Michael Brown's False Prophecy

By now we are all familiar with the prophecy - first denied to be a prophecy, then admitted to be a prophecy, then denied to be a prophecy - issued by John Kilpatrick on April 6, 1997 against CRI and its president, Hank Hanegraaff. However, it has been discovered that John Kilpatrick is not the first Brownsville Assembly of God staff member to have prophecied falsely. As far back as 1987, Dr. Michael Brown, Brownsville's chief apologist, issued one of his own.

One of the foremost theologians and spokemen for the Messianic Jewish Congregation (MJC) has informed us of an embarrassing prophecy given by Dr. Brown. Given the international nature of his ministry, this spokesman wishes to remain anonymous, but reader inquiries related to any cited material will be forwarded to him and he will reply privately with the inquirer.

This spokesman of the Messianic Jewish Congregation wishes to make it well and formally known that Dr. Michael L. Brown is not reflective of, nor does he represent, on any level, national or international, the MJC. Furthermore, beyond speaking in and through the local MJC church he once belonged to, he has never been a formal spokesman, either nationally or internationally, for the MJC. He did indicate that he thought Brown was an elder in the MJC church he once belonged to and that he was involved and spoke at some meetings, including the Conference of Messianic Jewish believers sponsored by Israeli Messianic Jews in Jerusalem, Israel back in '87 or '88. This was a collaborative effort between American and Israeli Messianic Jewish believers, encompassing a diversity of theological backgrounds ranging from charismatic to non-charismatic.

While speaking at that Jerusalem gathering, Michael Brown proceeded to tell the attendees that "tonight," that night, would be a "history making" night insomuch as the Holy Spirit would descend in power and fire as earth-shaking and monumental as the literal day of Pentecost detailed in Acts, chapter 2. On a video of this speech in the presence of Israeli Messianic leaders including such leading scholars as Dr Arnold Fruchtenbaum who all witnessed the false prophetic predictions, Michael Brown went so far as to interpret the national disaster of forest fires destroying 20% of Israel's reforested land as emblematic of the outpouring.[Reported in the Moriel Newsletter Number 9; Jacob Prasch Ministry] Somewhere around 2am, when it became apparent nothing "earth shaking" was going to occur that evening, Brown's "prophecy" fizzled and he subsequently issued a letter of apology, attempting to claim that the reason nothing came of it was because several people in attendance were allegedly praying "against" his "prophesy". He would ultimately go on to admit that, in fact, he must not have been "in the Spirit" when he made the aforementioned proclamation.

A transcript of this infamous meeting will be made available once we have the tape.

Article by Bob Hunter and Debra Bouey