VOL. XV NO. 20, Oct. 15,, 1998
Jerry Huffman-Editor
1800 Sparkman Drive
Huntsville, AL 35816

BROWNSVILLE REVIVAL: AN INSIDER'S REPORT - Dr. Ralph Colas recently attended a crusade at Penn State University led by the Brownsville Assembly of God's staff (see 10/1 CC). He sent us a big pictorial book (1997) by insider Cathy Wood chronicling the Brownsville "revival." She gives first-hand accounts of charismatic happenings - healings, people laying on the floor for hours ("completely out of it"), "heads shaking or jerking," in a "dazed, drunken condition," "woozy," "dancing in the Spirit," and strange bodily manifestations. Wood says (2/10/96): "Full-blown revival broke out along with many being slain in the Holy Spirit for hours as waves of something came, cleaning us all out. We did not know what hit us..." She said (2/16/96): "...[We] have heard over 170 sermons in a row that are very similar." She tells (2/18/96) of "dancing in the Spirit" and being "completely lost in another place." She added: "I felt like I had jumped off a ski slope and was flying. It was so glorious to be free. I did end up on the floor right in front, but no one noticed except my husband who graciously covered me....Being picked up by God in uninhibited worship is unlike any human experience." She said intercessors (3/17/96) were all "slain in the Spirit in the hallways and went into deep wailing and moaning. She says of leaving church at 2 a.m. "it seemed like it was not the same day we arrived...I think it is because we actually do GO somewhere while we are in that building!" Wood (7/14/96) told of an experience that was "like a bolt of lightning hit me. I hit the wall, slid down it, and shook and jerked uncontrollably for I do not know how long. It took my breath away and I was taking deep gasps over and head would jerk...I was being filled with a fresh anointing of the Holy Ghost." On the way home, she started "wailing out loud." She said (9/29/96) that Pastor Kilpatrick came toward her waving his hand. "When he blew air toward me, it knocked me completely down." She said, after services, the next morning, if Vineyard music was on, she would be "deep bowing, swaying, and staggering, running into counters, sometimes falling on the floor...praising and worshipping." Get Dr. Colas's report from: ACCC, P.O. Box 5455, Bethlehem, PA 18015.