Wittenburge Door Insider, April 1, 2005

Gasp! Benny Hinn has dropped his bogus suit against NBC (see Notice of Dismissal and Final Judgement), which was filed shortly after the searing Dateline expose (which Trinity Foundation helped research).

The Legendary Internet Investigative Reporter known only as "BH" reveals that our publisher Ole Anthony was wearing a $300 suit on Dateline! "BH" thinks that's proof Ole's lying about poor ol' Benny. Moments before we went to press with this issue of The Door Insider we received this official comment from Door Associate Publisher Joe Bob Briggs. "I'd just like to go on record as saying that I've seen Ole without a shirt and the prospect of a future cloakless ministry is not calculated to be perceived as a blessing by proximate members of the flock. The $300 estimated cost of that suit is, however, correct. It was apparently purchased in 1968 at Kuppenheimer's for $50, which would make it worth $300 in modern terms. Read this laugh-out-loud "expose."

And while we're on the subject of Ole's appearance on Dateline, Door fan Diana Hill reports that she and her daughter sat in stunned silence, watching The Man In The White Suit get hammered about his lavish spending until the youngster commented, "Hmmm, Ole has a cool haircut." Diana says that, "If we remember nothing else... we will definitely remember that haircut!" Cool, Dude.