General Jerry Boykin and his ties to The Knights of Malta and Rick Joyner

Compiled by Sandy Simpson, 7/21/11

This paper exposes what General Boykin has been doing in Calvary Chapels and his associations. 


Jerry Boykin left, Rick Joyner second from right

He is Grand Chancellor of the Vatican's Jesuitical "Knights of Malta", an ecumenical society under the leadership of Rome where Catholics, Protestants and a plethora of others unite in what cannot be a unity of the Faith.

Today, there are some 11,000 knights and dames of the Order of Malta worldwide, 240 of them in Britain, presided over by the Grand Master and Sovereign Council based in Rome. In the New World the majority are knights and dames "of magistral grace," although not in Britain and European countries with a nobiliary tradition where a large number belong to ranks traditionally reserved to members of the aristocracy. Worldwide, about 50 are knights of justice who have taken the full religious vow of profession. Others, the knights of obedience, have taken a lesser promise of obedience to their religious superior, usually their Grand Prior. There are also many clergy who serve as chaplains of the Order. (

Boykin is also involved with Rick Joyner in MorningStar, which is part of the New Apostolic Reformation. 



Jerry Boykin on Rick Joyner’s “MorningStarTV” Network


Joyner is a member of the International Coalition of Apostles under C. Peter Wagner, and soon to be under Chuck Pierce as Wagner is retiring.  Joyner is a long time false prophet who was a member of the original Kansas City Prophets who brought the false anointing, false prophecy and false apostleship through the teachings of the Latter Rain into many churches.


Jerry Boykin And The Calvary Chapel Connection by Roger Oakland, 7/11,


Here is a link to a video where Boykin and Joyner are promoting the Obamacare versus the OAK Initiative with Rick Joyner, Alan Keyes, Ret. Gen. Jerry Boykin, etc.


Here are videos where Boykin talks about Marxism, health care and the role of the “Church” in America on Rick Joyner’s MonringStar TV, featured on Joyner’s web site.


Here is another interview by Rick Joyner of Jerry Boykin on the subject of overthrowing Obama.



Rick Joyner interviewing Jerry Boykin on MorningStar


Here is Boykin talking about Marxixm on MorningStar.


Here is the program detailed in “A Who's Who of Religious Right Activists Participated In Robison's Leadership Summits” by Kyle Mantyla, 7/11/11


Some Boykin quotes:


Boykin said that the U.S. military is recruiting a spiritual army that will draw strength from a greater power to defeat its enemy. (Washington Post, August 19, 2004. “General’s Speeches Broke Rules,” By R. Jeffrey Smith and Josh White. At


(Boykin) told the First Baptist Church of Broken Arrow, Okla. on June 30, 2002, “What I’m here to do today is to recruit you to be warriors of God’s kingdom.” (

Boykin not only went on a speaking tour to recruit “warriors,” but prior to the tour, he’d invited a select group of Southern Baptist pastors to meet him at the John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School at Fort Bragg, NC on April 22-23 of 2003. According to the promotional materials sent out to the group of Southern Baptist pastors, they would be given unprecedented access to the military base while being recruited for the denomination’s “Super FAITH Force Multiplier” program. Boykin’s invitation was extended in a letter authored by the Rev. Bobby H. Welch, pastor of the First Baptist Church in Daytona Beach, Fla. The planned meeting was scaled back after attorneys for Americans United for Separation of Church and State complained that Boykin was “using his official position to advance the religious mission of the Southern Baptist Convention’s FAITH Force Multipliers program.”  (Americans United, “U.S. Military Support For Baptist Evangelism Program Draws Protest From Americans United” April 7, 2003. Published at:

In an excellent article, Deborah Caldwell, a senior editor of Belief Net, revealed that among Boykin’s “staunchest supporters were Focus on the Family’s James Dobson; religious broadcaster Pat Robertson; the Family Research Council; the Christian Coalition and the Rev. Bobby Welch.” (Belief Net, “The Same General Boykin? The Pentagon official, an evangelical, was nearly fired for insulting Islam. So far, conservative Christians stand by him.” By Deborah Caldwell. At:

(WARNING: The following two quotes are from a liberal web site.  I am only supplying the links for information on Boykin.  I do not agree with all their conclusions. They are against Dominionism because they are against Christianity and Christians.  They do not understand that the form of Christianity that Boykin represents is one that has its roots in the heretical New Apostolic movement and Catholicism)


(Boykin) was recruiting soldiers to fight a war to set up God’s Kingdom on earth! (See “The Despoiling Of America: How George W. Bush Became the Head of the new American Dominionist Church State” February 11, 2004, by Katherine Yurica at:

For further information on what Boykin has been trying to pull off in the churches, read this article: Infiltrating the U.S. Military Gen. Boykin’s “Kingdom Warriors” On the Road to Abu Ghraib and Beyond - A Review of Infiltrating the U.S. Military: Is the Religious Right Engaged in a Seditionist Bid to Takeover America? By Katherine Yurica, October 12, 2004,

Since Boykin is promoting Kingdom Now/Dominionism in conjunction with the Knights of Malta, NAR leader Rick Joyner and others, then what NAR leadership have been promoting regarding taking over governments, businesses and the military all applies.  Here are some of their quotes.


