As we told you briefly in the last issue of The Inkhorn, Benny Hinn resigned his credential with the Assemblies of God. His resignation was accepted in late October. Hinn has indicated to district officials in Florida that he was pressured to resign by officials at the denominational headquarters in Springfield. The Springfield officials have denied this, but then again they denied that Benny Hinn would be anything but a blessing to the movement.

About a month before word of Hinn's resignation came to our attention, we learned of expose being done by CNN about Hinn. An independent researcher for CNN confirmed the investigation and said that Hinn's pressured resignation delayed the airing of the program because CNN officials felt like there might be more to the story than they already had. They are continuing their investigation. The network is being very tight­lipped about the program's contents, but one insider said "It will shock even Benny's critics." The program is tentatively rescheduled to air later this month. 

Since his resignation, Hinn has been busy on many fronts. He has hired an attorney to try to stop publication of the book The Confusing World of Benny Hinn by Personal Freedom Outreach. The attorney, who has represented Robert Tilton and other televangelists in similar suits, indicated to PFO officials that Hinn possessed evidence that proved many of PFO's claims to be false.

PFO Executive Director Kurt Goedelman told us that the apologetics ministry has tried, unsuccessfully, for more than six years to meet with Hinn and to secure his "proof." Hinn has repeatedly refused to meet with them.

The facts in dispute involve details of Benny's testimony. PFO is satisfied that its fact­finding trip to Israel debunked Hinn's claims that he was an Israeli, that his father was once the mayor of Jade and that he suffered from a stuttering problem as a child.

Just the threat of the lawsuit is good public relations for Hinn. You know, the down­trodden hero fighting back. No doubt Hinn thinks such tactics will intimidate PFO and similar organizations. He is mistaken. Those who possess the truth will not be bullied. 

On another front, Hinn's recent crusade in the shadow of the Vatican created quite an embarrassment for the faith healer. Terry Peretti, who works with AG missionaries in Europe, filed this report on Hinn's Rome Crusade:

"The Benny Hinn crusade held in Rome November 9 and 10, saw the largest gathering of evangelicals ever at one place and one time in Italy. Several reliable sources estimated that around 5,000 people attended the crusade.

"The crusade proved to be disastrous in that the Italian Assemblies of God boycotted the meetings which left the meeting to be supported by the independent Pentecostal groups. Of the independent groups, several pulled out of the crusade effort because of what they felt was being 'forced' upon them. They did not want to be party to what appeared as a TBN American TV show designed to be that, a 'big show.'

"Several other independent pastors along with their people were 'shocked' the first night because Hinn never once opened his Bible or preached. The second night the rest were shocked by Hinn's attempt to 'ecumenicalize' the crusade by courting the Catholic church and talking about meeting with the Pope. The interpreter refused to continue interpreting and another interpreter had to be called to the platform. The Italian music group refused to come to the platform to sing when they were called.

"The Italian independent Pentecostal pastors have agreed to meet and sign a declaration of disassociazione [disassociation] from Benny Hinn and his crusades. The Italian believers do not want to close the door on the Holy Spirit, but they don't want to close the door on the preaching of the Word of God either. It appears that Benny Hinn will never be invited back to Italy again, at least not by the evangelicals."


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January 1997, pages 46-47
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