The Final Equinox 2000...

Part Twelve. Lord Maitreya

Chapter 19

One of the most curious observations about the 'Lord' Maitreya is that he is just as equally elusive and enigmatic a figure as is the False Prophet described in the book of Revelation. But the parallels between the two, as well as Jeane Dixon's Aquarian 'Child of the East', don't begin and end there; everything that I have read about Maitreya thus far fairly screams out the fact that he is the second beast in Revelation 13, who "had two horns like a lamb, but he spoke like a dragon."

At first glance, Maitreya seems to be a harmless fellow, brimming with Aquarian 'peace, love and wisdom', sacrificing himself in true Aquarian altruistic fashion, in order to help humanity not just to merely survive these perilous times, but to lead us in recreating the Earth into a new paradise just in time for the inauguration of the New Age of Aquarius, of which Maitreya has baldly claimed he is the 'Avatar'. (I apologize for all the 'Aquarius' references, but they serve as a vital link)

However, if one digs a little deeper into what he is actually saying, and learns how to read between the lines, decoding the various New Age terms and catch-phrases, another picture of Maitreya soon begins to emerge---one not quite so harmless.

Even if the reader is not a Christian and/or ignorant of Scripture, and even if they were to dismiss the various bizarre claims Maitreya has made about himself, where he came from, about the 'miracles' he has performed in the past, and the ones he will do in the future, they ought to realize that since there are millions of people around the world today who DO believe these claims, that Maitreya will nevertheless be a powerful force to be reckoned with in the years ahead.

But the fact remains that the Bible HAS forecast Maitreya's coming, and his 'miracles';

"Because of the signs he was given power to do on behalf of the first beast, he deceived the inhabitants of the earth." (Revelation 13:14 NIV)

Even the most devout atheist will be hard pressed to be able to ignore Maitreya's 'signs' and 'miracles'. For instance, on the much-vaunted 'Day of Declaration', it's said that Maitreya's voice will be heard by everyone on the planet, in their own language. If this is true, then everyone will obviously have to sit up and finally take notice of this man, who claims he is the Christ. But will it be possible for him to pull this off? Maybe for him it will be, since he is a mere man posing as a 'higher being' in a fleshly body. But if you realize that it is not he, but the fallen Archangel Satan (whom the Bible calls 'the Prince of the Air') that's going to actually work the 'miracle' behind the scenes, then it enters well within the realm of possibility.

What will the atheist, or non-Christian do when this 'miracle' occurs? He'll soon learn that it wasn't a figment of his imagination, as everyone will have experienced the same thing, so he won't be able to ignore it. There's only one conclusion he can possibly draw: he was somehow 'contacted' by a 'Higher Being'. Since the voice will identify himself as the 'Lord' Maitreya (needless to say, he won't say he's actually Satan), then he won't be able to confuse the source. And since Maitreya's 'religion' consists of the New Age esoteric philosophy which draws upon, and plays up the entire gamut of historic beliefs and sciences, from Eastern mysticism to UFO's and 'Space Brothers', from Artistotelian metaphysics to Judeo-Christianity (this list is by no means exhaustive), then there will be guaranteed at least one belief within the vast smorgasbord of choices that New Ageism offers that the 'contactee' can pick and choose among, and ultimately anchor onto in order to explain this, and other 'miracles' within his own belief system.

Only a certain number of Christians and Jews will be able to identify the true source of the telepathic broadcast as being Satan himself, but predictably they'll be shouted down by others as being 'knee-jerk fundamentalist reactionaries'. Also as sadly predictable will be the number of people who would rather believe Maitreya's bizarre claims about his being an 'Ascended Master', one of many who have traversed the universe for the last few thousand years or so than the simple truth that's contained within the Bible. After all, the former theory doesn't place any moral responsibility upon the believer, which is to be avoided at any and all cost.

I think that the best way for the reader to decide who Maitreya actually is, and what his real purpose may be would be to let him speak for himself, through his intermediary, the painter and writer Benjamin Creme, who has spoken for Maitreya since the 1970's. By 'overshadowing' him, Maitreya has used Creme as his personal spokesman to propagate his 'philosophy' and plans for creating the New World Order in the near future.

