a comparison chart noting the divergent details in five major sources of information regarding the alleged dead raising of Daniel Ekechukwu in Nigeria in a church where Reinhard Bonnke was visiting.  For much more detail on this story and other details that prove this story is a fabrication, go here:

The Rich Mans Prayer Is Answered! by Mike Oppenheimer, Let Us Reason Ministries

Let me just state that the position of Apologetics Coordination Team (ACT) is that Jesus Christ can raise people from the dead.  But He does not validate the ministries of false teachers, whether Reinhard Bonnke, Benny Hinn, Kenneth Copeland or Daniel Ekechukwu by raising people from the dead.  Even if He did, the purpose would be to test Christians to see if they will obey Him will get away from false teachers.  Christians are not obligated to believe every story that comes along.  The unbiblical, in fact, heretical nature of Ekechukwu's vision is enough to discount this dead raising in and of itself.  But the facts in the stories are also wildly divergent, and some things that were said to occur don't wash at all with common sense.  Add to this the fact that Bonnke, Hinn and others have lied about dead raisings in the past, as well as healings, and it becomes clear that this story is calculated to enhance the "ministries" of people like Reinhard Bonnke. The sale of the $35. video alone will bring in huge profits to the coffers of CFAN (multiply the number of videos likely to be sold--you do the math!). It will also make Daniel Ekechukwu a rich man and his church will have plenty of money to preach the a Word-Faith gospel.

Information will be added to this chart as it becomes available. The following are the main source stories for this chart:

(1) ARTICLE: A Tale Of Lies, Deceit, And Fraud by Leo Igwe

(2) ARTICLE: The Resurrection Of Pastor Daniel Ekechukwu by David Servant

(3) ARTICLE: Bonnke Raises Man From Death In Onitsha by Robert Murphree and George Canty for CFAN

(4) ARTICLE: Reinhard Bonnke Video Documents Modern-Day Lazarus by Andy Butcher, Charisma News Service, Wed. Feb, 20, 2002, Vol. 3, No. 231

(5) VIDEO: Raised From The Dead by Reinhard Bonnke, CFAN

(6) TELEVISION PROGRAM: Reinhard Bonnke on This Is Your Day with Benny Hinn, TBN, February 28, 2002

(7) TELEVISION PROGRAM: Reinhard Bonnke on 700 Club with Pat Robertson


A Tale Of Lies, Deceit, And Fraud by Leo Igwe


The Resurrection Of Pastor Daniel Ekechukwu by David Servant


Bonnke Raises Man From Death In Onitsha by Robert Murphree and George Canty for CFAN


Reinhard Bonnke Video Documents Modern-Day Lazarus by Andy Butcher, Charisma News Service, Wed. Feb, 20, 2002, Vol. 3, No. 231

(5) VIDEO: 

