ACT Letter To The Fiji Times About Benny Hinn
by Sandy Simpson, 1/3/05
Fiji Times Online, Voice of the People, Letters to the Editor, January 3, 2006


Be careful

My family have been missionaries in the Pacific islands for more than four decades. We have seen many cults and false teachers come and go. The people who wrote letters to this column defending the antics of Benny Hinn are misinformed. They obviously have little or no desire to look into the facts but rather choose to buy into the hype and lies put forth by Hinn and other false teachers in Fiji. This invitation to Hinn is facilitated by a church coalition that is simply trying to further the "transformations" agenda to remake the world into the image of the false apostles and false prophets of the New Apostolic Reformation.
Apparently the fact that Benny Hinn has been a long time false prophet and heretical teacher means nothing to these folks who simply want to achieve an end by any means.

For more information on Benny Hinn I highly advise the people of Fiji to visit this web page:

Those who want to see Hinn's teach false doctrines and make false prophecies should get a video made by a three Christian apologists called "Spirit of Truth or Spirit of Error?" here:

Sandy Simpson
Coordination Team Wadesboro