In the 1980 book, "The Reappearance of the Christ and the Masters of Wisdom", published by the Tara Center in Hollywood, California, Creme uses a question and answer approach in attempting to explain Maitreya's background and mission. I urge upon the reader to analyze carefully not only what's stated, but also what's left unsaid. As well, try to keep in the back of your mind, that many of these bizarre claims involving 'miracles', past and future, may indeed be true. At various times, I may include a commentary following the verbatim text. For particular terms, phrases, etc. that I feel ought to be paid particular attention to, I will capitalize. Where the author has italicized or emboldened for emphasis, I will surround it with the symbol * .

Since the following is quite voluminous in content, I recommend that the reader forward this article to their e-mail address, thus keeping a permanent record of it, as well as being able to read it at their leisure.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR, BENJAMIN CREME (In his own words, from the Preface)

"Many people have asked me to relate something of the steps which have led me into the work I am now doing. It will not be a complete account: there are unwritten laws of reticence on some aspects of the Master-Disciple relationship, and I am pledged to silence on certain work for and with the Space Brothers; but for whatever interest it may have, and in the hope that it may make more real and believable the fact of the Masters and the fact of the Christ's return at Their head, I set down the following: "

...(Creme then recounts his childhood and youthful interests, such as reading the book 'With Mystics and Magicians in Tibet', by Alexandra David Neel, at the age of fourteen)

"In the late 1940's, through a study of Wilhelm Reich's work, and the use of the orgone accumulator, I became consciously aware of, and extremely sensitive to, energy currents; so much so that eventually I could tell when an atomic bomb had been exploded in the Pacific or wherever. Across these thousands of miles, I registered the shift in the etheric currents caused by the explosions. Inevitably, a day or two later, would come the report that America, Russia, or Britain had tested a 'device' of such and such a size."

(...Comment- I haven't a clue what an 'orgone accumulator' is.)

"I also began to read. I read, among many others, the Theosophical works of H.P. Blavatsky and Leadbeater; Gurdjieff, Ouspensky and Nicoll; Paul Brunton; Patanjali; the Alice Bailey and Agni Yoga Teachings; Swamis Vivekananda, Sivananda, Yogananda; Sri Ramana Maharishi, whose Path of Self-knowledge I sought to follow. Through His meditation on 'Who am I?' (and, I know now, through the Grace of my Master), I found..."

(...Note: The above personalities are some of the main architects of the modern New Age Movement, blending Eastern mysticism with Theosophy and Spiritism)

"Around 1953, I read Desmond Leslie's and George Adamski's 'Flying Saucers have Landed' and Adamski's 'Inside the Space Ships', which made a deep impression, and had for me, the ring of truth. Until then, I had looked on reports of flying saucers as probably referring to secret new types of aeroplanes being built by America and Russia. My reactions to these books I think can be summarised as: The Space People are obviously here. It would be marvellous to meet them, but if they want me I am sure they will know where to find me. Until that time it does not concern me.

"In mid-1957, I began to work with a society involved with the U.F.O. phenomenon, which claimed contact with the Space Brothers. With this group I did my first public speaking, but more importantly, discovered my ability to transmit the cosmic spiritual energies from the Space People, which was a major work of the group. I also found I could heal.

"Towards the end of 1958 I withdrew from this society and entered into the closest contact with, and work for, the Space Brothers. The nature of this work I am afraid I may not reveal, but many misconceptions about them and their activities which I had held were rectified at this time. I worked very briefly with George Adamski during a visit he paid to this country, and can vouch for the authenticity of his contacts from my own experience.

"How did I come into this work? In late 1958, I was told by a fellow disciple who had the 'connection', that I was receiving 'messages'. This surprised me and I had no sense that it was true. I was told that the messages 'bounced off' me, but if I did such and such, in time I would receive correctly.

"I must have done the right thing, because one night, early in January 1959, so clearly there was no mistaking, I heard inwardly the instruction: Go to so and so (a place in London) on such and such a date and time, some three weeks ahead. On the night, there were people waiting there to meet me.

"That was the start of a flow of messages which came in gathering momentum. Some, apparently, I missed (I was told later when I missed one) and I became so afraid of missing them that I gave them to myself. I sent myself on several rendezvous, where nothing happened and no one came, but gradually I settled down; I did not miss them and I stopped making them up.

