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Here is an e-mail of a first hand account of a phone conversation with a teacher at the Brownsville Revival School Of Ministry regarding Brownsville's sale and use of shofars in "spiritual warfare".  If there are any of you that still have any doubt that what is being taught at Brownsville A/G is outright heresy and occult in nature, this should put that issue to rest.  This phone conversation documents a number of cultic teachings and the kind of garbage Brownsville Revival School Of Ministry is filling "young minds full of mush" with.  Not only that, they are doing a sales job to the tune of $220. on the rest of the Christian community, claiming instant revival and salvation if their shofar is blown from a mountain top.  Might as well make the sign of the cross in every direction of the compass, invite some Indian "Rainmakers" to dance, bring some "Dream Catchers" so no one will have nightmares, draw the sign of the Pentagram, sacrifice a virgin or two, and have done with it!  That the body of Christ continues to call the Toronto/Brownsville "Revivals" a "move of God" in the face of the ever increasing tide of demonic teaching is a mystery to me.

Jewish "Shofar"

APOS-17: Brownsville Heresy 1-19-99
Date: Tue, 19 Jan 1999 22:31:59 -0700

Great site....

    I want to tell you about something that I have not yet seen on any site critiquing the Brownsville movement.  Last May I spoke with S.V. from the Brownsville Revival School of Ministry.  He was selling shofars for $175. and $220. respectively.  Here is the doctrine he claims is the reason "every intercessory prayer team should have one" ... he told me that "in warfare the most strategic point is a mountain.  If your prayer team takes the purchased shofar to the top of the mountains in your city and blows it, then satan thinks it is the last trump and Jesus is returning and is scared away, along with the host of demons over your city and people will be saved."  He further supported his claims that the shofar blowing has "miraculous results" by stating that he has gotten "reports from all over the world" and that when the purchased shofars are blown there has been "instant healings and revivals."

    I guess I do not have to even explain to you the blatant heresy.  Blowing a shofar saves?  Not the blood of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ?  He said it is "your faith when blowing the shofar" that does it.   Then it is your faith that saves, not the substitutionary death of Christ at Calvary?  If it is your faith, then why the need to spend $220. on the shofar?  You can see the discrepancy in this claim.  He first said that people are saved because satan runs away because he thinks it is the last trump.  You see the total lack of any Scriptural basis for such a thing, let alone his inconsistency in his own doctrine of his imagination.  The bottom line is that the coffers at Brownsville will be lined.  I never did ask him about a refund if it doesn't work.