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The Money
and the Myths

Thursday, Nov. 20, 1997

Area agencies tapped out trying to help worshipers

Escambia sheriff disputes claims of crime reduction

Neighborhood sees no benefit from revival 

No medical proof of 'miraculous healings' 

Confused? Question, reason, consult the Bible

Addicts may be getting false hope, experts say

Dad says church was no help

Other churches reach out to community 

Wednesday, Nov. 19, 1997:

What criticisms are Bible scholars, theologians and Pentecostal church members voicing about the revival? How does the revival differ from Pentecostal worship and fundamentals?
Pastor orchestrated first revival

Brownsville Revival similar to one in Toronto

Critics attack tactics, theological basis

Tuesday, Nov. 18, 1997:

 Is he who he says he is? How true are his stories about his past and his stories about his money contributions to missions? What are his goals and motivations?
Hill's bio fraught with fallacies

Hill's boasts often exaggerate the facts

Money for missions fails to add up

Hill's criminal record not what he says it is

Revival's leader touts 'Son of Sam' conversion

Hill settles down on 40 acres in South Alabama

Teen Challenge is Hill's longtime favorite

Monday, Nov. 17,1997:

Has the revival changed the Brownsville Assembly of God leader`s lifestyle and style of pastoring? What do his neighbors and his flock see behind the pulpit image? What does he say about himself? Why have people left Brownsville Assembly of God?
Kilpatrick rules over revival

Pastor's visions launched his career

New lifestyle includes a $310,000 coach

Kilpatrick takes hard line against dissenters

Pastor's homes raise financial questions

Authors: Prophecies aim to silence critics

Kilpatrick: History shows revivals are divisive

Sadness, fear fill members who left Brownsville

Sunday, Nov. 16, 1997:

How much money is the church and individual pastors making from the revival and where is all the money going?
Secrets inside the revival

Church budget is $6.6 million

On the road: Pleas for money intensify

Give at least $100 revival leaders urge

Brownsville Revival costly, figures are vague

Revival maestro's money, business is no secret

Ministry fails to meet watchdog's guidelines

Revival for sale through merchandise

3 top ministers fail to pay state sales tax

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