"I was told to get a tape-recorder and received many long dictations of various kinds. Some contained advice, guidance, or spiritual instruction. I was not told the identity of the Master (or Masters) Who spoke thus, telepathically, to me, and I think I was too shy to ask, although I was told I could ask questions. It was not until years later that I learned His name and also that I would have been told had I asked long ago.

"One night, early in 1959, during such a transmission, I was told to turn off the tape-recorder. There followed a discourse on His Reappearance by Maitreya, the Christ, Head of our planetary Hierarchy. He said also that I would have a part in the Plan. At that time I believed the World Teacher would come from one of the higher planets, probably from Venus, and this information form Maitreya caused a complete upset to my thinking. In a transmission soon after this event, my Master, referring to this new-found knowledge, added: * 'The time is coming when you will be expected to act upon it.' * And in another: * 'Affirm his coming!' *

"I cannot claim that I took these exhortations to heart and that is why I am engaged in this work of preparation for the Christ. On instruction, I put these tapes away for seventeen years and I am afraid I needed a rather strong push from the Master to launch me into this work."

(... The above are but a few revealing clues about the 73-year old Creme's personality, interests, and state of mind for the last fifty years)

"In June 1974 began a series of overshadowing and transmitted messages by Maitreya, inspiring us, and keeping us informed of the progress of his externalisation. We were privileged also to become aware of the gradual creation and perfectionment of His body of manifestation---the Mayavirupa. In the period from March 1976 to September 1977, these communications from Maitreya became very frequent indeed.

"During the first year of the group's life, we held an open meeting at each full moon where interested friends of the members could join in the transmission. At these full-moon meetings, I would give a short talk, usually about the reappearance of the Christ and Hierarchy of Masters, or, on occasion, on the significance, from an esoteric astrological point of view, of the particular full-moon energies. Towards the end of 1974, the Master said, several times: 'You know, you must take all this to the public. It is of little use giving this information to the twenty or so people, only, who are here.' The pantomime began: I would remonstrate, plead not to have to 'go public'. He would assure me that He was only joking: 'I have other plans for you', He would say, and I would relax again. But in January, 1975, He finally said: 'I mean it. Give this information (He had dictated a mass of information on how the Plan would work out) to the groups, of all backgrounds and teachings. Tell them what you know. The hope is that from the more focused minds of the groups will go out a TELEPATHIC INTERPLAY with the general public, so that when you go to them, they will be somewhat prepared.'


"I was very nervous. Although I knew my material, I did not have it in any sort of order. The Master, in His kindness, dictated for me a list of headings which I could glance at, and, in fact, so overshadowed me throughout the talk, that He practically gave it. Just before the end, I was suddenly overshadowed by Maitreya Himself, my heart melted, and I had the greatest difficulty in keeping my voice steady. The following words were put into my mind:

" 'When the Christ returns, He will not at first reveal His Presence, nor will the Masters Who precede Him; but gradually, steps will be taken which will reveal to men that there lives among them now a man of outstanding, extraordinary, potency, capacity for love and service, and with a breadth of view, far beyond the ordinary. Men and women, all over the world, will find themselves drawn into the awareness of the point in the modern world wherein this man will live; and from that centre of force will flow the True Spirit of the Christ, which will gradually reveal to men that He is with us. Those who can respond to His Presence and His Teaching will find themselves somewhat reflecting this love, this potency, this breadth of vision, and will go into the world, and that men should look to that country from which a certain Teaching is emanating. This will take place in a very, relatively, short period of time, and will lead to conclusive evidence that the Christ is in our midst.


"No one was more surprised than I was to hear this statement. Not until I heard it back on tape was I sure, even, that it made sense.

"On July 7th 1977, Maitreya Himself informed us that His body of manifestation---the Mayavirupa---was totally complete, that He had 'donned' it, and that His Body of Light (His Ascended Body) was now at rest in His mountain Centre in the Himalayas. On July 8th, we were told, the Descent had begun. On Tuesday, July 19th, my Master told me that Maitreya had now arrived in His 'point of focus', a well-known modern country. I had a lecture meeting that night at Friend's House, but was told to keep the information to myself, as yet. During our Friday transmission session, the Master told me that Maitreya had been resting, acclimatising Himself, FOR THREE DAYS, and that on that day, July 22nd, His Mission had begun..."

Nobody knows when and where he was born, although of course he and his followers claim that he 'manifested' into his present body on July 7, 1977 while at his retreat in the Himalayan mountains.

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