Raised From The Dead by Reinhard Bonnke, CFAN 


Reinhard Bonnke on This Is Your Day with Benny Hinn, TBN, February 28, 2002


Reinhard Bonnke on 700 Club with Pat Robertson

Date/Time Of Accident:  Not reported Two dates mentioned - November 30 and December 30, 2001, in the evening November 30, 2001, in the morning?, also morning in this report Not reported n/a n/a Not reported
Witnesses To The Entire Story, Start To Finish Kingsley Ekechukwu, Daniel's brother, related the story to Igwe Ede Samuel, Nneka Ekechukwu after she arrived at first hospital, this interview was with Daniel who was allegedly dead during two days of it None mentioned specifically None mentioned specifically n/a n/a None mentioned specifically
Why did Daniel take the trip? No mention of the reason for his trip No mention of the reason for his trip Took a Christmas present of a goat to his father in Owerri. On his way back home (from his father's house) the accident happened No mention of the reason for his trip n/a Eku wanted to bring Christmas gift to his father.  On the way (to his father's house) the accident happened No mention of the reason for his trip
Accident Auto crash, no details Driving home, brakes failed on steep hill in 20 year old Mercedes 230E, crashed into concrete pillar, no seat belt, hit his chest on steering wheel and knob, damage to internal organs, vomiting blood, difficulty breathing Drove 20 year old Mercedes 230, brakes failed on steep road, no seat belt, smashed into stone pillar, head hit the windscreen, steering wheel and knob, blood poured form his nose from a head injury, vomited blood from internal hemorrhage Fatally injured in an auto accident Head smashed into the windshield n/a Hit by a car
Who was in the car with Daniel? Daniel's brother Kingsley Ekechukwu in accident with Dan Eke, no mention of injury No one mentioned Friend Kingsley Iruka with Dan Eke, not badly hurt No one mentioned n/a n/a No one mentioned
Why was Dan Eke moved from the first hospital? Daniel complained of spiritual attacks, requested to be taken to a private clinic in Owerri Doctor admitted there was nothing he could do to save Daniel's life, Daniel requested to be transferred by ambulance to Umezuruike Hospital at Owerri He hung on to life to ask his wife to have him taken to his family doctor's hospital in Owerri Not mentioned n/a n/a Not mentioned
What was Daniel's condition in the ambulance? Stopped breathing in ambulance Became oblivious to the natural world in the ambulance Drifted into unconsciousness in ambulance Not mentioned n/a n/a Not mentioned
Who declared Daniel dead? Arrived at clinic, doctor advised them to take Daniel's body to the hospital Arrived at Umerzurike Hospital, member of the medical staff told Nneka (Dan's wife) that he was dead Arrived at Owerri Regional Hospital, member of medical staff checked Daniel's limp form, certified Daniel was already dead. Certified dead, not mention as to who certified him n/a n/a Not mentioned
Where was the body taken next? Body taken to mortuary Body taken to Federal Medical Center in Owerri, then to Eunice Clinic, then to Dan's father's house, then to mortuary Body taken to Daniel's uncle, then Eunice Clinic, taken to Daniel's father in village near Owerri, then to Ikeduru General Hospital Mortuary Story starts at mortuary then to church n/a n/a Not mentioned
Nnekas's Dream Kingsley Ekechukwu & Nneka Ekechukwu both had similar dreams to take Daniel's body to Reinhard Bonnke Nneka Ekechukwu had a dream, no mention of Kingsley, Daniel tells her in her dream he is not dead and to take him to Bonnke in Onitsha, also repeated by Bonnke on Kenneth Copeland program 8/19/2002 where Dan Eke speaks to his wife from the dead and says "Don't allow me to be buried, I will rise." No dreams mentioned, Nneka Ekuchukwu had Bible verse ringing in her head No dreams mentioned No dreams mentioned, Nneka Ekuchukwu said God gave her a Scripture (Heb. 11:35), believed that "where Reinhard Bonnke preaches the anointing is so powerful that the rising of the dead would be possible", brought husband to Bonnke because he would be around Bonnke's great "anointing",  Nneka's wife believed that she should bring Dan under Bonnke's anointing No dreams mentioned
What was Bonnke doing in Onitsha? Bonnke was visiting church in Onitsha for prayers Bonnke was preaching in Onitsha Bonnke was speaking at a dedication ceremony in Onitsha Bonnke was preaching at a service in Onitsha n/a Bonnke was opening the new Kingdom Life World Evangelism church in Onitsha attended by 12,000 people, was upstairs preaching, after he prayed upstairs Daniel came to life downstairs Not mentioned
Embalming Mortician said he did not inject embalming fluid into Daniel Embalming chemicals injected between Daniel's fingers and into his feet - full embalming not done, people could smell embalming fluid coming from his body for two weeks after alleged resurrection A chemical injected and prepared for embalming A chemical was injected to prepare for embalming n/a n/a Daniel was embalmed, no removal of organs, injected with chemicals into body to slow decay.
Mortuary Daniel was disturbing mortician, did not allow him to sleep for two days, something pushed him when he tried to embalm Daniel and he hit his head on the wall, people were singing in the morgue, when he went to investigate the singing stopped Full embalming was attempted the next morning but mortician experienced shocks from Daniel, songs were coming from mortuary, light emanating from Dan's face, later Saturday tried to cut Daniel's thigh but met with "same resistance" Nothing mentioned No details n/a n/a Nothing mentioned
In Coffin At Mortuary? No mention Laid between two corpses Laid between two other dead people, put in an airless narrow coffin for hours before being brought to the church, also in this story, see this article to see the picture of an "airtight coffin" Nothing mentioned n/a n/a No mention
Days In Mortuary? Two days Two days, but dead for at least 42 hours Two days On third day after accident taken to church Pastors Ibekwe and Onyeka say Daniel was three days in the mortuary n/a No mention
Daniel's Vision - Heaven No mention of any vision Two angels lifted him out of the ambulance, one angel took him to Paradise, saw people worshipping bright light, all lifted hands and bowed in unison "as if a sort of electronic device was activating them.", saw Abraham, saw mansions prepared for the righteous, "Mansions are ready...saints are not...Jesus is being delayed because Christians in the church are not ready." No mention of any vision Visited by two angels and taken to heaven, saw people dressed in white singing and praising God n/a n/a Saw saints worhsipping, saw Jesus as a white, bright light, taken to mansions, the mansions are ready but the saints are not
Daniel's Vision - Welcome Sign Over Gates Of Hell No mention of any vision No mention of any sign No mention of any vision No mention of any sign n/a Bonnke said Daniel said there was a welcome sign over hell, Daniel said there was a sign that read: "Welcome to the gates of hell.", also quoted March 15, 2002, South Africa, by Esther Lewis here No mention of any sign
Daniel's Vision - Hell No mention of any vision Angel took Daniel to hell, people screaming, weeping, eating their own flesh then vomit and eat it again, endlessly mutilating sexual organs, saw former dictator of Nigeria, saw Christian occult dabbler, saw former pastor in Daniel's church who embezzled funds, angel tells Daniel he is bound for hell, Daniel says "I am a man of God...", sends Daniel back to grant the rich man's request (Luke 16:27-30), led to mountain top by angel and sees Bonnke there No mention of any vision Was taken to hell, angel gives him another chance to go back and that "the rich man's request to Lazarus--to warn those still alive about hell--had been granted to this generation." n/a n/a Went to hell but saw no fire, people were cannibalizing themselves, people in hell didn't see the angel next to Dan, said Dan would be connected to Bonnke though his testimony, reason he would remain in hell if not sent back was because "he was not living right"
At The Church No mention Body was taken into the church "without the casket" due to security concerns, placed in basement laid out on two tables pushed together in a Sunday School room, some believers prayer around Daniel's body Daniel rose from his coffin Body was taken out of the coffin and put on a table in the church conference center, several pastors began to pray n/a n/a No mention