C. Peter Wagner


“…the only way to overthrow a government is with a government.  It won’t happen otherwise.  So therefore the government of the church has to get into place in the extended church just like we do have it very well in place, we haven’t reached our goal yet, but it’s very well established in the nuclear church.” (C. Peter Wagner, Arise Prophetic Conference, Gateway Church, San Jose, CA, 10-10-2004)

These apostles in the workplace are the ones that are going to come into the picture and with them we’ll be open these gates, without them we can have all the prayer meetings we want, all the marches for Jesus we want, all the prayer walking we want, the gates aren’t going to be opened. Because it takes a government to overthrow a government.Gate number one, letter A, the gate of social transformation, the gate of social transformation. … Ok, the second gate that will be opened only when the workplace apostles get on board is the gate of the transference of wealth. … This gate will be opened when we understand about the church in the workplace, that the church has a government, that it takes a government to overthrow a government, and when we understand this, if we renew our minds, if we embrace this paradigm shift, if we see, if we hear what the spirit is saying to the churches, if we recognize ministry in the extended church and government in the extended church, the revival we’ve been praying for is just around the corner.  We will see it. (C. Peter Wagner, Arise Prophetic Conference, Gateway Church, San Jose, CA, 10-10-2004) NOTE: C. Peter Wagner, when he talks about the church having a government, he means himself and the false apostles and false prophets associated with him.  He believes they are foundational to the Church.

Apostles and prophets the foundation of the Church and, um, I identify as James an apostle as my function as a horizontal apostle to bring together the people of the body of Christ not only can I do it, I love to do it. Yesterday I was the apostle with a group of about 15-20 prophets we met all day long, and these prophets many of whom are going to be speakers in this conference come under my guidance, coordination and leadership as an apostle. They each have apostles in their own networks but I mean they are under spiritually.  But I’m the one that brings them together and when I bring them together things happen. (C. Peter Wagner, National School of the Prophets - Mobilizing the Prophetic Office, Colorado Springs, CO, May 11, 2002, Tape #1)


"The cultural mandate, which some refer to as Christian social responsibility goes as far back as the Garden of Eden. After God created Adam and Eve, He said to them: "Be fruitful and multiply, fill the earth and subdue it, have dominion over the fish of the sea, over the birds of the air, and over every living thing... Both the cultural mandate and the evangelistic mandate are essential parts of biblical mission, in my opinion. Neither is optional. There is a growing consensus on this point in Evangelical circles. This was not true as early as twenty-two years ago when the Berlin World Congress on Evangelism was held in 1966. One of the first Evangelicals to stress the cultural mandate in a public forum was Horace Fenton of the Latin America Mission at the Wheaton Congress on the Church's Worldwide Mission, also held in 1966. Following that, the social consciousness generated by the social upheavals of the 1960's brought the cultural mandate to prominence until it was given a relatively high profile on the platform of the International Congress on World Evangelization at Lausanne in 1974." (C. Peter Wagner, "On the Cutting Edge of Mission Strategy," Perspectives on the World Christian Movement, A Reader, Revised Edition (Pasadena: William Carey Library, 1981,1992), pp. D-45-46.)


Rick Joyner


Rick Joyner on the subject of the latter-day apostles and prophets who will be greater than the apostles and prophets of Biblical times: "In the near future we will not be looking back at the early church with envy because of the great exploits of those days, but all will be saying that He certainly did save His best wine for last. The most glorious times in all of history have not come upon us. You, who have dreamed of one day being able to talk with Peter, John and Paul, are going to be surprised to find that they have all been waiting to talk to you." (Rick Joyner, The Harvest (Pineville, NC, MorningStar, 1990, 9)


Francis Frangipane


"All spiritual warfare is waged over one essential question: who will control reality on earth - heaven or hell?  We must see that our prayers, attitudes and agreement with God as an integral part of establishing the reality of the kingdom of God on earth!" (Francis Frangipane, Mainstream. Spring 1994, p.10.)


Jim Laffoon


I'm utterly convinced, as I stand here tonight, that God has raised up this family in the earth to reach "every nation in our generation." But the ultimate purpose of God is not for us to reach every nation, it is to raise up a generation long after my generation is gone who because they have reached nations can begin to rule nations! ... As I look at this nation, as I look at the nations of the world, I'm here to tell you, that before we're done, we'll not merely plant a church in every one of the world's nations, we will study, analyze, and penetrate the cultures that control her. ... Before I die, I expect to see an incredible apostolic center in every nation in the earth. Before my children die, I expect they'll begin to see every culture in those nations begin to change.... We're raising up a generation of children who I believe if my generation is faithful to reach nations, the next generation can begin to rule nations. It is my passion. (Jim Laffoon (with Rice Broocks), "To Reach and To Rule", Morning Star Jnternational, Every Nation Churches and Ministries, 2004 World Conference: Every Leader - Every Church - Every Nation, July 15, 2004)


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