Other conflicting accounts: (1) coffin was brought into church (2)three pastors lifted Dan from coffin and he started to breath 

Dead Raising - where was Bonnke? No mention of where Bonnke was Bonnke was preaching at an afternoon church dedication service, he had nothing to do with the miracle, wasn't aware of the dead body in the basement of the church Bonnke knew nothing about what was happening, was preaching and praying upstairs, Bonnke immediately left to board a planned plane flight When the members of the church learned about Daniel's resurerction...her husband ran to the church altar to ask God to forgive him his sins (Bonnke would have seen this), keep in mind that Bonnke and Dan both fell into the hole together in his vision, implying that Bonnke would raise him from the dead and work with him Bonnke says he was upstairs praying in the name of Jesus, Daniel gasped for air, started to scream, his body was moving and breathing, Bonnke was notified that Daniel started breathing n/a Was preaching and knew nothing about it - then later in the story says Dan was there in the basement while he was  preaching upstairs "in the name of Jesus"- later he claims he did not know Daniel at all before this incident
Others miracles associated with this dead raising? None mentioned None mentioned None mentioned When the members of the church learned about Ekechukwu's resurrection, a woman who had been on crutches threw them away and started running n/a n/a Afterwards Eke and Bonnke were at a crusade and Eke spoke at a esoteric convention in Vienna, allegedly 50 witches "got saved"
First Words Nothing  mentioned Nothing  mentioned Daniel spoke for the first time "Water, water." They gave him sips and then warm tea. No mention of a notepad. Nothing mentioned The first thing he asked for was his file, they gave him a notepad to write what he heard down. Dan said later "I realized that the file may be my memory." n/a None mentioned